Breaking News, A Historical First : Noam Chomsky and Amy Goodman at the UN General Assembly

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October 23, 2014 by Alfred

The writer of the Argentum Post is away from the Argentum Post studio on a trip, but succinctly and with some technological limitations is reporting the following :

On Tuesday, November 15, 2014, the legendary MIT Institute of Linguistics Professor, author,  and historian Noam Chomsky was invited to give a presentation at the UN General Assembly after the Secretary General of the UN, Ban Kimoon, returned from a fact-finding trip to Gaza.

Chomsky was accompanied by the also legendary producer of Democracy Now, Amy Goodman in accepting that invitation which was in effect a presentation in exercise of the inalienable legal, civil, and human rights of the inhabitants of Palestine and of those close to one million inhabitants who were brutally dispossesed of their properties and forced to leave Palestine when the British empire occupants partitioned Palestine for the benefit of the Zionist extremists who were literally hell-bent on colonizing that region.

One week after the historical presentation, which the mainstream media in the U. S. all but ignored, but which  was amply covered globally, the prestigious Democracy Now program hosted by and produced by Amy Goodman, was fist broadcast yesterday,  Tuesday, November 22, 2014.

This presentation at the UN coupled by the follow-up interview of Noam Chomsky by Amy Goodman at the UN General Assembly, will have huge ramifications as regards to a final non-violent solution for the valid claims of the Palestinians inhabitants of Palestine for centuries, and the invalid claims of the Zionists who got away with criminal activities and monumental campaigns of dishonest and culturally programing disinformation to create the so-called “facts on the ground” by barbarically violent means which they attempted to camouflage my invoking the crimes against the humanity of Jews and many others, perpetrated by the Nazis.

Without any additional editorializing, or otherwise elaborating  on this quantum leap forward in the quest to disseminate the truth, and inform, and disabuse the American people so ill-served by its mainstream media, a people whose tax payers funds contribute to the criminal activities  of tax exempt organizations of undue influence, such as the Jewish National Fund, AIPAC , and others, this writer yields to the courageous, intrepid, principled, whistle blowers, scholars, bloggers, investigative journalists, human rights activists and a host of other associations of plain decent human and humanist beings who will inevitably prevail in ending the injustice that has victimized Palestinians as well as innocent Jews and even Israelis from 1948 on, but most particularly from 1976 on when the UN Resolution 242 was agreed by all except by the Zionist misleadership of Israel and by its U.S.sponsor and thereby enablers.

The UN has used its veto power  49 times in an undemocratic UN Security Council  at the UN for even the mildest recriminations for Israel’s illegal settlement construction.   Most importantly though is that often an US veto was a duplicate veto, one for the substance of the unanimous UN resolutions to bring peace through the two state solution, and the other through an additional veto to erase the history of the event which led to render the UN Resolution to make it harder to find.

It is also quite noteworthy that Chomsky urges the world body to do all it can to eliminate the U.S. as a so-called broker for so-called “peace negotiations”, givent that is has brazenly served as an advocate and lawyes for Israel as a result of the undue influence of money and political clout of the undue  influence special interest lobbies, and thereby the US has disqualified itself as said broker,  and instead a neutral UN member such as Brazil should  be nominated for this urgent task,


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