The Israeli Zionist Power Structure Massacre of Gaza Ushers in a New Era Which Renders the One State Solution an Imperative [#320]


July 12, 2014 by Alfred

As a son of German parents who survived the Nazi atrocities against Jews and many others, this writer applauds the Washington Post as well as its reporters William Booth and Ruth Eglash for their principled and professional ethics based objective report in The Washington Post (July 10, 2014) titled

” Israel Hits Gaza Homes / Children and Women Killed  “.

In the last two days 60 homes were destroyed and 50 unarmed innocent Palestinian men, women, and children were killed.  Not a single Israeli was killed by the artisanal bombs which come from Gaza in a desperate but ill-conceived and immoral act of understandable desperation of Gazans who do have a right to defend themselves.

More than 100 Palestinians have now been killed in the savage bombing by Israel.

The bizarrely brutal and criminal practice of “collective punishment” has been meted out on Palestinians since 1948 when the British facilitated the take over of 75% of Palestine by the Zionist movement’s leaders.   Then close to 1 million Palestinians were expelled from their homes and farms, in Palestine and forced into refugee camps mostly in Lebanon and Jordan.

The US policy of unconditional support for Israel has become what is now a bipartisan callous and scandalous unethical practice. It is an imperative that we end support for Israel’s international law violations which tramples on the human and civil rights of the Palestinians.  The horrific bombardment of Gaza,  where millions languish and are literally tortured in the world’s largest concentration camp, must end now or  else the US must now end the millions of our taxpayers dollars which flow into Israel daily, something which enables this barbaric state of affairs.

This moment is historic as it ushers in the opportunity for the start of the only viable solution to this disgrace, namely the “One State” solution, i.e. the creation of one vibrant secular democracy in Palestine which will non-violently bring Jews, Moslems, Christians, and Secular Humanists together to co-create, co-produce, co-cultivate, and gradually jointly heal the wounds which have been festering for 66 years.

President Obama now has a mandate from the global community and a historic opportunity to inaugurate this peaceful conflict resolution which without doubt will be supported the EU, the UN, and will be welcomed by the International Criminal Court.

One thought on “The Israeli Zionist Power Structure Massacre of Gaza Ushers in a New Era Which Renders the One State Solution an Imperative [#320]

  1. Marie Estelle Spike says:

    Thanks for being every vigilant speaking truth to power. I have posted this on War vs. Human Needs on Facebook.

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