On This Veterans Day, One of the More Dignified and Noble Observation is That Presented by Veteran Tomas Young


November 11, 2014 by Alfred

This writer who has had the opportunity to support the hosting of members of Iraq Veterans Against the War during their stay in Washington on Veterans Day, is sharing infra the touching and remarkably articulate and sincere statements of Iraq Veteran Tomas Young, who died yesterday, November 10, 2014 at 35 as a result of wounds sustained during said war.    This event was a Democracy Now program event presented today, November 11, 2014.

The Iraq war, according to BBC published statistics has resulted in the death of one half million Iraqis.

According to additional BBC published statistics, 32,000 Americans were wounded, and 5,000 died in this war which the American people was misled to partially support by false accusations and an insidious and relentless campaign of fear and hate mongering by the misleadesrhip of the Cheney/Bush team supported by primarily, but not exclusively, the Neocon Republican demagogues.

According to these statistics this war on Iraq based on falsehoods cost the American taxpayer $809 billion dollars.  However, Nobel laureate economist Joseph Stieglitz and Harvard’s Linda Bilmes put the true cost at $3 trillion (£1.2tn) once additional impacts on the US budget and economy were taken into account.

So, to sum up, our nation has been mislead by a cabal of misleaders who, if justice had prevailed, would have been held accountable and would have been indicted by the U.S. and/or by the UN’s International Criminal Court.

It would seem that after the colossal hemorrhage of American and Iraqi and Afghani blood and treasury, our politicians would have learned the most important and fundamental lesson which is that it is the American people who have chosen them democratically to represent it and it is therefore their inviolable obligation to serve the American “people“, and not the lobbyists of the corporate profiteering interests of the industrial military complex.

This inviolable obligation however continues to be brazenly dismissed, enhanced particularly by the miscarriage of justice which it occurred when by one vote, the Supreme Court in Citizens United vs. FEC  decided bizarrely and corruptedly and/or unprincipledlyl that unlimited amount of money to bribe politicians is “legal” because to rule it otherwise constitutes  “free-speech” violation since, in this bizarre ruling, it is the opinion of 5 out 9 judges that “corporations” equal “people”, ignoring brazenly that the “business of business is business”, period.

Incredibly the Supreme Court Five has enhanced the dilution, corruption, of the American people’s Constitutional rights and thereby there has come into being the potential eventual relegation of the very essence of the term “democracy” something which will in effect result in that “we the people” will be incrementally marginalized and rendered irrelevant and the term “democracy” will farcically be used as some kind of window dressing for cosmetic effect in the power structure’s plutocratic idle narratives.

So, with this preamble, this writer passes by its readers one of the most compelling and touching testimonies  by a glorious and heroic human being and veteran of the war on Iraq, named Tomas Young.  Very sadly, part of his story is the story of countless veterans in the countless wars this country has decided to start interventionalistically in South America, Central America, the Caribbean, in the Middle East, and in Asia.

Two legendary Americans, one a television journalist and executive producer of independent news program Democracy Now, Amy Goodman, and the other a Talk Show host and producer of the documentary “Body of War”, Phil Donahue, team up to give us an unforgettable  insight on the injustices  and profound suffering which our veterans, in this case embodied by the insight of Tomas Young,  have been subjected to by the lies and distortions of the politicians which have rendered our nation a nation of warriors who detest diplomacy and who trample on our constitutional rights and who have no little if any respect for the global organizations which exist to be engaged in he pursuit of peaceful conflict resolution, something which most brazenly exhibited when UNESCO, the UN’s agency for science and education promotion voted to admit Palestine as state and the U.S. therefore decided to pull out of UNESCO to “punish” both, UNESCO and Palestine,

It is noteworthy to mention that the wife of Phil Donahue, actress and activist Marlow Thomas, is one of 19 recipients of the President’s Medal of Honor which will be presented by President Obama, who, by the way, was the only of 23 Senators who voted against the illegal and colossal blunder of the war on Iraq while the other 77 voted to support it, including Hillarly Clinton.




4 thoughts on “On This Veterans Day, One of the More Dignified and Noble Observation is That Presented by Veteran Tomas Young

  1. aliceny says:

    How encouraging to see the truth in print, Fred. Don’t cease what you are doing. Your voice and your integrity are so needed.

  2. Marie Estelle Spike says:

    Thanks for this very important article which exposes the evil truths behind our unnecessary wars which marks Veterans Day with not only sadness for loss but bitterness for the unimaginable horror that is all in vain!

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