Incredibly Israel’s Law Enforcement Authority Is Not Sure Whether Abduction and Revenge Killing of a 16-Year Old Palestinian is a Criminal or a “Nationalist” Act [# 305]


July 3, 2014 by Alfred

It seems that the time is now long overdue for Netanyahu’s indictment, trial, and sentencing for his crimes against the humanity of Palestinians and for his active and confessed pride to illegal settlers (off the record, but documentably in video and sound)  in having sabotaged the Oslo Peace talks.  Hopefully he will be tried by the International Criminal Tribunal soon.

As The Washington Post reported, to its credit in a front page article on this July 3, 2014, yesterday’s revenge abduction and assassination of 16-year old Mohammad Abu Khider is being investigated by Israeli law enforcement with the question in mind as to whether it is to be considered a criminal or a “nationalistic” act  (!)

The appalling suggestion that the abduction and murder of an innocent Palestinian boy who was waiting alone in front of his home for an early-morning call to prayer on this Ramadan month could be somehow viewed as either a criminal act or a “nationalistic” act is bizarrely insane and horrifically disgusting beyond words.

Judaism is a religious belief and as such it is universal and bereft of a national context.

The mere insinuation that is “nationalism” should be frivolously and/or euphemistically characterized in this context is  incomprehensible and intolerable in a supposedly civilized environment.   Religion cannot be linked to “nationalism” just as “socialism” cannot be linked to “nationalism”  –  as it was when presented to the world by the genocidal  “national socialist” phenomenon, AKA as Nazism i.e. “Nationalsozialismus” .   A crime is a crime, period.

It is touching to hear that immediately after the crime against the Palestinian boy, Yishai Fraenkel, the American father of the American boy who was one of the three slain teenagers, say “There is no difference between blood and blood…A murderer is a murderer, no matter his nationality or age“.   He is so right in that.

It is equally touching to hear  of that the mother of the slain Palestinian boy Mohammad Abu Khider, Suha Abu Khieder, told reporters that “Their sons were important to them, just like my son is important to me“.

This writer was raised by an Austrian Jewish mother and a German secular father in ways which from the beginning made it clear that Judaism was and remains  a religion and not a so-called “nationality”.  The orthodox Neturei Karta Jews who have settled throughout the world,  do not accept the oxymoronic embodiment of Judaism as a “nationality”.

The fuel that Israel by its barbaric collective punishments is now adding to these tragedies must and can be stopped by President Obama if he simply orders an end to it or else ends all financial and military aid to Israel which approaches $ 20 million per day.

There is now no question that the only solution for a this quagmire is the establishment via the democratic vote at the UN National Assembly of the One State solution.   Only the UN can bring this about.  The ensuing potential for co-reconstruction, co-creation, co-production within a vibrant secular democratic state of Palestine by all concerned Jews, Moslems, Christians, and seculars will inspire the whole region to be brought back to their senses.   The  potential for the generation of an environment of prosperity and harmony is literally limitless.

This development will also free huge funds for the US to become again a respectable republic member of the world rather than a foreign adventures entanglement fishing empire builder, something  which will then finally motivate it to readdress the dearth of focus and funds badly needed to reform and repair our health, education, infrastructure, alternative energy, transportation sectors.

The misuse and abuse of the Hebrew Bible’s “chosen people” and “promised land” mythical metaphor, underlies to a major extent the ignorance which allows megalomaniacs to use demagoguery to achieve “superiority” by naked theft and aggression and by consequently employing as standard operating procedure the tagging of those who commit desperate acts to defend their properties and loved ones by tagging them with the catch-all epithet “terrorist”.

This odious practice of perpetrators impersonating victims is not an exclusive device used by Zionist extremist.  It was used as well by the Nazis and is now brazenly used by the murderous military regime of General al Sissi of Egypt in its tagging of a huge segment of the population of Egypt as “terrorists”, not to mention the tagged foreign journalists,  all the while collecting funds and military support promised irrationally and shamelessly to this lawless regime just a week ago by our Secretary of State John Kerry.

The recklessly brutal and international law violating regimes of Israel and Egypt are recipients of more US foreign and military aid than the rest of the world combined.  This insanity must stop now, lest the winds of rage will engulf in flames the whole Middle Eastern region and beyond and will pit the US against most if not all of the world’s countries in confrontations which will have literally have potentially catastrophic consequences for us all.

2 thoughts on “Incredibly Israel’s Law Enforcement Authority Is Not Sure Whether Abduction and Revenge Killing of a 16-Year Old Palestinian is a Criminal or a “Nationalist” Act [# 305]

  1. Fausto da Silva Baptista says:

    A lei der talião prevalece, insana e brutal, desconhecendo-se profundamente, as relações vitais dos seres humanos, independentemente delas serem políticas, ideológicas, nacionalistas ou quais outros termos possam existir. Rapto é rapto. Assassinato é assassinato e não cabe aqui
    discutir-se, para eventuais decisões de busca dos autores, se esse crime tem conotações que possam justificar maior ou menor rigor na punição desses bárbaros autores.

  2. Marie Estelle Spike says:

    Whatever you call it, it’s still murder! Civilized people do not murder or wage war!

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