Exposing an Inflammatory and Dishonest Attempt to Discredit The Director of the UN Gaza Commission 08/21/2014

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August 22, 2014 by Alfred

On August 18, 2014 The Washington Post published a one-page political ad which was highly inaccurate, dishonest, and odious in its clear agenda to vilify distinguished Canadian Professor William Schabas who has commendably been named the director of the UN Gaza Commission.

While it is the right of any political organization to publish political agenda driven ads, the average American would be severely ill-served if such a deceitful ad would be taken uncritically taken seriously. It so happens that The Washington Post’s own facts checker has reported on a salient element of this ad, sometime ago and to his credit he has addressed and dismissed the false claim therein.

An even cursory research effort would establish beyond doubt that Canadian Professor William A. Schabas has an impeccable academic and professional background which renders him competent to lead the UN Gaza Commission as it embarks on the investigation of the literal massacres which Israel’s extremist Zionist misleaders have committed (not exclusively in Gaza)  for which they now must and will be held accountable.

A similarly cursory research effort would ascertain the dishonesty of the narrative of the “This World : The Values Network” Zionist organization ad which  has no grounds to characterize Professor Schabas slanderously as a ” …friend of ‘genocidal’ (sic) Iran former President Ahmadinejad” and hence an “apologist for radical anti-Semites and America-haters.”

The “genocidal ” characterization is an utterly inoperative and odious characterization as it is based on the constantly repeated false mantra that the former President of Iran wanted to “wipe off the map” the state of Israel, and is part and parcel of the standard fear and hate mongering directed at Iran, simply because Iran has become a major and important player in the region since it recovered from Sadam Hussein’s Iraq war on Iran which was at the time supported by the US, whose then Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld figuratively and literally embraced the Iraqi leader.

 Glen Kessler of The Washington Post  published in its fact checker column,that the phrase  Wipe off the map,”  as relates to Israel has been constantly and deliberately misused, and  went on to add,  as regards to said phrase “,,, we’re going to award a Pinocchio to everyone — including ourselves — who has blithely repeated the phrase without putting it into context “.

The phony and odious ad in effect is a desperate attempt to sabotage the investigation of Israel’s crimes in Gaza by an illustrious UN official which by adding slur to slander in a deceitful and disinformative way is intended to reframe the perpetrators of war crimes and crimes against the humanity of Palestinians as victims.

In a previous article this writer reported, and provided sound and video documentation therefor, that PM Benjamin Netanyahu, during a visit to the residence of illegal settlers in Palestinian land told them that he was proud of having scuttled the Oslo Peace talks.

Only through an investigative and judicial process can we hope to embark on a journey of genuine and sustainable peace process, preferably via the UN’s 1947 “Second Subcommittee” recommendation of a solution “…which included all the Arab and Muslim State members, …(when) it issued a long report arguing that partition was illegal according to the terms of the Mandate and proposing a unitary democratic state that could protect rights of all citizens equally.”

The ad thus reflects a clearly hysterical attempt to vilify a distinguished scholar at a time when prestigious human rights organizations such as Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch have just been banned by Israel from entering Gaza.  This attempt further comprises villifying the UN, and the International Criminal Court, both of which have now the imperative mandate to hold the Zionist extremist misleadership of Israel accountable, once for all, and thereby the mandate to force an end to the international law violating occupation as well as to the international law violating blockade of Gaza.

[ Note in case it is relevant :  the writer of this letter is the son of parents who were survivors of the Nazi atrocities against the humanity of Jews and others. ]

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