The American People Have a Right to be Scholarly Informed by a Media Which Ignores Its Duty to Honor Said Right


October 4, 2014 by Alfred

The American people is bombarded daily by the graphic description of horrific events which are sensationalistically repeatedly brought up in so-called “News” programs and/or “Talk Shows” which thrive on focusing on symptoms of horrific events but studiously eschews the scholarly analysis by independent perspective historians, authors, and other experts who would focus on the genesis of the malady which in effect has been engendering said horrific events.

To be succinct and specific we can focus, inter alia of course, on the phenomenon of the so-called “Islamic State” as well as on the phenomenon of Israel’s forceful implantation into Palestine in 1947-48.

Although both phenomena are distinct and apart, they do have something in common, and that is the historicity of how they came to result in horrific and destructive violence which instead of being abated is being exacerbated by a myopic and bizarre focus away from the real historicity which resulted in the chain reaction of violence generating violence.

To enter into said detailed historicity is way beyond the scope of this article, but a plethora of literary sources exist for those who have the objectivity and intellectual curiosity to educate themselves about it, but the vast majority of hard-working Americans do not have the luxury of that precious commodity of time availability to delve into the vicissitude of history of their genesis to be adequately informed in order to make the correct decisions when they carry out their prerogative and civic duty to vote for their representatives in the executive level in the legislative level of governance.

In a civilized and equitable society, the daily information its citizens need to make independently informed decisions it is an imperative that said information be readily available in the format of newspaper, television, and Internet news media and this endevarour  should not amount to an onerous time-consuming research project.

What happens in reality though is, as regards to our gradually eroding democracy,  that hideously special interest groups have come to control and insidiously  filter what and how Americans learn about what is really happening on a national and most particularly international current events scenario, or else they simply give it spins that disinform.

These special interest groups are controlled more by the 0.1% billionaire groups than by the 1.0 % millionaires and these 0.1% groups have now gotten to not only severely deform and corrode our democracy by their undue influence over the mostly millionaire members of our Congress, but worse, they have even gotten to penetrate that sacred institution which  our  Supreme Court is by, e.g., as shown by their absurd 5 to 4 ruling in the Citizens United vs. FEC case which essentially gave the corporate sector the opportunity to bribe our so-called corrupt representatives with unlimited funding.

So, to get to the point of this article, we can point that when it comes to such mass consumed talk show programs as for instance Sunday’s “Meet the Press”, it is out of the question to expect them to have as guests such wise and honorable scholars as Noam Chomsky, or Jeremy Scahill, and countless others of the huge numbers of scholars which in one show could elucidate the American people honestly, transparently and accurately in contrast with most of the so-called politicized agenda-driven “pundits”, such as the bombing enthusiast John McCain, and other establishment types who normally appear on such shows.

Meanwhile the evening news programs by ABC, CBS, and NBS within their short 30 minute period hit the American people first with with dire warnings about fear and hate inducing horrific acts of committed by humans and/or experienced by nature, in power point single sentences statements, which follow by dilution via a stream of irrelevant happenings in the world of on celebrities, sports, with some feel-good stories or things of that nature for “dessert”, all of which are of course continuously interrupted by mostly big pharma commercials selling drugs for all kinds of ailments or semi-ailments such as erectile dysfunctions.   The objective of “Manufacture of Consent” (title of a book by Noam Chomsky) is thereby subliminally achieved during these infotainment “news” programs and the audiences are thereby successfully distracted and dumbed down.

In the deliberately simplistic and one-sided  reporting of the “Islamic State” phenomenon,  the American people have now been lead to believe that there is a sudden appearance of menacing evil doers which must be dealt with by indeterminate duration of bombings which has already cost the taxpayers some $ 700 million dollars and will  cost billions more and that this  the way to go, period.  No discussions of historical genesis of this phenomenon or any kind of frank and proper and proper contextualization.

Furthermore, and in the more than deliberately simplistic and one-sided view of the  Israel- in-Palestine debacle,  the people are led to believe in egregiously erroneously misleading ways that Jews and Moslems have in the past and will always in the future fight each other, but that Israel in its “exceptionalist”  can-do-no-wrong status of “chosen people” hell-bent on occupying the biblically referred to “promised land” must be the unconditional recipient of  millions of dollars daily of the U.S. taxpayer’s funds, period. No discussions of historical genesis of this phenomenon or any other kind of proper and sobering contextualization

Such state of affairs is literally leading our society into a potentially calamitous abyss of ignorance, hate, fear, anxiety, apathy, deference whose only beneficiaries are the industrial military /  Wall Street investors complex largely controlled by that largely invisible democracy side-stepping and thwarting 0.1 billionaire  groups.

