While the World is Loosing Itself in Violent Verbal and Weaponized Mutual Destructive Aggression a Sobering Warning by the “Doomsday Clock” Scientists


January 26, 2015 by Alfred

The “Doomsday Clock” is a scientist maintained symbolic countdown to potential global catastrophe which can lead to the extinction of humanity as a result of nuclear warfare.

Today, the first time after 3 years, said clock was moved 2 minutes closer to “midnight”, the time when we reach the highest potential for mutually assured self-destruction on earth.

This announcement was made by Kennette Benedict in the Kennette Benedict Bulletin .

There is a synergy of four essential  elements which brings us now closer to the veritable holocaust of the potential of humanity to trigger self-annihilation by nuclear warfare.

These elements are the following.

(a)  The Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty, hereinafter referred to as the “NPT” treaty, was signed by 187 nations on March 5, 1970.  The signatories of this NPT treaty include that  “club of five” nations which undemocratically have the exclusive veto power at the U.N. Security Council and they are the United States, Great Britain, Russia,  France, and the People’s Republic of China.   These five nations have since then violated Article  XX or the NTP treaty which calls for the gradual dismantlement of their arsenals of nuclear weapons of mass destruction.

In other words, the NPT treaty violations by the “club of five” build up the pressure for the “Doomsday Clock”minute pointer to move closer to midnight.

(b) India, Pakistan, and Israel, acquired nuclear weapons of mass destruction after said “club of five” and yet refused, to this day, to sign on to the NTP treaty, and Israel.

So, those three countries which dismiss the 187 which signed on the NTP treaty even if they neither have nor desire to acquire nuclear WMD, are another source of pressure which cannot but, add pressure to the movement of the pointer of the “Doomsday Clock” closer to midnight.

Also, and most pronouncedly, Israel adds insult to injury to this group of three as it acquired nuclear WMD’s clandestinely by a secret agreement between U.S. President Nixon and Israel’s Prime Minister Golda Meir) and went on further by proliferating its nuclear energy weaponization technology to the white supremacist South African Apartheid regime (see “The Unspoken Alliance : Israel’s Secret Relationship With (Racist) Apartheid South Africa” by Sasha Polakow-Suransky), to assist said Apartheid regime in its war on the Movement for the Popular Liberation of Angola, from the yoke of the dictatorial colonialist Portugal regime led by Agostinho Neto.

Israel’s  Netanyahu’s et al. further inflames the march to midnight by the “Doomsday Clock”  i his dagenroulsy deranged and obsessive as well as dishonest fear and hate mongering incitement and war threats on Iran coupled to his attempts to sabotage not only peace talks aimed at addressing the legitimate claims of the Palestinian people, but as well the U.S. diplomacy based talks aimed at insuring that Iran’s legitimate and peaceful generation of nuclear energy,  being conducted between President Obama and Iranian reformist, democratically elected Iranian President Rouhani, will be brought to its successful conclusion in June of this year or even before.

So, Israel under its extreme right-wing Zionist misleadership active in the “ethnic cleansing” of Palestinians from the land it took over in Palestine starting in 1948, adds a quantum leap of extreme pressure on the pointer of said  “Doomsday Clock”.

(c) The mythomane sudden relentless vilification by the  U.S. of Russia in the aftermath of the extreme rightist/neo-nazi coup against the government of Yanukovitn in the Ukraine, coupled by incitement by neocon right-wing U.S. congressional die-hard “cold warrior” Republicans to provoke and calumniate Russia as an “invader” of Crimea which was for 300 years part of Russia and whose people voted overwhelmingly to remain part of Russia by a margin of more than 80.  In fact, Crimea was only separated from Russia by a whimsical spur of the moment impulse by Premier Nikita Krushev who, ignoring the Soviet constitution,  as an Ukrainian, felt that the Ukraine should be granted an autonomy as a “family member” of was then an integral part of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics (USSR).

Such relentless hyperbolic invective of undeserved condemnations of Putin for his protection of the majority Russians in Crimea, coupled to the slapping  of server ecumenical sanctions on Russia at a time of drastically lowering prices of fossil oil, add another powerful element of pressure for the pointer of the Doomsday Clock to further move towards Midnight.

(d) The further extended vilification by the U.S. of Russia as a result of the asylum granted to whistleblower Edward Snowden  by Russia, an award recipient exposer of egregious and unconstitutional wrongdoing by the government, who instead of being protected by the U.S. government, was persecuted by an exposure which did no harm to any single individual.

This element further enhances the extraordinary pressure on the Doomsday Clock to move further to Midnight.

The time has arrived for a reset of said Doomsday Clock.

The time has arrived to freeze said Doomsday Clock and to allow the passage of time and the sobering of politicized inflammatory rhetoric to be replaced by academic polemical discourse based on diplomacy and authentic participatory democracy purged of the toxic influences of hate and fear mongering decadent undue influence by incitement to violence,  to take its due course along the lines of progressive populistic yearnings of all well-meaning Americans.

Incidentally and anecdotally, this writer also happens to be a scientist and hence, strongly believes in and endorses that this scientist symbolic countdown characterized as the “Doomsday Clock”  be taken into consideration with utmost seriousness, notwithstanding its quaint characterization.

“We the people” of the United States and of the world, need to start getting serious about using all means available to start buiding a global movement for the “zero total” elimination of all nuclear weapons, a movement which has the potential to not just reset but to stop irreversibly the “Doomsday Clock”.

Secular rational humanists, allied with religious rational humanists, and naturalist can and will stop this clock if there is a will and a way certainly already exists thanks to the advent of the digitalized global telecommunications systems which are beyond censure by political and/or corporate undue influences.










2 thoughts on “While the World is Loosing Itself in Violent Verbal and Weaponized Mutual Destructive Aggression a Sobering Warning by the “Doomsday Clock” Scientists

  1. aliceny says:

    Fred, one does not have to be a [secular] humanist practitioner, nor a follower of any other religious faith tradition to be concerned about the Doomsday Clock for which you have given your readers excellent up-to-date background information – and a stunning warning.

    Unfortunately, for many of the world’s citizens (perhaps the majority?), any warning about the ‘the Clock’ falls on deaf ears.
    After all, Fred, it seems to be a statistical fact that too many people are not concerned about
    such a dire reality. To me, that is evidenced by the pap that is served up to us daily by a media that tells and shows us what they think we consider important and want to be kept informed about ad nauseam. And that would be what is happening in the inbred world of the Kardashians, Molly Cyruses, Justin Biebers and their ilk – those vacuous, inane people whose antics and absence of moral codes are anathema to a civilized, informed and caring society.

    But — these ‘celebrities’ for a nanosecond in our cosmic universe sell newspapers and television time, enriching the advertising world and its sponsors and relieving us of the responsibility to know about what is really happening in our world and the precipice upon which we now stand – and ways that we can forestall doomsday.

  2. Marie Spike says:

    Thanks for helping to spread the alarm necessary to save the planet!

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