The U.N. Created the Conditions for the Miscreation of Israel-in-Palestine and Now Only the UN Must and Will Effectively Achieve a Resolution


January 2, 2015 by Alfred

The so-called “state” of Israel is in effect the product of the nationalization of a religion and the sole basis therefore is a belief in the Hebrew bible, particularly Deuteronomy 6, lines 10-12 which says that God spoke to Moses and said it was OK for Jews to take over the land of the Palestinians.

 As unbelievable as this sounds, the following verse is a direct quote from said Deuteronomy 6, lines 10-12 which is a part on an oration made by Moses to his people while (supposedly) on their way to the (supposedly) so-called “Promised Land” .

Then when the Lord your God brings you to the land he promised your ancestors Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob to give you – a land with large fine cities you did not built (bolded emphasis added), houses filled with choice things you did not accumulate (bolded emphasis added), hewn out of cisterns you did not dig (bolded emphasis added), and vineyards and olive grooves you did not plant (bolded emphasis added) – and you eat your fill, be careful not to forget the Lord who brought you out of Egypt, that place of slavery“.

So, this may be fine for the religious believers and they have a sacred right to their beliefs.

This Hebrew bible quotation, however does not give anyone in any way, believer or not, the right to misuse abusively the Hebrew bible and interpret it as a lien to the real estate property belonging to the autochthonous Palestinians who have lived in Palestine for centuries, and it gives obviously no entitlement to anyone to use the inoperative concepts of so-called “exceptionalism” or the ideology of Zionism, to steal the properties of Palestinians to give the lawful and legitimate owners of Palestine the message “abide, leave, or die”.

Nevertheless this is exactly how modern Israel was synthesized in 1948 when the Zionist Jewish, literally terrorist, organizations  Irgun (led by former Israeli  PM Menachem Begin, Stern Gang (led by former Israeli PM Yitzahk Shamir),  and Haganah which was involved in the horrific massacre of the town of Deir Yassin, went into violent action, while Yitzahk Shamir approved the pre-Israel assassination of UN mediator Folke Bernadotte, a Swedish Count who had helped rescue thousand of Jews from the Nazis. Shamir also ordered the assassination of Lord Moyne and both, Irgun and Hagannah bombed the King David Hotel in Jerusalem on July 22, 1947.  Hence the genesis of the so-called “state” of Israel.

So, coupled to  this historical fact, is the fact that the synthesis of Israel was facilitated by the British Empire’s withdrawal from its occupation of Palestine and the UN endorsement but not vote on at a Security Council level, of the partition of Palestine at a time when the UN was in its embryonic stage and only had 42 member states.

Thus, the British Empire then facilitated and empowered militarily the Zionist settlers from Europe to begin illegally to initiate in effect the “Ethnic Cleansing of Palestine”  (the quotations are to instruct the reader that this is the title of a book by the illustrious scholar, Illan Pappe, who is the bravest, most principled, and most incisive historian of Israel).  The entity called Israel came into being by the social Darwinist pseudo rationalization of survival of the fittest means embodied in a “might makes right” mode and since then the  “right makes might” mode was deemed to be considered irrelevant by the Zionist power structure of the Israel.

The U.S. was at the time utterly opposed to the creation of Israel as clearly expressed by the 51st U.S. Secretary of State Dean Acheson who declared in 1947 that creating Israel on land already inhabited by Palestinians would “imperil not only American but all Western interests in the Near East“.  Eventually President Truman succumbed to Zionist pressure to go along with the implantation of Israel in Palestine.

Well, fast forward to the present time, namely December 29,  2014, when finally the undemocratically out of touch UN  Security Council voted on a draft resolution calling for Israel to withdraw within the next three years from the territory it occupies in violation of international law.   The resolution failed to pass by one single vote, but had it passed, President Obama, to the dismay of the world,  already had declared that he would veto it.  Therein lies the abysmal disfunctionality of the UN Security Council which allows undemocratically for one state, to block a peaceful conflict resolution by a simple veto, while some 133 member states of the UN which now include France, Russia, China, all Arab states, support such an urgently needed vote to bring a modicum of justice to the legitimate claims of the Palestinians and the best opportunity for a sustainable peace in the region.

This vote nevertheless was a Pyrrhic victory for the Zionist misleaders of that nationalized entity of the Jewish religion referred to as Israel.

Only the U.S.  and Australia opposed that draft resolution while France, Russia, China, who are permanent members of the UN Security Council supported it, and while Great Britain decided to abstain as its parliament decided on a overwhelming basis to support the draft resolution, and while the European Parliament voted overwhelmingly to support by 488 to 48 the establishment of the Palestinian state on the territory which Israel has been occupying in violation of international law since it started the 1967 war.

