“Beyond the Zionist Paradigm” : A Presentation by An Israeli Son of a Major General Which is Riveting and Revealing


September 15, 2014 by Alfred

Since the turn of the century, the dialectical contradictions about the narrative and practice of Zionism have been emerging and at this time critical mass is being reached at an exponential rate leading unquestionably to a resolution which must be harnessed so as to be peaceful. This now inevitably evolving phenomenon is largely but not exclusively due to the digitization of the plethora of documentation exposing the historical reality which exposes the false, mythical, and hypocritical dimensions of said Zionist narrative as it emerges and becomes globally available, and is disseminated particularly via the independent electronic media.

Today, on September 15, 2014, The Washington Post reports that the Zionist misleadership power structure is condemning the thousands of Israeli (IDF) soldiers who have refused over the years, on principle, to serve in the illegally occupied lands which represent less than 20 % of the area of the original Palestine since, with the facilitation of the occupying British imperial might, Zionists took over the other 80% and forcibly, illegally, cruelly and violently evicted hundreds of thousands of Palestinian inhabitants from their lands, farms, and residences, using the Hebrew bible, particularly Deuteronomy 6:10-12, as their lien on the real estate.

The misleadership’s condemnation of the emerging military dissidents is the more intense at this time, because for the first time elite units of the military intelligence apparatus have announced that they are also now refusing to “take part in actions against Palestinians” and “continue serving as tools in cementing the military control of the Occupied Territories.

This writer is attending tomorrow, September 16, 2014 an Amnesty International conference which will include officials of Israel’s prestigious B’Tselem human rights organization and among them will be members of the “Breaking the Silence” organization.

This, of course, comes in the aftermath of the horrific massacres which the Zionist power structure carried out in Gaza very recently, which in turn is part and parcel of strings of campaigns of ethnic cleansing which have been carried out for the last 66 years, when consistently the perpetrators impersonated the role of “victims” in their failed attempts to justify these crimes against the humanity of the Palestinian people.

With this foreword, it may be helpful for those not well aware of the historical reality of this seemingly endless phenomenon, to review a short presentation by a former IDF soldier, namely Miko Peled, who was inspired by his father, an Israeli Major General (the highest rank a General can rise to in Israel), namely General Matti Peled, to write a book titled “The General’s Son – Journey of an Israeli in Palestine”.

The presentation was captured on video by, inter alia, the Seattle Community Media.

It is a captivating, informative, educational presentation by a noble man doing his best to be part of a huge movement which is gaining tremendous traction at a critical time when events in the Middle East need to be addressed by all means except the military ones which only exacerbate the toxicity of the environment and serve exclusively to benefit the defense contracting industry which has “pundits” calling for more and more militarized revenge attacks against those who, while they are criminals, are treated as if they were major threats to the United States, which according to our own intelligence officials they are not. This phenomenon is one which President Eisenhower warned us about in this farewell speech when he said that we must avoid foreign entanglements and beware of the “industrial military complex”.

This complex is the only beneficiary of our defense spending which at this time has approached $ 1.2 million per minute of our taxpayers hard-earned funds (see the American Friends Service Committee, a Quaker organization, which issues regularly the President’s federal discretionary budget request sent to Congress), and it has siphoned off funds for desperately needed spending on social programs and infrastructure repair.

The neocon/neoliberal era of special interest lobbying with its fear and hate mongering manipulative means enhanced by a public ill served by our educational institutions and by our corporatized media, must come to an end if we aspire to conserve what is left of our democracy and to rebuild it to become an authentic participative one.

2 thoughts on ““Beyond the Zionist Paradigm” : A Presentation by An Israeli Son of a Major General Which is Riveting and Revealing

  1. aliceny says:

    Once again, thank you for this, Fred. There are undoubtedly many more Mike Peleds out there who are intimately knowledgeable about what is going on in the Palestine-Israel decades-long conflict (‘war,’ ‘occupation’). The current Israeli government tries to suppress all truthful testimony by threatening them and by calling them traitors for their moral efforts. ( Our nation’s media does the same thing.)

    Like the Hebrew prophets of old, these clarions for justice risk their very lives (and their future careers) to tell the world the truth. We must honor them in every way that we can. One very small way that we can help to spread their truth is by sending articles like this to those with whom we connect via the Internet. That potential is far greater than I think we realize.

    There are more painful ways that one can die than the inhumane decapitation method currently being perpetrated via live TV by ISIS. Even though slow and painful (using a short-bladed knife to hack off a human head), there is another kind of death — the interminable death of a human God-created soul that acquiesces to such horror that, to my mind, is far greater and for which the true penalty for such acts is eternal. We have the Lord’s promise on that!

    Another way to honor Jewish people, especially the truth tellers and the peacemakers is for non-Jews (especially Christians) to read or to refresh their knowledge of the Hebrew Scriptures.

    And you, Fred, are to be honored for your righteousness and for trying your best to apprise your readers of the truth — one word, one grain at a time! May you continue to be blessed for your endeavors.

    • Fred says:

      Dear Aliceny,

      I am profoundly impressed and moved by what you express and how you express it !
      Thank for your generous and incisive comment, and thank you for enriching the value and quality of what the Argentum Post is all about.

      You are truly remarkable in your dedication to justice and peace and additionally you are a gifted writer and an inspiring human being

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