UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon May Qualify for the “Nobel Justice” Prize if He Follows Through on His Recent Declarations


October 17, 2014 by Alfred

During a week when the British Parliament by a stunning parliamentary vote of 174 vs. 13 joined Sweden and some 138 countries which have recognized Palestine,  the UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon firmly and assertively reprimanded  Israeli PM Netanyahu for his latest yet an additional outrageous provocation in his announcement of the building of 2,500 homes which will come in tandem with a take over of Palestinian apartments by illegal settlers in Israel occupied East Jerusalem.

Following up on his severe admonishment of the Israeli extremist misleaders of Israel, the Secretary General travelled to the Israeli occupied  Palestinian West Bank as well as to the site of the most recent massacres in the Israel blockaded Palestinian territory of Gaza and there he declared that he “…met so many of the beautiful children of Gaza.  More than 500 were killed…Many more were wounded. What did they do wrong ? Being born in Gaza is no crime.

Later in the courtyard of an elementary school run by the U.N. Relief and Works Agency (UNRWA) which was attacked by deadly Israeli shelling resulting in the deaths of women and children, Ban Ki-moon exclaimed “They sought sanctuary under the U.N. flag…(the shelling) was absolutely unacceptable“.

These long overdue public pronouncements by the Secretary General of the U.N. represent of course observations on terrific human rights atrocities and war crimes and crimes against the humanity of the Palestinian people who have just occurred within the last 3 to 4 weeks of massacres which resulted in the killing of some 2,500 Palestinians, some 75% of which were unarmed civilians.  The others were armed fighters which have a right to defend their people from aggression, occupation, and a physical and economic blockade.

These are accurate and highly commendable condemnations by the Secretary General as regards to these last specific examples of collective punishment mass killings of Palestinians, “punishments” which date back to 2006 when the people of Palestine committed the “crime” of electing the Hamas party to lead them in an election to which was undisputed and was observed by monitors including President Carter,  for 66 years.

However, the same pattern of abuse has been applied to the legitimate owners and residents of Palestine for centuries in what literally amounts to “cruel and unusual” punishment by Zionist extremist hell-bent on vilifying and dehumanizing these Palestinians with the intent to inculcate in them the message that they must submit, leave, or die.

Days before the above described declarations by the Secretary General of the U.N. he correctly declared that  “We must not lose sight of the root causes of the Palestinian hostilities : a restrictive occupation that has lasted almost one half century, the continuous denial of Palestinian rights and the lack of tangible progress in peace negotiations.

One also must keep in mind that when the Hamas party was elected, while it does indeed not recognize Israel’s “right” to be where it is, and by the way neither does the Orthodox Jewish organization Neturei Karta recognize that “right”, and nor do thousands of good, decent, progressive, rationalist, and humanist Jews recognize that “right”, but Hamas did state that it recognized the “reality” of Israel’s existence and hence it proposed a 10 year truce in all kinds of hostilities.  The Israeli government simply dismissed this offer without comment, and Netanyahu has relentlessly brought up the false mantra ad nauseam in his misleadingly and simplistically rote uttering of the words “Hamas is terrorist and wants to destroy Israel“.

So, given the historical and political significance of the categorically condemning pronouncements by U.N. Secretary General  of the Zionist misleadership of Israel, and given that in the aftermath of the latest Gaza massacres more and more nations will join the ones  who have recognized Palestine, the U.S. must now end its  self-isolating and bizarre special interest pressured automatic veto use (49 times) of even the mildest condemnations of Israel.

When Unesco accepted Palestine as a member state, the U.S. bizarrely stopped its contributions to UNESCO.   Soon Palestine will be a member state of the World Health Organization and of the U.N.   It is unfathomable that the U.S. would then stop its contributions to both international organizations/

So, now is the time when U.S. must finally embrace the new reality and join the global community’s quest for Palestinian U.N. membership, something which then will unavoidably and correctly lead to Israel being confronted and held accountable for its international law violations and crimes against humanity by the International Criminal Court, and this in turn will then finally become the inspiring dawning of an era of peace negotiations of relevance to all genuinely aspiring harmonious reconstruction in an ideally the federalized Palestine where Palestinians will be able to exercise their right-of-return and Jews will abandon their inexistent  right of “return” since their claim is obviously based on biblical beliefs which are not reality based and cannot be used as liens for the real estate of the legitimate Palestinian property owners in the region which furthermore are then also a majority in that federalized Palestine.

If there is a will there will be a way found for this evolution to take place peacefully, particularly as the other choice, namely the present Apartheid regime of Israel in Palestine is unsustainable and has a destabilizing effect in the whole Middle East.


One thought on “UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon May Qualify for the “Nobel Justice” Prize if He Follows Through on His Recent Declarations

  1. What a hopeful and inspirational article that I am posting on Facebook. The tide is turning. Kudos!

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