The Threat of IS Calls for International Law Enforcement and Neither Unlimited Bombing Nor Any Tolerance for Israel’s Dishonest Hate and Fear Mongering Meddling Which Muddles the Issue

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October 1, 2014 by Alfred

To be succinct yet comprehensive, this writer will use a compilation of documented facts in  alerting that the greatest threat of the “Islamic State” which is neither “Islamic” nor a “state”, requires extreme caution on the rush to the concept of industrial-military complex and its sponsor’s mindset of continuous and unlimited bombing as well as an extreme rejection of the opportunist exploitive and incendiary nonsense which misleaders of Israel are uttering hysterically and who are using this crisis to generate a smokescreen to hide behind as it appears that the International Criminal Court will in the near future now finally prosecute them.

First, as regard to  the cost of this operation, which should be seen as an international law enforcement operation and not as a pretext for an open-ended and continuous bombing of Syria and Iraq, it has already started to result in a huge hemorrhaging of the taxpayers funds, not to mention the unavoidable hemorrhage of human blood on all sides, particularly when it is the innocent ones which, as Israel’s recent Gaza massacres have shown, pay who the heaviest price.

Dan Lamothe of The Washington Post reported on September 30, 2014 that on average the cost will be about $ 200 to $ 320 million dollars per month or more and that the U.S. has already spent between $780 and $970 million and this cost is predicted to reach into billions and billions of dollars.  The data come from the independent Center for Strategic and Budgetary Assessments in Washington, DC.   This cost to hunt down what the Moslem world characterizes as insane criminals,  must under no circumstance allow to mushroom as there is a wide and sober consensus that IS is not a direct threat to the United States.

Secondly, as regards to the incredible and appallingly incendiary attempt by the Zionist leaders to exploit this strategy by hysterically declaring that Palestine and Iran and the Nazis are the same, something that normally would be risible if these noxious elements were not taken seriously, but unfortunately due to ignorance and/or politically corrupting influences these elements of the Israeli power structure have, their fear and hate mongering coupled to their meddling in our foreign policy using specious and irrational arguments have been taken serious by some who do not have the best interest of the United States in mind, or simply lack the courage to say basta, no more of this nonsense.

At the UN, after the speech by Palestinian President Abbas wherein he stated that Palestine plans to ask the UN Security Council to impose via the International Criminal Court a deadline for the Israeli withdrawal from land it occupies violating international law and wherein he also states that the political and military leaders must be held accountable for war crimes and crimes against humanity they committed not only recently in Gaza, he was characterized by the Israeli Foreign Minister, Avigdor Lieberman, as a “diplomatic terrorist” , and  then Prime Minister Netanyahu added that Hamas and Iran are the same as IS who want world control and hence are like the Nazis.

Such rhetoric by these reckless individuals are an embarrassment to their own well meaning people in Israel.   To say something as unreal in a UN forum is shamelessly insane, reckless, dishonest, and apparently the result of the fact that the International Criminal Court already can charge Israel for war crimes and crimes against humanity and violations of international law violations.   Presumably these same individuals will then continue to live in the universe of denial and will the equated the ICC with such appallingly inappropriate characterization.

Finally, it is worth to note that Glenn Greenwald, a lawyer (New York University School of Law and George Washington University), who is also a journalist, and author, has just reported in his publication “Intercept” that the latest threat that has been fed to Associated Press , which was first heralded by the Government as a threat which is even more serious threat to the U.S.than IS , namely the Khorasan group, now turns out not only to not be such threat, but apparently this group does not even exist.  Alledgedly it was created as a pretext to initiate the bombing of Syria.
So to sum up, IS is a threat to the region where it is active, but a greater threat to our national security is to not heed President Eisenhower when he warned us about the pernicious influence of the military-industrial complex undue influence in our foreign policy formulating apparatus.  The other threat to our national security is unquestionably to allow unhinged extremist Zionist misleaders of Israel to influence our best interests in our foreign affairs.

Israel and Zionism no longer represent increasing sectors of the American and world Jewry community, and the knee-jerk and insidious attempt to characterize oxymoronically as “anti-Semites” by conflating support for Israel and Zionist with Jews generically is inapplicable.  Jews who strongly oppose the Zionist ideology and the criminal acts perpetrated by the misleaderships of Israel have are evolving in numbers at an exponential rate of increase which is in direct proportion to the untenability of the present path of racist Apartheid which Israel’s is being taken to, unless the rational and humanist progressives finally take over at which point many peaceful solutions to this 66 year old tragedy will be intitiated, by, inter alia, the one democratic state option.

The writer of this article is the son of survivors of the Nazi atrocities against humanity and is a signatory of an August 23, 2014 New York Times statement singed by 400 + Holocaust survivors and direct descendants thereof, wherein in no uncertain language the crimes against the humanity of the Palestinian people by the Zionist power structure of Israel is soundly and categorically condemned.


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