Russel Brand’s “Revolution” Constitutes a Synergy of Conciousness Raising As Well As Entertaining Food for Thought

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November 14, 2014 by Alfred

This brief article is meant to put on reader’s radars the British comedian, actor, activist, author Russel Brand.

Whatever reservations one may have as relates to this ingenious, talented, and sincere man, listening to him is literally a “trip” as his brain churns out substantively loaded words a historical facts at a speed which is hard to follow, yet which leaves an imprint which resonates with those of all us who yearn for constructive and democratic change to usher in an era when authentic participatory democracy globally will lead peacefully to an equitable distribution of rights and obligations which will obviate the needs, pretexts, and excuses for the counter-productive militarizations of national and international law enforcement institutions for their to be harmony and prosperity among all.

Russel Brand was interviewed today, November 14, 2014, by legendary Amy Goodman in London.

This writer has been for more than 20 years an ardent admirer and follower of Amy Goodman, the executive producer of the fiercely independent and objective television news broadcast program “Democracy Now”.

Recently this writer again had a chance to exchange words with this inspiring humanist and professional broadcast journalist during an event at the National Women Democratic Club, in the DuPont circle area of Washington, DC.

As dead serious, highly focused, and incisive Amy is on the air, she is equally affable, loquacious, witty, humorous, and playful off the air, as she was on the occasion of this meeting when, inter alia, she took the opportunity to present her latest book “The Silenced Majority :  Stories of Uprisings, Occupations, Resistance, and Hope”.

The interview of Russel Brand by Amy Goodman in London can also viewed as serious, incisive, witty, and hilarious and is simultaneously informative, social consciousness raising, and entertaining, thanks to both, the interviewer and the interviewee.

One of the most interesting aspects of this interview deals with the recent historical invitation to Noam Chomsky and Amy Goodman to give a presentation by Chomsky and then an interview by Goodman of Chomsky at the General Assembly of the United Nations.

While Russel Brand seems to make some mildly critical references as regards to Noam Chomsky, these must be viewed with the due “tongue-in-cheek” detachment as they do not necessarily reveal a critical stand to any of the long history of epic like teachings by this monumental scholar and teacher of wisdom and truth.

This event took place days after the Secretary General of the UN, Ban Kimoon, returned from a fact-finding mission to Gaza after the recent massacres perpetrated by the extremist mislearderhip of Israel took place.

So, while the full interview of Russel Brand by Amy Goodman can be viewed via the relevant set of text which has been functionalized to serve as a link to said interview, this writer also endeavors himself to bring Amy Goodman and her Democracy Now program to the attention of those among the now more than 4,000 visitors from more than 80 countries to the Argentum Post.

The Argentum Post which was founded in August of 2013.

It is important however that my visitors/readers be aware that they access directly Democracy Now which is broadcast daily.

This is truly one of a kind news journal which reports in-depth and from the source, newsworthy information which often the mainstream media either ignores, or underreports, or worse, misreports, reflecting the typical tendentiousness of todays corporatized media which acts in coordination with corrupted politicians and with toxic special interest groups which create an alternate universe of hate and fear mongering to promote the interests of such complexes as the industrial-military, the pseudo homeland security-military and the big pharma-hospital one, to name a few.

At a time when American voters either did not turn out at all for the midterm elections, only about 36% did, which is an all-time low, the low margin Republican victory may be attributable more to a protest apathy couple to a protest vote against President Obama for  not more actively following up on his promises, than a pro-Republican vote since not only did the Republicans fail to come with a sustainable legitimate problem solving agenda, but to boot they are already engaging in more of the same, namely sabotage of anything and everything that the Obama administration’s initiatives call for by even threatening again their use of a highly destabilizing and economy damaging government shut down of the kind that cost the economy some 25 billion dollars when it was used last to no avail.

As Russel Brand states at the end of the interview, there is still hope, hope that change inevitably will be ushered in as long as “we the people” stand up and be counted to demand accountability from the politicians, and from the mainstream media which has become largely derelict of their duty to truly inform.

So, the what follows is the interview of Brand Russel by Amy Goodman.

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