[ Link Corrected Version ] of “We the People” as Members of a Nation of Laws Must Cease to be Forced to Allow Our Tax Funds to be Used to Support an International Law and Human Rights Eggregiously Violating Israe

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November 17, 2014 by Alfred

[ Due to a link IT blockage which resulted in no access to the documenting article in the first paragraph of the most recent article titled as shown supra,   this article needed to be republished with the another link in this corrected version.  So, infra is said first paragraph in said recent article with a now functional link ]


Major news organizations are reporting that Israel’s Foreign Minister, Avigdor Lieberman, will never stop the settlements building in in occupied East Jerusalem, one more of countless brazen violations of international law, particularly since 1967.

As a solid American citizen and as a son of Holocaust surviving parents, and as one of the 400+ signatories of a candid and comprehensive protest statement by the Jewish survivors and their direct descendants as well as other victims, of the  Nazi genocide.  This statement condemns the recent massacres of the Palestinians in Gaza, as well as the crimes against the humanity of Palestinians for the last 66 years. It was published by The New York Times on August 23, 2014.

This writer feels that the phrase “never again” resonated loud and clearly universally  because it applied not only to the Nazis but to all other racist and criminal regimes globally, and the Israeli one is by no means an exception and certainly cannot cover itself up under the non-sensical misuse of the term “exceptionalist”, since it is a regime which relentlessly has acted as a victim to cover up its perpetrator role in most instances.  This is the modus operandi of an organized crime cabal and not of a  civilized society which can call itself a “nation of laws” something which the brutal and dishonest Prime Minister Netanyahu attempts to claim in vain.

Therefore the decades long continuous violent dispossession and mass killings of desperately resisting Palestinians is intolerable, and quite particularly given that our President has himself declared in 2009 that “…the situation of the Palestinians is intolerable …”.

The critical mass has been reached long ago for us to not be forced to accept that in our name and with our taxpayer’s funds our nation continues the bizarrely and democracy corrupting unconditional support of Israel due to the undue influence of extremists corrupted lobbyists, PAC’s coupled to their beneficiaries in Congress.

The present power structure of Israel seems to operate under the influence of delusions and denials in ways which render their lawless provocations in their violent and often lethal ways of repression of the autochthonous legal residents of Palestine for centuries, a serious generator of terrorizing reprisal attacks which in the short and long run constitutes a veritable threat to our national security.

The total suspension of all aid to Israel coupled to the presently ongoing disinvestments and boycotts are an imperative to bring this insanity to end non-violently.

At a time when the Middle East is in such a horrific turmoil, it behooves us to be part of the non-militarized sustainable solution and this first and foremost means reassessing on a bipartisan basis, drastically and immediately,  our self-damaging relationship to the present Israeli misleadership which seems literally psychotically obsessed with vilifying Palestine and Iran, while calumniantingly inciting against both in order to sabotage progress of any diplomacy in negotiations between the U.S. and Iran, s and between Hamas and Fatah.

No more human life frivolizing hemorrhages of U.S. treasury and hemorrhages of U.S. and Arab or Jewish blood.

The present Israel is an affront to the history, traditions, legacy, of all decent rationalist and humanist Jews.

The fundamentalist racist, classist, greedy, dishonest, violent Zionist ideologues do not represent by far the best of the U.S. and global Jewish communities, and in fact are severely damaging to their best interests.

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