FBI Declassified Documentation Reveals that Churchill Incited the U.S. to Unleash a “Pre-emptive” Nuclear Attack on Moscow

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November 15, 2014 by Alfred

The mythical aura which depicts Churchill as a “great” statesman is debunked by an ample set of documented evidence which proves that he was an authoritarian, racist, reckless, contradictory, alcoholic statesman, who hated not so much the Aryan race superiority myth which the Nazis espoused, but the Germans’ formidable capacity to  compete with Great Britain in both of their quests for expansionist domination of Europe and eventually of the planet.

What has not been known heretofore is that in 1947 Churchill incited the U.S. to carry out nuclear bombing attacks on Moscow, as the U.S. has shown it was capable of,  when it had just become the first and only nation in history to use nuclear bombs on innocent civilians as it did in Japan in 1945, at a time when the Japan already had in effect surrendered.  This was a horrific massive bombing which resulted initially in at least 100,000 deaths and which was condemned by then General Eisenhower.

The document which proves that Churchill urged the U.S. to “preemptively” unleash a nuclear attack on the USSR in order to prevent the spread of the socialist philosophy and ideology, was declassified by the FBI .

Said document appears for the first time in a book called “When Lions Roar: The Churchills And The Kennedys“, by award-winning investigative journalist Thomas Maier. It is due to be published in Britain next month.   John F. Kennedy (surprisingly) regarded Churchill as his hero and made him an honorary American citizen in 1963 – the first person to be given such an accolade.

Churchill is quoted as stating in said document that  “We ought not to wait until Russia is ready.   America knows that 52% of Russia’s motor industry is in Moscow and could be wiped out by a single nuclear bomb.   It might mean wiping out three million people, but the Soviets would think nothing of that.”…”The would think more of erasing a historical building like the Kremlin“.

Presumably Churchill, in his sadistic and cynically disgusting reference to the Soviets not thinking anything of loosing 3 million lives, was referring to the loss of 20 million lives by the USSR when it was attacked by the German Nazis.

Churchill also has incited the U.S. to attack Iran in 1953, just as Prime Minister Netanyahu is  psychotically hell-bent on inciting the U.S. to attack Iran in the present.

In the former’s case it was the Iran which was an authentic democracy led by the Tudeh (socialist) party under the leadership of democratically elected president Mossadegh.  In that case the U.S. complied with the request and the CIA and the Foster brothers swung into action to destabilize the Iranian democracy which then was crushed in order for the tyranny of the Shah and his terrorizing Savak police state to come to power.

Ostensibly the reason offered for the criminal intervention in Iran was the sovereign decision their socialist government made to nationalize British Petroleum, even though the Iranians offered compensations for the nationalization, just as U.S. crushed the social democrat democracy of Dr. Salvador Allende in Chile via a 9/11 event in 1973 when two Chilean Air Force planes bombed the Moneda palace in a move which was fully supported by the CIA, ITT, Nixon, and Kissinger.

Ostensibly, BTW,  the reason offered for the criminal intervention in Chile was the sovereign decision of the social democratic government to nationalize the cooper extraction firm Anaconda (which for years made 70% of its profits from the Chile exploiting exploration while it had only 30% of its capital invested in Chile).

In the latter case, i.e. in the case of the Netanyahu’s obsessive fixation with inciting the U.S. to sanction and attack Iran, it is because after the people of Iran, during their 1979 Revolution, cast themselves off the yoke of the Anglo-American tyranny, and after Iran won the U.S. fully supported aggression by a 7-year war year war on Iran by Iraq’s  Saddam Hussein, and Iran rebuilt its infrastructure and became a major player in the region.

Ostensibly the false pretext offered for the incitement to war on Iran is that Iran has developed a program for electrical energy generation by nuclear energy, something which it is a legal right to, since it signed on to the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty.

The U.S. has wisely thus far dismissed Netanyahu’s insanity of a war on false grounds on Iran, but it has slapped egregious economic sanctions on Iran, while all along, since 1969 via a secret agreement between Israel’s premier Golda Meyer and disgraced President Nixon, the U.S. has supported Israel’s clandestine development of an arsenal of nuclear weapons.

Israel has refused to sign on to the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty and it has proliferated documentably its nuclear weaponization technology to the odious white supremacist Apartheid regime of South Africa and has even assisted that regime in its testing detonation of a nuclear bomb off its southern coast, an event which was observed and is of record to the CIA.

So, it becomes quite clearly evident that as long as successive U.S. governments yield to the kind of criminally expansionist objectives of misleaders such as Churchill or Netanyahu, abroad, and as long our misleaders such as Nixon, Reagan, Kissinger, Cheney, and Bush as well as their supporters in Congress continue to intervene military in areas such as Latin American and in the Middle East on behalf of misfits such as General Pinochet was in Chile, the military juntas in Brazil, Argentina, Uruguay, Guatemala, Honduras, and El Salvador and as long as PM Netanyahu is in Israel is U.S. supported in the violation of international law of the human and legal rights of the Palestinians,  “we the people” are bound to continue to have our misleaders use pernicious fear and hate mongering tactics coupled to provocations of governments abroad in order to resuscitate cold war mind sets by thereby generating real and pseudo “enemies” abroad and thereby continuing to generate false pretexts to stay engaged in endless wars which have led to huge hemorrhages of treasury and blood which are exclusively in the interest of the top 0.1% corporate executive special interests allied with their corrupted Congressional reps and served by their democracy corrupting lobbyists.

The American people’s democratic rights are systematically and relentlessly  thwarted and these fundamental rights are basically to be able live in a harmonious society wherein if we could be all we can be, we would enjoy authentic participative democracy, not the “best democracy money can by” via the present plutocracy, and this would give us the right to a formidable single payer health care system, to an excellent and affordable educational system, and to a nation where literally millions can be  put to work on infrastructure building and repair as well as on a massive high-speed train system of the kind the people of Europe, and the People’s Republic of China enjoy, since we are forced to waste our treasury in a so-called “Defense” budget which is higher that of the world combined, an utterly unnecessary waste which is seemingly perpetuating our expectations to become a republic again instead and forcing us to continuing the failed imperial policies of our British ancestors,

It is noteworthy that our British ancestors were humiliatingly defeated in their quests for empire as far a back as 1842 when their were defeated by the Afghans  and as far back as in World War I when they invaded Iraq and were defeated by the Turks when the British surrendered and its 10,000 troops became prisoners.

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