FBI Document Reveals a Letter Sent to Dr. M.L.King Threatening Extortion and Suggesting He Commit Suicide


November 23, 2014 by Alfred

It has been known for a long time that J. Edgar Hoover’s demeanor as the Director of the F.B.I. was scandalously unethical, politicized, and hence unprofessional,  and it has been known as well that his hatred for Dr. Martin Luther King had him so obsessed that he became literally unhinged, to the detriment of the reputation of this agency and of its professional law enforcement officials.

Added to this contextual background, a recent document has now been discovered by Yale Professor Beverly Gage which is in the format of a letter sent to Dr. King which is disguised to appear as if it was sent by a disappointed activist, and which amounts essentially to an extortion attempt coupled to a 34 day deadline within which,  the suggestion is made,  that Dr. King commit suicide.

This letter, was timed so that it would be received by Dr. King just prior to his trip to Oslo, Norway whereto he was leaving to receive the Nobel Peace Prize awarded to him.

It is now an imperative that the name of J. Edgar Hoover be immediately taken off the headquarters building of the F.B.I. as its presence ads veritable insult to injury to all who sacrificed themselves in the civil rights struggle and to all law-abiding, competent, and honorable law enforcement officers of the Federal Bureau of Investigations.

4 thoughts on “FBI Document Reveals a Letter Sent to Dr. M.L.King Threatening Extortion and Suggesting He Commit Suicide

  1. aliceny says:

    I second the notion that Hoover’s name be removed from the FBI building in D,.C. — but you know that will not happen. He was a misanthrope, a seriously disturbed, evil person who used
    his power to destroy, to create suffering and discord and to turn citizen against citizen by abusing our Constitutional rights to privacy. See what is happening to our once-cherished and protected ‘privacy’ and our vision of ‘democracy’ as a result of the NSA’s illegal actions and intrusions into our personal lives — all in the so-called interest of ‘national security,’ a/k/a “Homeland Security.” If you use the services of Google, Verizon, and AT&T, (a few examples so far) be aware that these companies are in collusion with NSA’s actions by selling our electronically generated private information to them.

    It disturbs me greatly to wonder how many other people like that are using their positions of elected and non-elected governmental power in destructive ways. They continue to create discord and havoc among the nations of the earth and are never called upon to answer for their actions. Problem is, we never fully learn about many of them, or the full extent of the evil they have created — alone, and in collusion with foreign governments not in the interest of the United States — until after they have died. Except — in rare instances where brave citizens, dubbed ‘whistleblowers,’ stand up, face the perpetrators and expose them to the public. What a terrible price they have paid for this service to the rest of us.

    Believers in a compassionate, omniscient God (by whatever name is used by peoples of differing faith traditions to define that entity) who knows all secrets of the human heart will mete out appropriate justice. (I prefer to use the term ‘justice’ and not ‘vengeance.’)
    ‘As a Christian, I fall into that category but would like to see a little justice meted out while the miscreants are still alive. (In Scripture, that concept is sometimes cited as ‘separating the sheep from the goats, the wheat from the chaff.” I especially like the ideas of justice as expressed in the Hebrew Scriptures, The Psalms are prime examples of this.)

    As you most likely recall, Fred, Hoover was only one person who used his philosophy and his power to destroy. Using more recent history: what about the two Bush presidents and their neo-right wing advisors who got us so deeply involved in the Middle East, committing our nation to the ensuing decade-long wars and devastation that followed – and in which we are still significantly involved, with no hope of peaceful resolution on the horizon. It now appears that Israel’s prime minister will not stop until Jerusalem is leveled, followed by a blood bath that will eliminate the admirable progress that the Israeli citizens have endeavored to make since the Holocaust – a time, an event, that defined modern history forever..

    The same was true for the Vietnam war that created dissension in our nation that divided our nation so ruthlessly, rupturing families and friendships causing a social revolution – perhaps similar to our nation’s Civil War one hundred years earlier in our history. Vietnam was nearly completely destroyed as a country and as a proud culture. We have never fully recovered from that searing time in our nation.

    I used only two examples here of what I thought might coincide with your initial comments. There are many more. Perhaps, as an historian, and as a courageous writer who strives to ‘tell it like it is’ — or was — perhaps you might consider pursuing this subject further at some time?

    • Fred says:

      Wow, Aliceny. You have just enriched and complemented comprehensively my narrowly focused article urging the removal of the “J. Edgar Hoover” from the headquarters building of the FBI. Thank you for your incisive, compassionate, articulate, and inspiring contribution !

      • aliceny says:

        Thank YOU Fred. Your excellent timely article is an excellent starting point that has given your subscribers the opportunity to express ideas that may have been roaming around in their minds for some time. Thank you for being the catalyst in allowing us to share them with you and others.

        There is a lot that I do not like about the Internet but, used judiciously, it has the potential to become an excellent vehicle to share ideas and opinions with others – not just in our own country – but throughout the entire world. This resource would have been unheard of just a few years ago. That is how quickly technology is changing our world and helping us to
        keep informed about world events in seconds rather than waiting for the morning newspaper
        or radio programs hours and days later as used to be the case. In that respect we gain additional knowledge through print and video formats that, hopefully will help us to, learn the truth of what is occurring in our world.

        It is up to us, citizens of the world, to help ensure that we will continue to use this valuable
        resource. The pending net neutrality regulation (legislation) bears constant watching because there are firmly entrenched and heavily bankrolled entities that want to keep that power for
        their own uses.

      • Fred says:

        I am totally on the same page as you, except at times you even express it better than I do, and I appreciate that a lot, since your contribution enriches the content of the Argentum Post which is a medium were “we the people” can come together vitally and influence who knows how many and where. In fact on the basis of the statistics in provider of the platform for my articles which I started writing in August of last year, some 4,500 people have visited the site from about 85 countries.

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