The Nationalization Embodiment of a Supranatural Belief is Not a “State”, It Is a Problem Which Cannot be Resolved by Bombing


September 11, 2014 by Alfred

A “state” or, in modern times, a “nation-state” is a geographical area that can be identified as deriving its political legitimacy from serving as a sovereign nation.

The “Islamic State” is not a state and neither is the “Jewish State” a state. A geographical area may have inhabitants who are religious and/or secular, but no state can be religious, rationally and humanistically speaking.

States of mind have led extremists to take over other people’s lands, using historically and legally illegitimate means.

In the case of both, the “Islamic State” and the “Jewish State” countless people have had horrific injury and death meted out on them by the states of minds of the extremist fundamentalist and violently terrorizing leaders and founders of these attempts to nationalize their respective religions at the expense of the innocent and legitimate residents of historically and legally grounded states.

In the case of the “Islamic State” it was founded and is funded by terrorizing extremists, and a significant amount of the funding comes from our ally, Saudi Arabia, which simultaneously denounces the “Islamic State”. One must recall that it was most predominantly Saudis who, led by a Saudi, carried out the September 11, 2001 atrocity. Then and now, the drumbeat for war was heralded, and on false claims the neocons lead us into two wars which resulted in a monumental hemorrhage of blood and treasury.

In the case of the “Jewish State”, it was also founded by the Zionist terrorizing religious extremists (Menachen Begin leading the terrorist organization Irgun and Itzhak Shamir leading the terrorist organization Stern Gang) and most of the funding came via the Zionists and the British Empire prior to 1948, and then from the via the Zionists and the US Neo-Empire entity from 1967 on. The UN Security Council never voted on the implantation of this nationalization embodiment of the Judaic religion on the land owned and inhabited by the Palestinians and there was significant opposition by the US to that move, as is amply documentably recorded.

The civilized, sober, rational, humanist, scholarly grounded decision as to how to reign in the abuses by the leaders of such pseudo-states is most definitely NOT by sending bombers or Remotely Piloted Aircraft to bomb them and thereby kill additional innocent people.

The only who benefit from this repulsive, primitive, counterproductive, and recklessly inhuman approach to handle this phenomenon are obviously the investors of the firmly entrenched industrial military complex which President Eisenhower cautioned the American people about in this farewell speech.

Both synthetic pseudo states can and will eventually be dissolved without violence and only UN peace keeping troops in conjunction with sanctions, disinvestments, and boycotts, and diplomacy can bring this about.

Reagan ludicrously stated that if we do not fight the Sandinista liberators of the then U.S. supported Somoza dictatorial tyranny in Nicaragua, we will be having to fight them in Texas. We were also told that if we did not fight the Vietnamese in Vietnam we would be fighting them in Hawaii. It is now 13 years after 9/11 and the most violent episodes of terrorizing violence in our country has been that carried out by homegrown misfits and/or the mentally disturbed who have acquired automatic killing machines with ease, as if that was a fundamental “right” when in reality it is a misreading and misinterpretation of the Second Amendment which enables this abnormality.

It goes without saying that we must be strict and professional in protecting our homeland, and that means most importantly, introducing once for all strict weapon trafficking laws at home and reign in the NRA once for all.

We must also end now, spending 57% of the 2014 President Obama’s federal discretionary budget request sent to Congress on in February of 2013, on the Department of Defense, War, and Nuclear Weapons Programs. The military has spent in one year $ 1.2 million dollars per minute, i.e. $ 653,110,000,000 of our tax dollars. This statistic is published yearly, by – inter alia – the Quaker organization “The American Friends Service Committee”s.

It is an overdue imperative that we start focusing on our home front’s infrastructure, public health, public education, and on political and campaign finance reform and end the strident and downright hysterical continuous interventionism in foreign affairs. It is a scandal that yesterday, September 10, 2014, after maintaining a totally bizarre and counter-productive trade embargo on Cuba for 54 years, once again the world voted unanimously to end this destructive and harmful idiocy, and once again the only nations which voted against the General Assembly proposing this were two, namely the United States and Israel.

4 thoughts on “The Nationalization Embodiment of a Supranatural Belief is Not a “State”, It Is a Problem Which Cannot be Resolved by Bombing

  1. Marie Spike says:

    A diet of peace would only starve the military industrial beast. What codependent President & Congress would have the moral backbone to do that? What a shameful state of affairs!

  2. aliceny says:

    This is excellent, Fred. The unvarnished truth sans sound bites is a beautiful thing to behold. We hear and see it so seldom. Don’t stop!

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