The Prime Minister of Israel Declares That President Obama Acts “Against The American Values”


October 9, 2014 by Alfred

After weeks of murderous massacres perpetrated by Israel in Gaza and after Israel was correctly and assertively as well as categorically condemned by President Obama for yet again violating international law by announcing the construction of additional housing in illegally occupied East Jerusalem, the President was bizarrely and grotesquely offended by Prime Minister of Israel, Benjamin Netanyahu,  as he declared on Face the Nation that (a) President Obama’s  condemnation is “…against the American values ” and (b) that “…this doesn’t bode well for peace…”.

 This declaration by the PM of Israel comes after top officials of Netanyahu’s government described a peace  proposal that Secretary of State John Kerry put on the table as a  “strategic terrorist attack.”  It seems that the present Israeli power structure knows no bounds when it comes to dishonestly and hyperbolically invoke the “terrorist” characterization to vilifyingly hurl it at anyone who is critical about the brutal, illegal and thereby egregious behavior of Israel’s top leadership.

Furthermore, after President Abbas spoke at the UN on September 27, 2014 wherein he excoriated correctly Israel for its relentless international law violating occupation and settlement building coupled to particularly the recent massacres in Gaza, Israeli Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman attacked President Abbas characterizing  him of conducting “diplomatic terrorism” and saying his remarks “highlight once again how he does not want and cannot be a partner for a reasonable diplomatic agreement.”

The critical mass has been reached for the U.S. to now immediately act to demonstrate to Israel that this vilification of the U.S. which doles out $ 10 million dollars per day to Israel will have serious consequences, or else, there is something seriously wrong with the executive as well as with the legislative branches of our government for further allowing itself to buying into the Israel-can-do-wrong propagandistic myth whereby it presents itself ludicrously as a so-called “exceptionalist” state.

This is a state of affairs which is no longer operable and hence unacceptable to rationalist humans.

2 thoughts on “The Prime Minister of Israel Declares That President Obama Acts “Against The American Values”

  1. Marie Estelle Spike says:

    Thank you for another timely post on an issue of supreme importance! Astonishing how with impunity the Zionists in Israel use military might to drive out and exterminate the Palestinians and AIPAC with their Word Weaponry in the U.S to control the media and government… Just how much longer will their might make them “right” in the world?

    • Fred says:

      Thank you for this so cogent and articulate comment to my article which further enhances and buttresses the essence of what I expressed in your sui generis way!

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