The Deliberate Pernicious Relentless Mantra-Like Abusive Misuse of the Term “Terrorist or Terrorism” by State Power Structures and the Mainstream Media


November 24, 2014 by Alfred

This writer, as a card-carrying pacifist of a Quaker organization, cannot but condemn the practice of so-called “terrorism” universally, regardless as to whether it is individual terrorism, group terrorism, or state-terrorism.

As Dr. Martin Luther King clearly stated “war is not the answer” and by that he also meant that violence is not the answer either, not only because of the innocents, who are injured and/or killed by it and too often dismissed cynically as “collateral damage”, but because violence generates violence and the destructive energy of that ever-growing spiral is then tapped into by predatory special interest profiteering industrial-military complex interest groups which benefit from siphoning off taxpayer’s funds which should be applied to such constructive applications as social programs and infrastructure maintenance, inter alia.

So, having said this as a preamble, what needs to be focused on next is the phenomenon of the most appallingly absent element in our war psychosis hypnotized society, namely a profoundly sobering intellectual national conversation based on the analysis of the historical genesis of what the term “terrorist or terrorism” really is all about, particularly within the context of the present uncritical and complacently toxic political climate.

As a result of decades of a veritable cultural programmation, coupled to the conspicuous mainstream media and government total silence on the core meaning of what decontextualized “terrorism” and “terrorists” are and how they came into existence, we the people, continue to allow our misleaders to shepherd us as if we were blind and they were not responsible to us and not elected by us, thus propelling the nation into a state of perpetual war which is driving us into ultimately into an abyss.

A national profound analysis of the history of the genesis of the abusive misuse of the very term “terrorism” or “terrorist”, particularly after the September 11, 2001 tragedy when the nation was hijacked into a dishonestly hysterical war on Iraq on false grounds, is an imperative if we are to extinguish that destructive energy generated by that spiral of mindless “war” on “terrorism” or “terrorists”, whatever it is or whoever they may be, something which is fueled by endless often calumniating and false vilifications by the use of fear and hate mongering tactics.

This state of affairs has brought us a human and economical calamity and generated an incalculable hemorrhage of blood and treasury, and now it has the potential  engulf the whole world in a further wider and endless set of wars for endless elusive objectives with further incendiary consequences.  It also has damaged immensely the U.S. credibility in the  diplomatic arena where we are expect to think outside of the box to arrive at peaceful conflict resolutions, something which becomes impossible if we blocked by senselessly diplomatic initiative sabotaging barriers as for example the undue influence of neocons and extremist Zionists in our endeavors to bring to resolution our fears that Iran will not limit its legal program of nuclear energy for peaceful objectives as it insists it is committed to even by their interpretation of the Quran.

With this preface, we may now consider the basic premise which two illustrious, scholarly, authors, and peace activists have put forth.

Their names are Noam Chomsky and John Pilger.  Chomsky is a famous American and John Pilger a famous Australian.

Their basic premise is that the very states which today are part of a process of being engaged in a so-called “war” on “terrorism or terrorists”, are themselves, on the basis of an analysis of their respective histories, state actors of terrorizing coup d’etad’s against reformist governments throughout the world and have been active in that reprisal violence generating capacity for close to one century.   Some of the examples Chomsky gives which exemplifies this position is the egregiously destructive behavior particularly of the Reagan administration towards the reformist movements in Angola, Nicaragua, Guatemala, Indonesia under Sukarno, Cuba, Iran and many others.

Those state actors of terrorism have pretty much isolated themselves by the consequences of their misdeeds and they are mostly but not exclusively, Great Britain, United States, and Israel.

What they have in common is that they all have supported the most egregiously repressive and authoritarian governments of the world, they have mercilessly violated the sovereign rights of other nations when these had cast themselves off the yoke of brutal dictatorships in order to bring in reformist and representative governments to power, and this trio has  militarily intervened in a literally terrorizing way solely to install pseudo governments and undemocratic governments which would serve their nation’s elite economical, political, and military designs.

Hard to believe ? Exaggerated ?  Not at all, as the following historical record undeniably and accurately reveals, a record which is not well-known as a result of the repression of history by the corporatized mainstream media and by the repression of free and broad in-depth bipartisan congressional committee discussions.   Instilling fear and hate seems the modus operands for the power structures which in turn seem to fear an educated electorate which has been well served by its media and educational institutions so as to render said electorate one of high social consciousness free thinking criterions.

At the onset, it is worthy to note the following historical facts.

The establishment of Israel inside Palestine was characterized by, inter alia, the formation of three authentic terrorist organizations led by men who would become the Prime Ministers of Israel.  PM Menachen Begin was the leader of the Irgun terrorist organization.  PM Yitzhak Shamir was the leader of the terrorist organization Stern Gang.  Both organizations carried out massacres against the autochthonous Palestinian inhabitants of Palestine  and Yitzhak Shamir approved the pre-Israel assassination of UN mediator Folke Bernadotte, a Swedish official who had helped rescue thousands of Jews from the Nazis.