The draft resolution calling for Israel’s withdrawal to pre-1967 borders, and for East Jerusalem, which was also illegally occupied by Israel in 1967, to become the capital of Palestine, is a minimum requirement for peace to finally be achieved after 66 years when Palestine was savagely occupied, and when close to a million Palestinians were sent fleeing to refugee camps who then were told that they have no right of return, while anyone in the world claiming to have a Jewish mother is allowed to establish residence in Israel anytime.

This resolution was introduced by Jordan’s Dina Kawar, the Arab representative to the UN Security Council who correctly declared that the “UN must and will be effectively involved in achieving a resolution to this conflict“.

What is most egregious about the tragedy which has affected not only Palestinians but decent Jews as well who oppose the barbaric policies of the Zionist power structure of Israel, is that the U.S. representative at the UN,  Samantha Power, was instructed to repeat that nonsensical mantra that the conflict  generated by the implantation of Israel in Palestine must be resolved only by the parties in the conflict.

Such bizarrely out of touch and downright cynical , cruel,  Kafkaesque, declaration is meant to eclipse historical and legal reality which renders the notion that there is some kind of moral equivalency between the aggrieved party Palestine and the outlaw party lead by the Zionist misleaders of Israel, when in reality, maintaining the charade of so-called “peace negotiations” between the parties with the U.S. as a mediator is a ruse designed to do nothing but prolong said  process ad nauseam and ad absurdum all the while the Zionist misleadership continues its destructive and illegal settlement constructions as well as evictions, provocations, and violent aggressions and collective punishments and house demolitions of the resistance mounting legitimate Palestinian owners of their lands.

Adding fuel to this virulent fire of deception and outright dishonesty and aggression are declarations by the likes of John Bolton, who was U.S. ambassador to the UN under George W. Bush and yesterday declared that the countries that are part of the International Criminal Court to which Palestine is now turning to have Israel held accountable for its  crimes against humanity, that countries who are part of the ICC must reject the case on the (false) basis that  “…Palestine  is not a state…”

The utter falsehood of this declaration is documentably established, and as an anecdotal matter, this writer can documentably declare that his German grandfather of Jewish ancestry, had left German in 1935 for the USSR to evade the Nazis and when the WWII ended he emigrated from the USSR to Haifa, Palestine, where Jews, Christians, Moslem, and Seculars were living in relative harmony to such an extend that he applied to and became documentably a citizen of  Palestine in 1946.

So, if Palestine is not a state, or as Golda Meir incredible once stated “there is no such thing as Palestine” , then neither are/were John Bolton or Golda Meir in reality beings who have/had a brain and a heart linked to it.

The first article in the Argentum Post, written when it was founded, on July 7, 2013, was titled  “The Long Overdue Reform of the UN Security Council  Rules” was one calling urgently for the democratizing reform of he UN Security Council.

As it stands now the five permanent member of the Security Council have veto power.   This situation is now worsened when thanks to said veto power, one member state can thwart the will of the world to achieve peaceful conflict resolution by abusing said veto power to the extend that it becomes an obstructionist to peaceful conflict resolution and this is now the case of the United States which due to internal political polarization is protecting Israel’s crimes against the humanity of the Palestinians to the extend demonstrated in this recent   UN Security Council vote.   Had Australia not joined the totally isolated U.S. in the UN the Palestine draft resolution, or had Britain respected its own parliamentary vote which voted overwhelmingly to support the Palestine vote by not abstaining from voting, then the resolution would have passed but even then, most disappointingly, as President Obama had previously warned, he would have vetoed it, obviously demonstrating how captive he remains to the undue influence level of AIPAC coupled to its mostly corrupted right-wing extremist Congressional politicians supporters.

The U.S. has shielded Israel from even mild criticism by the world by the use of 45 vetoes.  This has become a bizarrely intolerable and profoundly deplorable situation which is in direct opposition to our nation’s best interests.

For this reason the first National Summit to Reassess the U.S.-Israel “Special” Relationship event which took place on March 7, 2014 at the National Press Club in Washington, DC, was covered and reported on by this writer in the Argentum Post.

It has become clear to every informed individual that the reason the misleadership of Israel and its U.S. sponsoring and only enabling supporter, the U.S., continue on the path of the mockery of so-called “peace negotiations” is to give the outlaws in Tel Aviv the time to continue to confiscate land, to met out collective punishments at times in the form of outright massacres as the last devastation in Gaza, while occupying said land with illegal settlers in order to then declare that the illegal settlements are “facts on the ground” which render the “Two State” solution no longer viable and to further declare that this intolerable  situation is irreversible since it is the right of “God’s Chosen People” to steal these lands and slay those Palestinians who mount resistance, tagging them as “terrorist”, and then tagging  the stolen land as “God’s Promised Land”.

