A Surge in a Monumental Series of Hypocritical and Dishonest Declarations/Judgments by the US White House, The US Department of State, and the US Supreme Court, All Based on Either Historical Ignorance and/or Arrogance and/or Political Agendas or All of the Above [# 265]


May 14, 2014 by Alfred

During the last few weeks, three branches of US governance (the executive, the foreign affairs, and the judicial branches)  have erred egregiously in their ideo-politically stained pronouncements and judgements on the issues of  (a) prayer in the legislative chambers, (b) the collapse of legitimate Kiev government in the Ukraine with the usurpation of the power vacuum by opportunistic and demagogic Neo Nazis, (c) the Zionist hate crimes against Christians and Muslims in Palestine occupied Israel.

With respect to (a), the issue of prayer in the legislative chambers, incredibly, was upheld by the recent Supreme Court decision, event though it is clearly an unconstitutional judgement but furthermore it violates genuine Christian teachings as documented for Christians believers in the Book of Matthews which deems public prayer to be an hypocritical show of a private communication between he faithful and the Lord.

With respect to (b), the issue of the collapse of legitimate governance in the Ukraine due to the violent takeover of the Kiev government by extreme right-wing neo-Nazis, the vilification campaign via the unwarranted accusations against Russian President Putin by both, the White House, and the Secretary of State John Kerry, have reached a bizarre climax of innuendoes, false accusations, and unfounded sanctions against Russia.

Tenths of millions of Russians, after the collapse of the USSR, where left behind in the former Soviet republics,  among them,  the former Soviet Republic of the Ukraine, and in many regions where they outnumber the non-Russian speaking minorities they naturally protested the Neo Nazi pseudo-misleadership which usurped power only to be met by said Kiev neo-Nazi illegitimate junta ordained tank attacks which killed hundreds of the these protesters.

While both, the White House, and the Secretary of State, warned the legitimate Yanukovych government against  carrying out any violent acts of violence against protesters,  once the protester provoked his resignation and the extremist right-wing neo-Nazis opportunistically took usurped power in the vacuum left behind, both branches of the US governance in combination with members of the Congressional legislative bodies, remained silent as this nationalist and racist junta  started to falsely not only accuse Putin of somehow being behind the uprising against them, but then engaged in brutal military attacks on the some of the same protester which protested against the Yanukovych government.

With respect to (c), the Zionist hate crimes against Christians, particularly Catholics, in Israel  by Zionist criminal occupants of Palestinian lands, the US executive branch and the US Department of State appear complicit by their silence to the 66 years of grotesque and brutal injustices meted out against the Palestinians and continue to remain silent to the more recently drastic increase in violence in hate crimes meted out against Christians and Muslims in Jerusalem where 32 religious buildings have been vandalized and 20 major hate crimes have recently occurred.    Rabbis from the radical settlers community of Yitzahr in the West Bank have published a book proclaiming that in some situations, killing of non-Jews is permissible under Jewish law.  Documentation therefore is found, inter alia, in a Washington Post article published on May 10, 2014.

These are just some of the most recent criminal reactions to the valid criticism by the World Council of Churches, an organization  which comprises 40 million people globally which has commendably issued scathing denunciations condemning the violent and criminal acts of international law and human rights violating occupations of all  Palestinian lands, and  nevertheless, conspicuously absent are the denunciations of these crimes against the humanity of Christians and Palestinians by the afore-named branches of US governance and by the US congressional legislative branches.

The American people must no longer be misled by any branch of governance, or by elements of its congressional legislative or even judicial branches, on ideo-politically corrupting grounds,  as regards to affairs which affect our nation’s well-being and security, and we must recover now our participatory democracy to be able to be recognized as a people deserving the due respect and attention of all branches of government, government agencies, and of the judicial federal and state branches,  which must end following the drum-beat  of special interest groups/lobbies which corrupt it and do not care about the American public interest.

It is only via the depolarizing consensus of what is right for America’s sustainable participatory democracy that sustainable solutions for what ails our country can be conceived and reduced to practice.   Those hell-bent on polarization for distraction and for financial and or political capital generation are the ones who are part of the problem rather than of the solution as they add fuel to burning fires and thereby are the real unpatriotic elements which endanger our society.




One thought on “A Surge in a Monumental Series of Hypocritical and Dishonest Declarations/Judgments by the US White House, The US Department of State, and the US Supreme Court, All Based on Either Historical Ignorance and/or Arrogance and/or Political Agendas or All of the Above [# 265]

  1. Marie Estelle Spike says:

    I’m in complete agreement and thank you, once again, for your excellent, unpaid journalism that puts our mainstream news organizations to shame. Now, however, I hope you’ll research and write about how we engineered and backed the coup in the Ukraine! That’s a big, current story that needs to come out! Also, please start writing about why NORAD stood down on 9/11. http://911research.wtc7.net/planes/analysis/norad/ There are so very many war criminals walking free!

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