Critical Mass Has Been Reached : A Chasm Now Exists Between Zionists and Progressive Jews Worldwide


September 2, 2014 by Alfred

We have been through this cycle time and again and with the recent horrific Gaza massacres by Israel, coupled to the announcement on September 1, 2014, that the misleardership of Israel is poised to once again egregiously violate international law and several UN resolutions by its apparent imminent invasion of 1,000 acres of Palestinian land in the West Bank, the chasm that had already existed for a long time, between Zionists and decent, humanist, progressive Jews, including the Holocaust survivors and their direct descendants, some 400 of which ( including this writer) who signed The New York Times statement denouncing Israel’s appalling atrocities on August 23, 2014 has irreversibly reached critical mass as has the world’s tolerance of said atrocious crimes against humanity by Israel.

The so-called peace talks attempts have been rendered an hypocritical charade by the Netanyahu misleadership and “we the people” who are forced to fund the support of this organized crime have had insult added to injury when it comes to the other charade of our administration’s quietly tolerating the violations and at the same cynically acting as if it “opposes” these criminal land thefts but of course, as if it has no clout to do anything about it when it is clear that it is fully aware how easily it can prevent this behavior by simply reducing to zero any and all financial aid to Israel, coupled if necessary to the imposition of severe sanctions.

So, in our name, and with our taxpayer’s funds, another provocation is now planned for the West Bank which will be naturally be met by violence and then again there will be additional horrific and wasteful and devastating hemorrhage of blood and treasury funds.

The neocon-neoliberal-zionist special interest lobby, coupled to some extend to our industrial military complex as well as failures of our mainstream media to report objectively and our education institutions to educate the historical reality of this conflict, have adulterated history, imposed a veritable conspiracy of silence about the seminal events which date back at least 66 years which have led to this critical moment and therein lies the essence of the obstacles against peace.

The “Jewish State” was dead on arrival as it was a bizarre notion bereft of historical and legal legitimacy.

The U.S. in 1947 opposed categorically the creation of a “Jewish State” in Palestine.
Undersecretary of State Dean Acheson fervently opposed Zionism and considered it a danger to the U.S.

The Joint Chiefs of Staff opposed the partition of Palestine in 1947 and issued a sixteen page document on which they based their opposition.

The CIA stated that the Zionist leadership was pursuing objectives what would endanger both Jews and “the strategic interests of Western powers in the Near East and Far East”.

The U.S. State Department opposed the partition plan strenuously. The director of the State Department’s Office of Near Eastern and African Affairs, Loy Henderson, consistently recommended against supporting a Jewish state inside Palestine.

Zionists threatened the Henderson’s family and attacked him virulently.

Truman caved in, and sent Henderson to be the U.S. ambassador to Nepal and thus first terrorists in the Middle East, namely the Irgun terrorist organization led by Menachen Begin who became an Israeli Prime Minister and the Stern Gang terrorist organization led by Ytzhak Shamir who likewise became an Israeli Prime Minister, in 1948, unilaterally declared the creation of Israel.

The UN Security Council never voted on this matter. The General Assembly of only 42 states was split on this illegal move, with one subcommittee proposing a roughly 50-50 partition, while the other subcommittee categorically opposing this partition as illegal and reckless.

Long before that, a petition was sent to our President Woodrow Wilson signed by Palestinian (Semitic) Jews who were living in total harmony with the Semitic secular, Christian, or Moslem Palestinians in Palestine (and that included the Jewish background grandfather of this writer who spent the WWII in the USSR and then emigrated to Haifa in 1945, and became a Palestinian citizen, only to then abruptly deciding to leave solely because of the illegal partition), and in said petition the signatories implored President Woodrow Wilson to lean of the League of Nations (the precursor of the UN) to not support the Zionist extremist Palestine colonization project which had the support of the imperialist UK, but not that of the US, to go forward with the madness of such an inflammatory project which would bring nothing but grief to all concerned.

Woodrow Wilson in response created the King Crane commission composed of 6 Jews and 6 non-Jews and sent them on a fact finding mission to Palestine since no one had bothered to consult with the Palestinians as to how they felt about this bizarre notion that the Judaic religion should be nationalized into a state entity at the expense of the Palestinians. The commission returned with the salient finding that “Palestinians will not be dispossessed of their lands”.

So, the only way forward to a realistic solution is by admitting that as regards to Israel-Palestine, the past is prologue.

The unitary state solution, now that the Zionists sabotaged all the way the two state solution of Palestine/Israel conflict, needs to be upgraded to incorporate the Jewish population, all Palestinians need to immediately be granted the right of return, the so-called “State” qualifier of the Jewish community being invalid, needs to be declared null and void, and thereby the incremental beginning of reconstruction of and upgrading of Palestine can commence with UN / UNESCO / WHO and US / EU support.

All of what this writer has stated is amply documented by a plethora of sources and inter alia, one of the best is one which is documented by 373 extensive and comprehensive citations on 100 succinct pages of the compilation of the history of Zionism during the last 66 years in the embodiment of the book “Against Our Better Judgment : The Hidden History of How the U.S. Was Used to Create Israel” by Alison Weir.

Additionally, among one of the most illustrious scholarly and authoritative authors which has focused on this complex process is a former Rabbi named Henry Siegman.

Henry Siegman is the Executive Director of two of the most prominent Jewish organizations in the U.S. One is the American Jewish Congress and the other is the Synagogue Council of America. He is, as this writer, a vocal critic of Israel and Zionism. He has a wealth of knowledge and wisdom on this complex subject about which he has written extensively.

On September 1, 2014, the prestigious TV journal Democracy Now, hosted by Amy Goodman, dedicated the full hour of its nightly broadcast to an in-depth interview of this marvelous, monumental humanist man who maintains, (a) the US must immediately end its support of Israel as a last ditch attempt to force its government to once for all get serious about ending its international law violating brutal occupation which has literally resulted in the slaughter of innocent unarmed civilians whose properties have been stolen from them, or (b) the global community must get involved to force the only other viable solution which would be the one state solution and since the state entity emerging therefrom can only be but a democratic one with one person having one vote, naturally said entity will be a majority Palestinian one, and while the Jewish community in it will have to have its religion and culture respected, it will no longer be an Apartheid community since the state will neither be Jewish or Christian or Moslem, but an inspiring mosaic, not necessarily melting pot, of peaceful and cooperative coexistence.

If there is a will there is certainly a way, and all indicators point out there is a will, particularly among the younger people, to commence this project and build it up incrementally with support from all involved and concerned.

This renewed and upgraded Palestine thus emerging, may turn out in effect to become a beacon of inspiration for all of the other feuding sectarian struggles in that volatile region.

There is however an imperative of the infusion of statesmen-like career diplomats and scholars, and the exclusion of the repulsive notion that somehow the militarization of solutions leads to some kind of sustainable agreements and peace.

4 thoughts on “Critical Mass Has Been Reached : A Chasm Now Exists Between Zionists and Progressive Jews Worldwide

  1. Marie Estelle Spike says:

    I certainly hope we’re at a tipping point, and that the youth will transform Israel and Palestine into a Land of Milk and Honey with freedom and justice for all alike.

  2. aliceny says:

    Great posting. Now that the chasm has developed, perhaps things will change. Reality IS reality, after all. Or is that being naïve?
    Good that you have provided such important background info, too. Makes it much easier to trace the history of this ongoing morass.
    Thank you, Fred.

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