The Gaza Massacre Marks the Beginning of the Opportunity for an End of the Apartheid Zionist Israeli Repression of Palestinians If The World Steps Honorably Up to Its Responsibility [ # 325]


July 12, 2014 by Alfred

It worked in the Apartheid South Africa government with which Israel collaborated for two decades (see “The Unspoken Alliance, by Sasha Polakow Suransky), and it will work now with the last Apartheid state in the world), and it can be done brought about peacefully.

Yesterday, July 11, 2014, this writer joined hundreds of protestors of all backgrounds, obviously also including progressive protestors of the Jewish faith, for a peaceful protest against the Zionist power structure of Israel led massacre of Palestinians in Gaza.

Rachel Schaerr of Channel 8 DC,  interviewed this writer during said protest against the massacre of unarmed civilians in Gaza by the Israeli government.   The “Late Night Report” program covered the demonstration and focused on a statement taken from this writer’s interview which is seen on the 1:49 – 2:01 time segment.

The protest took place in front of the Israeli embassy.

Today a second protest in two weeks is taking place, again in front of the White House.

This writer also took place in the first protest in front of the White House last week, which was attended by hundreds of protestors and this time members of the Orthodox Jewish faith not only were present but delivered a speech to the protestors and bystanders explaining why they are equally appalled by the horrifically reckless and mindless mass killings by aerial bombardments of innocent unarmed Palestinian civilians.   These Orthodox Jews in fact do not recognize Israel as legitimate as they decry the concept of the nationalization of a religious belief to morph it into a state entity which was, with the British empire facilitation, forcibly and violently implanted into the land of Palestine, thereby in effect punishing the Palestinians for the crimes against the humanity of Jews and many others by the Nazis, 66 years ago.

The Israeli PM Netanyahu shamelessly and cynically claims that Israel is “defending” itself against the Hamas government lobbed rockets and is also revenging the killing of three teenagers who unexplainably were allegedly hiking in illegally occupied Palestinian land.

There is no evidence linking the Hamas government or party,  who was elected in a fair election, linking it to the deaths of the innocent teenagers.    There is evidence however that none of the artisanal bombs allegedly lobbed from Gaza have killed a single Israeli, in fact as our mainstream media, including The Washington Post reports,  life on the beaches, restaurants, bars, and pubs is normal which means that they are packed as usual.  This is reported by a July 10, 2014 Washington Post article on its front page.

There is ample evidence that the Zionist power structure led by PM Netanyahu was determined  to “punish” Palestinians when Hamas and Fatah have recently agreed to reconcile their differences.     The same anger and hatred was expressed by the Zionist lead Israelis when Palestine was accepted to join UNESCO and when it was accepted to become an observer member state of the UN.

So, the tragedy of the deaths of three Israeli teenagers cannot possibly be used as a pretext to unleash the barbaric massacre by Israel and neither can any military threat by Gazans be used as such a pretext, as they live in a huge concentration camp which is blockaded day and night from receiving even bare necessities such as medical supplies and reconstruction equipment.

It is abhorrently shocking to hear the White House Press Secretary, Jay Carney,  utter the nonsensical mantra “…Israel has a right to defend itself…” when Israel all along in fact has been actively and exclusively engaged in nothing but offensive acts against the people of Palestine.

The US, UN, EU, and the global community, must now do what is only honorable, moral, legal act, and that is to actively reign in the Zionist power structure in Israel by a combination of drastic boycotts, disinvestments, and sanctions (aka as “BDS”) coupled to the insertion of UN peace keeping troops to bring about a cessation of this crime against humanity by Israel.

Finally the day has come for the “One State” solution to be realistically appraised and inaugurated by the provision of emergency tactical and strategical massive planning which will usher in the beginning of a historical era which has the potential to marginalize and render irrelevant the extremist Zionists and extremists of all kinds, and thereby bring Jews and Christians and Moslems and secular humanists together to embark on the long journey of healing and reconstruction in vibrant democracy with 100% equal rights and obligations for all  inhabitants of a Palestine which will be liberated from its inner walls which have rendered it a forcibly fragmented state by what has now become an Apartheid Israel.


One thought on “The Gaza Massacre Marks the Beginning of the Opportunity for an End of the Apartheid Zionist Israeli Repression of Palestinians If The World Steps Honorably Up to Its Responsibility [ # 325]

  1. Marie Estelle Spike says:

    I certainly hope the World will finally step up honorably to its responsibility!
    Impressive interview. Though too short, your point is well made!

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