This state of affairs has been extended to an ad absurdum and ad nauseam debacle which  is unsustainable in a modern and civilized and rational world, as it adds insult to injury and drives this festering problem into a dangerously wider conflagration which is utterly untenable and unnecessary and could have wider potentially catastrophic consequences, as violence will continue to generate violence in an unending spiral just as the laws of entropy indicate how order, if given a chance, will spiral out into utter disorder.

The time to act is NOW.  The U.S. must immediately end its misuse of the veto power at the UN to protect outlaws in the leadership of Israel.  The U.S. must also end its unconditional support of Israel.

For those new readers of the Argentum Post, it may be worth to note that this writer is the son of survivors of the Nazi genocide against Jews and others and is a signatory to the statement of protest against the crimes of the humanity of the extremist misleaders of Israel which was published in the New York Times on August 23, 2014 and which was signed exclusively by survivors and direct descendants of the survivors of the Nazi crimes against the humanity of the Jews and others.

6 thoughts on “The U.N. Created the Conditions for the Miscreation of Israel-in-Palestine and Now Only the UN Must and Will Effectively Achieve a Resolution

  1. aliceny says:

    Thank you, Fred. I made a spelling error:
    third paragraph, last line should read ‘uninhabitable.’ Big difference there!

    Got your second post re the U.N. vote. Not surprised. I am so disgusted with and ashamed
    of our Washington ‘leadership’ — all of it. Obama is a gutless pseudointellectual automaton just marking time until he can go back to Chicago to whatever plush, highly-paid job he has been promised for keeping the presidential seat warm for nearly two terms. Kerry is an intellectual midget with no balls and is pathetically and totally ill-equipped for the job.

    ( I never mince words as you can see, Fred. It is too late for niceties and euphemisms. That is what the politicians do when they so successfully and illegally
    hide the truth of their corrupt conspiratorial actions from us – the governed – the people who put them there, God help us all for the blunders and mis-judgments that we continue to make at election times.)

    • Fred says:

      Thank you, Aliceny. You further complement and ad value to what I have expressed, and yes, I agree that what matters is the truth in support of reform conducive to social and economical justice through genuine participatory democracy and elimination of corruption and violence, and not, as you put it, “niceties and euphemisms”.

  2. aliceny says:

    Great post, Fred. Will refresh my memory re a few historical facts but, on the face of it, everything that you have said here rings true. The so-called ‘state of Israel’ is a complete misnomer and is not at all legitimate, neither de facto nor de jure. Ever since their violent takeover after the squeaky UN action in 1948, the succeeding Zionist governments of Israel have been awash in the blood of the indigenous peoples of Palestine.

    I hope that, this time, the United States will finally do what is just and right regarding the Palestinian genocide. To date, the U.N. has been nothing but a toothless tiger accomplishing little or nothing for which they were originally formed to do.

    I am NOT saying that the Jews do not have some ancient rights to some portion of that ancient land as their homeland. They do. And so do the indiginous Palestinians. As Hamlet mused, “Aye, there’s the rub.” The reality far exceeds Hamlet’s timely quote. The reality is that the world is facing a nuclear holocaust in the entire Middle East region. The result: nothing or no one left to fight over! Poof! Inhabitable for millennia to come!

    Unfortunately for them, the Israeli Jews want it ALL – every inch, every pebble, wadi, olive tree, and hilltop – no exceptions made.
    This is not going to happen and I think that they are beginning to realize this fact, particularly since the Europeans are finally beginning to see the human rights injustices present in that area, leaving the Israelis without another ‘friend,’ arms and money supplier in their camp. The same is true for the United States where American Jews, in particular, are beginning to recognize the truth of what is actually happening in ‘eretz Yisrael’ – the Zionist-Jewish dream that has become a nightmare killing field for all peoples!

    • Fred says:

      What a fascinating comment which so enriches what I have expressed and goes beyond by your sui generis creative and incisive analysis.
      Thanks !!

  3. John Triplett says:

    Do our leaders of either the “liberal” or “conservative” persuasions know and understand the real history of the middle east and particularly Palestine? I think not and certainly the general population of the US has very little or no knowledge of the area.
    We must strive to make this history available and well known to all in order to put pressure on our leadership to treat this region and its peoples with the justice that all humanity deserve.

    • Fred says:

      I could not agree with you more, John! So much hinges on the gradual and peaceful resolution of this conflict which if successful could inspire the parties to other conflicts in the Middle East to emulate. This is one the reasons I actually started the Argentum Post project. Today I wrote a letter to the editor of the Washington Post which relates to one of its book reviews which documents how even one of the most important ideologues of Zionism would have been aghast at how Israel’s extremist power structure is getting away with what it does, all along being shielded and enabled by the U.S.. It is an imperative that the U.N. and the I.C.C. now step up to the plate and that the U.S. reverse its stand immediately.

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