This is snapshot of one aspect of how real terrorism was brought to bear on law abiding Palestinians to dispossess them and how when these legal owners of their lands upon defending that ownership and rising up were then perversely characterized as “terrorists”.

Ariel Sharon and Benjamin Netanyahu have relentlessly called Palestinians “terrorists” for carrying out resistance/reprisal attacks on those who have invaded, occupied, and annexed brutally their natural habitats in defiance of international law.

Israel has also supported all of the right-wing extremist dictatorial governments of Latin America by sending them arms to suppress their often mostly indigenous populations and Israel has supported the racist Apartheid regime of South Africa in quest for weaponizing nuclear energy, having documentably proliferated their nuclear weaponization technology to said Apartheid regime.  Israel, in 1969 as a result of a secret agreement between disgraced President Nixon and Israel’s PM Golda Meier, developed a clandestine program of nuclear WMD’s and refused to sign on to the Nuclear Non Proliferation Treaty.

The British Empire invaded Palestine, expelling the Ottomans, and trained and equipped Jews to take over Palestine and thereby facilitated the take over of 75% of Palestine to what would become Israel with close to one million Palestinians disposed from their land and forcibly evicted.

The British in 1975, as described by John Pilger, carried out a coup in with U.S. support in Australia.   They also had invaded in the 1920’s both, Iraq and Pakistan.

The U.S. has intervened in Latin America militarily and politically 55 times since 1903.  The most egregious interventions were in Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras, Nicaragua, Cuba, Dominican Republic, Grenada, Haiti, Brazil, Argentina, and Chile.  The U.S. has also been involved in the coup against democratic President Sukarno of Indonesia and of course it has attacked Vietnam and was the only nation in history to carry out two nuclear attacks on innocent civilians in a Japan which was ready to sign the surrender documents.

In 1953 the U.S. and Britain destabilized and crushed the socialist democracy of Iran’s Tudeh party and then propped up years of the tyrannical Shah rule.

Presently the U.S. has supported fascists in the Ukraine in their overthrow of the democratically elected government of Yanukowitch and now it blames Russia for the debacle that followed accusing it of “invading” Crimea, when in reality Crimea was an integral part of Russia for 300 years and only wound up as part of Ukraine as a result of an erroneous and impulsive move by Krutchev which gave Ukraine more autonomy as a member of the USSR.

All of the above interventions by the U.S. , Britain, and Israel have had terrorizingly catastrophic consequences for their peoples, yet all three states continue to be engaged in wars against “suspected militants” in wide areas of the world, using the euphemism of “suspected militant” to mean “terrorists” and it seems to matter none that the majority of the people who are severely injured or killed are innocent civilians, as the latest massacres in Gaza by Israel have demonstrated, while their enabler the U.S. kept repeating the obnoxiously invalid and nonsensical statement “…Israel as a right to defend itself…” when in reality all it does on a daily basis is to offend not defend, as the latets provocations in Jerusalem demonstrate.

The more violence the U.S., Britain, and Israel use on those  people it deems a potential impediment to their policies of unleashing terrorizing repressions of the nations they seek to control, the more real terrorists who commit real terrorism attacks are generated, and this process goes on ad nauseam and ad absurdum while the profiteers of these horrific wars metaphorically laugh all the way to their banks where they deposit the funds of our taxpayers hard-earned money wasted on destruction and maiming and killing instead of giving this nation of ours the best single payer health care system of the world which it can if it had the political will.

Last but certainly not least, far from it, this writer urges the readers of the Argentum Post to read the following succinct yet substantively loaded articles by the infra noted dedicated, principled, and brilliant scholars.

One is the article titled :  ” The Leading Terrorist State “,   by Noam Chomsky.

The other is the article titled : ” The Forgotten Coup and How the Godfather Rules from Canberra to Kiev ”    by John Pilger

4 thoughts on “The Deliberate Pernicious Relentless Mantra-Like Abusive Misuse of the Term “Terrorist or Terrorism” by State Power Structures and the Mainstream Media

  1. Marie Spike says:

    To foreign nations, we are the real terrorists!

    • Fred says:

      Well yes indeed, but more or less, and I hope that more than more, since educated foreigners know that we are a polifacetic nation and by and large the American people is well liked and even admired, but ruling class – almost by default – is nowadays detested by many for a variety of reasons. Perhaps this will change when President Elizabeth Warren is inaugurated. I am already rooting for her.

  2. aliceny says:

    Well done and much appreciated, Fred. You have presented a profound, well researched, easily verifiable record of facts that cry out to be read and shared by Americans and others who need to know the truth of what has been hidden (or suppressed) from us for decades.
    Thank you!

    Noam Chomsky has always been one of my favorite heroes. I have just added your name to that unfortunately short list.

    I have shared your post today with many individuals who share your interest and deep concern — and some you don’t. Let the chips fall where they may….

    • Fred says:

      Dear Aliceny. I get such a surge of joy and enlightenment when I read your incisive and compassionate and inspiring comments. Thank you so much. You are also on my list of most favorite readers and constructive and creative feedback providers. Best to you on this season of some happy gatherings with loved ones.

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