So, for example again, we have as guests at “Meet the Press” such individuals as the demagogic, dishonest, war on Iran on false grounds inciting representative of an apparatus which is largely part of the Neocon/Neoliberal/Zionist global elite who is an undue influence actor of a policy of massacres and destruction, namely the Prime Minister of Israel , Benjamin Netanyahu and his cohorts.

Just like under the Cheney Bush-era which brought then Neocons to talk shows (most particularly the infamous Paul Bremer, Paul Wolfowitz, Richard Perle) and who criminally misled Americans into invading Iraq, something which resulted in the death of at least 100 thousand people, the destruction of its infrastructure, the disbandment of its armed forces, the disassemble of its Bath political structure and eventually lead to sectarian strife and the infiltration of al Qaeda into Iraq and in addition elsewhere in the region where the U.S. supported authoritarian Mubarak dictatorship it now supports the murderous the murderous General al-Sissi iron fisted rule, not to mention the U.S. support for the junta of dictators called the “Crown Princes” of Saudi Arabia or the dictatorship of Bahrain which arrested nurses and physicians who tended to the seriously injured democracy activists there, the present Obama administration is following similar if not identical tactics.

Finally, the Islamic State phenomenon becomes clearly visible as a horrific reprisal which has been engendered by the U.S. (with some cooperation of some  European leaderships, particularly Poland whereto prisoners were renditioned to for torture) as a result of the exposure of the Abu Ghraib torture center, the Guantanamo concentration and torture camp in occupied Cuban territory where the U.S. practiced torture  on “suspected militants” most of who happened to be at the wrong time at the wrong place, or were turned by Afghani warlords in U.S. occupied Afghanistan.

Finally as well, the Israeli 66 years occupation of Palestine, its violent dispossession of the Palestinians property, its massacres of  entire villages as was the case on May 10, 1948 in the Deir Yassim village,(to name just one) and many more instances of Israeli massive international law violations and war crimes, and crimes against humanity, and more recently the  massacres in Gaza, all are the factors which have generated the horrific reprisal phenomena embodied by what is called the  “Islamic State”.

None of this in any way can be interpreted as a justification for the executions of the innocent people by the Islamic State, however the contextualization brings out a picture of clear Western determination to carry out brutal acts against Moslems guilty or not since being a “suspected militant” does not mean a green light to torture or assassinate by non-piloted aircraft, and being a “suspected militant” does not make the corpse of the assassinated one automatically “criminals” when they are not euphemistically characterized as “collateral damage’.

With this foreword, this writer calls on the American news media to consider it an imperative for it to become fully democratized, to perform its duty to inform without infotainment, to end its dereliction of duty and/or deference to the corporatized managers with their political agendas,  and to stop abiding by a veritable conspiracy of silence being imposed on it by such giants  of deception funded by largely by the 0.1% billionaires who work in tandem and are comprised by, most particularly but are not necessarily exclusively so, the Neocon-Zionist-Evangelist-Neoliberal elite ideologue groups who do not have in mind the best interests of the genuine participatory democracy supporting masses of Americans who vastly outnumber this tiny invisible government which shadows the visible governments of well-meaning, peace, justice, and prosperity supporting Americans who can and will prevail.

This writer ends this article with a reference to an extraordinarily dedicated journalist and author, namely Jeremy Scahill, who recently wrote the book  “Dirty Wars : The World is a Battle Field”  and who yesterday was interviewed by another legendary and courageous television news program and author, namely Amy Goodman of the program Democracy Now.

In this interview of Scahill by Goodman, lies a plethora of wisdom and truth of the kind that the American media have an obligation to give coverage to in order to honor the American people’s right to be objectively informed by an independent medias in their constitutionally guaranteed “pursuit of happiness” via peaceful conflict resolution and via the achievement of its aspiration and expectation  to reach a democratic state level where all are literally equal under the law and are recipients of an equitable distribution of resources and oblations with no exceptions.



3 thoughts on “The American People Have a Right to be Scholarly Informed by a Media Which Ignores Its Duty to Honor Said Right

  1. aliceny says:

    Every point that you have made here, Fred, is true — and so needed to be posted for others to see and to discuss. I think that there are millions of people – not only in the U.S., but worldwide, who see this happening in our media and feel so helpless to do much about it.

    Thank you. You’re on a roll. Keep it going. I wish that every person who reads your postings would acknowledge your fine work. Every writer needs encouragement and feedback, especially when he/she demonstrates the courage to ‘tell it like it is.’

    • Fred says:

      Thank you again for expressing your appreciation in such kind and articulate words.
      You are absolutely right that writers need encouragement and feedback, and I have come to value particularly yours a lot !

  2. Marie Estelle Spike says:

    The sad truth! It’s heartbreaking to think how easily large populations can be brainwashed into submission. The billionaires who control the media know exactly how to do it. Thanks for another very important article!

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