In an Op Ed in The Washington Post, a Factual Debunking of a Myth, and a Conspicuously Unforgivable Omission


October 1, 2014 by Alfred

In the September 28, 2014 Op Ed  of The Washington Post titled  ” An Israel Equal for All, Jewish or Not ” the writer correctly debunks that mythical mantra that “Israel is a democracy”, since it so exclusively for its Jewish faith inhabitants.

Ms. Patricia Marks Greenfield goes on to elaborate that Israel take over the West Bank and Gaza and then proclaim itself a secular state so people of all religions have equal rights under the law.

The conspicuous omission is that Israel is a “state” carved out in the land of the Palestinians by the Zionists and the British occupiers.  The UN did not vote on it in the Security Council and was at the time in its embryonic stage, so that two General Assembly Subcommittees suggested opposing moves and the wrong one supporting this appalling act was then undertaken via the might makes right approach without any regard to the Palestinians inhabitants of Palestine.

To ignore the Palestinians in this calculus is a callous disregard for the human, civil, and legal rights and reminds one of a grotesque and bizarre statement made by Prime Minister Golda Meyer when she declared ” There is no such thing as Palestine”.   Even the word “Palestine” does not appear in the Op Ed.

No amount of historical revisionism, Zionist propaganda, and wishful thinking coupled to dishonesty and a conspiracy of silence can erase the historical record, that clearly establishes the Palestinians for centuries as the legitimate inhabitants of Palestine.  It is now up to the International Criminal Court to step in and resolve the issue once for all.

One thought on “In an Op Ed in The Washington Post, a Factual Debunking of a Myth, and a Conspicuously Unforgivable Omission

  1. Marie Estelle Spike says:

    I agree that in the end, the truth will prevail, especially with people like you working so hard to preserve and broadcast it.

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