George F. Will Insults Cuba and the President of The U.S. for His Normalization of U.S. Cuba Initiative


December 29, 2014 by Alfred

George F. Will a conservative journalist who the Wall Street Journal, as expected, calls hyperbolically “the probably most powerful journalist in America“, engaged in a litany of insults in a Christmas Day of 2014 column published in The Washington Post titled “Deranged Over Cuba“.

​As a result of the long overdue recognition by President Obama that normalization of relations with Cuba will undoubtedly be mutually beneficial as the Cuban Revolution will continue its evolution into a type of social democracy , provided the U.S. – Cuba constructive engagement will respect its sovereignty, something which has not been the case for the last 54 years, the well-known George F. Will, reactionarily published a column excoriating both, the Cuban normalization initiative and the Cuban nation.

​Even though a bipartisan majority of Americans have supported a normalization process for decades, the undue influence of Cuban-American National Foundation (CANF) lobby coupled to its right wing extremist members in Congress, has engaged in maneuverings which succeeded in forestalling the inevitable end of the Cuban trade embargo and to the bizarre U.S. restrictions on the rights of Americans to freely travel to Cuba to determine for themselves what its socialist development is all about.

The Argentum Post, below its title,  provides a link titled “Bipartisan Majority” written by this writer which is a brief synopsis of how behind the scenes maneuverings by the extremist right wing politicians led at the time by Senator Jesse Helms and Dan Burton, in their deference to the CANF in Miami, thwarted the American people’s and the even the Congressionally recognized, sentiment that both, the embargo and the travel restrictions are immoral, counterproductive, and must therefore end.

The Cuban Revolution empowered its people as no other nation in Latin America according to UNESCO and Pan American Health Organization statistics.

Its infant mortality rate, now at 5 per thousand, and its longevity now the highest in the Americas, coupled to its extraordinarily high average level of education of ALL Cubans, and coupled further​ to the elimination of human misery, are some of Cuba’s achievements which have inspired and led Argentina, Uruguay, Ecuador, Brazil, Venezuela, Nicaragua, Bolivia, Chile among others, to choose a populist/socialist development component strategy and tactics which ​assertively​ is not aligned with the dictates of the right wing extremist Neocon ideologues.

​George Will inappropriately, angrily, and insultingly characterizes Cuba as a “geopolitical irrelevancy” which is “as bankrupt morally as it is economically“, and is “intellectually preposterous” and ​hence is ​only for “… people who want to live where there are lots of 1950’s Chevrolets “​.

His article ​would be​ almost risible, were it not for the seriously brazen exposure of Will’s arrogance, ignorance, politically motivated tendentiousness, and yes, his utterly ​improper and​ unnecessary and gratuitous ​expression​ of disdainful anger.

Mr. Will could have done a lot better for its Washington Post readers on this 2014 Christmas Day.

The reason for the U.S.’s meting out of punishment on Cuba’s government and people for more than 5 decades was falsely predicated on a need to “bring democracy and freedom” to Cuba, (after its people liberated themselves from the U.S. supported right-wing dictatorship Fulgencio Baptista).   In reality, however, this hostile policy towards Cuba was to punish the people and leaders of Cuba for being “disobedient”,  for having cast themselves off the yoke of an elite of racism condoning and implementing regime which oppressed any authentic democracy promoting movement, and for charting a socialist social and economic development model to maximize social and economical justice in a country which never had it.

The allegation that the U.S. protected and supported such anti-democratic regimes as the Fulgencio Baptista regime, is amply documented by a plethora of historical accounts tracing back about one century of a U.S. history of interventions in  Latin America and worldwide to prop up authoritarian dictatorships and to oppose democratically elected governments whenever said governments did not align with the interests of the capitalistic elites, not only of the U.S. but of the U.K. and France as well.

The policy of rationalizing and masquerading political and military violent interventions in order to usher in “democracy and freedom” is insidiously dishonest, downright criminal  and most documentably counter-productive in the long run, to the point of it now gradually becoming inoperable.

What the world needs now is a foreign policy based on “right is might” and not one on  “might is right”,  as well as for the U.S. to start not “leading” but inspiring by the” power of example and not the example of power” (a statement President Clinton used at some point of his campaigns but largely did not abide by, either).

Constructive diplomatic and humanitarian engagement wherever it is possible is the only viable and sustainable peaceful solution to the conflicts, and not the projection of violent military power which only exacerbates the problems, punishes millions of innocent unarmed civilians,  and lines the pockets of corrupt politicians with funds received from the war profiteers of the industrial military complex.

This is,  of course,  nothing “new”.  What is new is that nationally and internationally the people are rising up against the disproportionate use of military tactics and technology to further the interest of the mega corporate  sector  made up of a tiny micro minority composed of the upper 0.1% of multi-billionaires, not exclusively of the U.S., but now globally.

We thus now need and must demand a genuinely affordable single payer, efficient but not necessarily for profit,  health care system as well as a decent minimum wage, and an untouchable social security system.

We can and will achieve this objective when we become a republic again and end once for all our unelected misleader’s imperial appetites,  when we shut down our hundreds of military bases abroad and slash our military budget to that needed to maintain robust homeland security defenses at home.  We do not want and need a military budget which is higher than that of the rest of the world combined.   A budget based on the corrupting influence of war and fear mongering ideologues who have put us on a path of perpetual wars for perpetual control of other nation’s natural and human resources.

We will again become all we can be when we consolidate that part of our societal ingenuousness, productive and creative capacities, compassion, and yes,  genuine yearning for accountable participative democracy, when we reform ourselves to embark on that journey of addressing our internal social and infrastructural urgent needs and focus on the home front in ways which depart from the notion that our so-called progress calls for an ever-expanding life-style based on mindless consumerism which is what capitalism run amok has brought us.

Yes indeed, for America to become all it can be, some modicum of “less is more” is a must.

No more treasury and blood hemorrhages for wars based on lies, corruption, and support for so-called “allies” which are hell-bent on compromising our resources for their own lack of wisdom and  greed, and their own incapacities to learn from their egregious aggressions with our tax payer’s funds.

No, this is not an advocacy for so-called “isolationism”, quite on the contrary it is an advocacy for constructive non violent engagement wherever and whenever our people democratically decide it and not when our plutocratic elites usurp that decision power from the people for agendas which are exclusively in their self-centered interests.

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