As Horrific as the Reprisal Attack on the Jerusalem Synagogue is, It is Absurdly Bizarre To Not Also Focus on The Root Cause of U.S. Enabled Israeli International Law Violating Aggressions Which Generated Them


November 20, 2014 by Alfred

The terrorizingly desperate reprisal/resistance attack on the Jerusalem synagogue constitutes an avoidable tragedy for all affected, it goes without saying.

What is also an incomprehensible and reprehensible tragedy is that the U.S. has in the past and continues to this day to act as if it is innocent and impotent in ending the cycle of violence when in reality it not only is an enabler of the violence with the military, financial aid which flows into Israel unconditionally as it has for decades but, particularly in the past 15 years the Ariel Sharon and the Benjamin Netanyahu regimes who in  kafkaesque fashion relentlessly have been carrying out their standart modus operandi actions of continued violent invasions, and occupations to create the euphemistic  “facts on the ground” to falsely claim their expansionist annexations as necessary for “security”(sic) reason, all in brazen countless violations of the Palestinians human, civil, and legal rights and henceforth violations of UN Resolutions and thereby of international law.

While the rest of the world is now accelerating its recognition of Palestine as a full-fledged state as 135 nations including now Sweden, Spain, Ireland, and the UK parliament voted resolution, are on record of having officialized this support , the U.S. continues to isolate itself by ignoring reality and continues to allow the mega PACs which enjoy tax exemptions to continue to use their politician corrupting undue tax exempt influence in Congress and in Israel by spending millions of its  dollars in ways which stoke the fires which are already raging and beg to be extinguished by a drastic and immediate change of course so as to bring an end to the hemorrhage of blood and treasury.  It is now extremely urgent that the U.S, now immediately initiate end its absurd and bizarre stance and becomes genuinely involved in being a partner with the rest of the world in the solution and of this festering crisis which has been allowed to go on for much too long.

The U.S. must end its nonsensical use of the term,  and fictitious concept,  of so-called “exceptionalism” when it comes to Israel and finally join the rest of world’s clamor for an immediate forced reigning in of Israel peacefully by endorsing the BDS (boycott, divestment, sanctions) movement as well by supporting the UN’s most probable imminent referral of Israel to the International Criminal Court for its decades long brutal repression of the legitimate inhabitants of Palestine for centuries.

The found and co-editor of Mondoweiss quoted IRS manager David L. Fish who filed a complaint about AIPAC as declaring the following :

…Ever since the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) emerged from the Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs in 1951, it has clashed with U.S. law enforcement. AIPAC and its predecessors have been investigated for election law violations, secretly laundering overseas funding into U.S. public relations and lobbying activities, use of tax-deductible donations to lobby, improper acquisition and circulation of classified U.S. government information, and Foreign Agent Registration Act violations…

[ See more at: ]

As is well-known and this writer has documentably shown in text and video documented evidence in a previous article, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has bragged to illegal settlers of Palestinian lands that he was glad to have “scuttled the Oslo Peace talks”.

So, with a self-described saboteur of peace talks such as Netanyahu the U.S. has been giving the impression of working for a peace agreement yet all along knowing that nothing but an end to this farce will usher in hopes of a realistically sustainable solution which will require not much from the U.S., except that it stop doing what it has been doing, namely enabling and even protecting with its veto power at the UN Security Council any criticism of Israel, something which as also come to be regarded literally absurd and bizarre since all along, hidden in plain sight, Israel goes on merrily with its odious cycle of provocations which generate reprisal attacks which in turn are used falsely to claim that the Palestinian leadership is inciting violence, and that in turn is followed up by monstrous massacres such as the recent one in Gaza, and on a smaller scale, equally monstrous “collective punishment” house demolitions which are termed illegal according to Amnesty International and other human rights organizations including the prestigious Israeli human rights group Bet’Selem.

In a recent, November 19, 2014, interview  by Democracy Now’s executive producer Amy Goodman, Rashid Khalidi expressed exasperatedly and eloquently the same bewilderment and frustrations which all who are aware of the historical genesis of the Israel-in-Palestine conflict have engendered, namely that, unlike the people in Europe whose media is much more incisive and comprehensive in analyzing root causes of the dynamic of the conflict in an objective manner, in the U.S. people who are tuned in to the mainstream media, just do not get it, and this constitutes an enormous threat to our democracy as it is gradually eroded while we are being dumbed down by infotainment coupled to falsehoods such as those which has many Americans under the belief that the Israel-in-Palestine conflict is something like some religious conflict when in reality it is a conflict based on hard political and economical realities fueled by greed, racism, and dishonestly which are not addressed and thereby only get worse.

Rashid Khalidi is an illustrious Edward Said Professor Arab Studies at Columbia University who is the author of many books.  Most particularly relevant to the subject of this Argentum Post article is his book titled “Broker of Deceit : How the U.S. Undermined Peace in the Middle East“.

In the excellent interview by Amy Goodman of Rashid Khalidi, which is a must see event for those yearning for more background on the root causes of Palestinian anti-Israel violence, he is accompanied by an impressive young Israeli combat soldier, Evan Efrati, who turned into an articulate, principled, courageous, anti-occupation activist and investigative researcher.




3 thoughts on “As Horrific as the Reprisal Attack on the Jerusalem Synagogue is, It is Absurdly Bizarre To Not Also Focus on The Root Cause of U.S. Enabled Israeli International Law Violating Aggressions Which Generated Them

  1. aliceny says:

    Well said, Fred. Keep it up. There are fewer and fewer sources where one can find an honest perspective on the Palestine/Israel escalating situation.

    • Fred says:

      I do appreciate a lot your comments, dear Aliceny, and I am not stating this exclusively because they are supportive of what I express, but because I value your articulate way of expressing yourself and it seems to reflect a criterion on your part which reveals wisdom, compassion, tolerance, and an openness to objective progressive values. I would as much value your feedback if it came in the form of any constructive critique of anything I express or fail to express, because it came from you who I respect and admire on the basis of the few comments you and I have made to each other.
      So, I say to you as well, “keep it up”.

  2. Marie Spike says:

    Indeed, a wicked farce!

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