The Critical Imperative to Marginalize War Mongers in Congress and Elsewhere


February 11, 2015 by Alfred

While the Argentum Post’s mission is not necessarily to promote and disseminate the highly successful and prestigious Democracy Now program produced and hosted by Amy Goodman, the last two interviews which the mainstream media, as usual, displays dereliction of duty to inform by not covering, independent blogs such as this one, must highlight so that readers, who are not getting the information they deserve, have their right be objectively informed honored by the delivery though these alternative sources of information and education, to them.

As Thom Hartmann states, the press is the only institution mentioned in the U.S. Constitution, as it is a vital pillar of democracy.

With this preamble, and a brief prologue editorial, the writer of the Argentum Post presents to you two extraordinarily revealing  and relevant interviews, which serve as a type of sunlight which burns through the fog of massive disinformation, if not outright, mainstream media self-censorship.

The first interview which took place on February 9, 2015 is one in which Democracy Now interviews John Kiriakou, a brilliant, patriotic, decorated CIA operative who was just relased from prison, for his principled stand and courage to blow the whistle on the U.S. violation of the 1984 UN Convention Against Torture,  by its flagrantly and widely practiced of said torture,  under the leadership of President Bush and most notoriously VP Dick Cheney.   Both men lied to the American  people after 9/11 when the decision was made to invade Iraq and Afghanistan, and both lied to the world by stating that the U.S. does not torture.  Both need to be prosecuted, just as Kissinger and Netanyahu need to be held accountable for their crimes.

The second interview which took place on February 10, 2015 is one in which Democracy Now interviews simultaneously University of Chicago Professor John Mearsheimer, and retired Air Force General Charles Wald.  Both debate each other on the Ukraine crisis, with Mearsheimer arguing persuasively, as Germany’s Angela Merkel now does,  against the sending of weapons by the U.S. to Kiev as well as against the NATO provocative encroachment on the door steps of Russia, while General Wald, now active in the private sector’s “industrial-military complex” , which General Eisenhower warned the American public against in his farewell speech,   opposes reactionarily the scholarly Professor Mearsheimer.

These two interviews are emblematic of the choices President Obama now faces and in these choices it is an imperative that the American people support his lately, amazingly principled, courageous, and progressive decisions, as exemplified by his normalizing relations with Cuba, by his stand of same gender marriage, by his successful Affordable Care initiative, and by other extraordinarily candid  and long awaited and welcomed pronouncements during the last annual “Prayer Breakfast”.

As quantum changes for the better have now occurred in the Iranian leadership with the democratic election of President Rouhani, as well as in the leadership of the Catholic Church with the nomination of a progressive and humanist Pope Francis, coupled to the democratically populist elections in Greece which will likely be followed up by such elections in Spain, Portugal, and Italy,  and as these events are coupled to the successful intervention of Germany’s Angela Merkel (who speaks Russian to President Putin of Russia) and of France’s President Hollande, intervention  in going for a peaceful settlement of the Ukraine civil war, and as this is further coupled to the successful diplomacy of President Obama and his European partners in talks aimed at settling via diplomacy  and negotiations guarantees that Iran will use its legal uranium enrichment program exclusively for energy and medical applications,  the sum total  of the synergy of all of these positive developments must now marginalize the corrupted, hawkish, obstructionist, agents of hate and fear mongering whose insidiously inflammatory and provocative war inciting agendas threaten to bring the world to the catastrophic abyss of a potential world war.

The main actors and culprits of the destructive right wing extremist acts and agendas are clearly visible, namely and most notoriously, Senator John McCain, Israel’s PM Netanyahu, House Speaker Boehner, Senator Lyndsey Graham, and many others of their ilk, as well as the pernicious undue influence lobbies of the war contracting firms, of the American Israeli Political Action Committee (AIPAC), of the almost defunct Cuban-American National Foundation (CANF), and some others who must now be marginalized as their bankrupt and undemocratically self-centered agendas have in common the deflection of our taxpayer’s funds away from social services, such what ideally should comprise a single payer health care system of the type the U.K. , Canada, Australia, and most other developed European partners have, with their channeling of said funds in favor of the war fueling armaments industry and their elite beneficiary class.

If there is a will, there is a way.

One most important imperative must be a massive demonstration if war criminal and agitator Netanyahu, against the strong advice of the Israel’s Mossad agency and against the will of probably close to 50% of the will of the Israeli people as well as the world’s Jewry, has the temerity to actually reduce to practice the bizarre and profoundly disrespectful meddling in the affairs of our country’s government by coming to our Congress to attempt to sabotage the White House diplomacy with Iran.

[  PS  To readers unacquainted with this writer, it may be relevant to add that he is the son of survivors of the Nazi genocidal crimes against the humanity of Jews and  others, and is a signatory to the New York Times letter published on August 23, 2014 which denounces the massacres of Palestinians in Gaza and elsewhere prior to this latest horrific event ]

3 thoughts on “The Critical Imperative to Marginalize War Mongers in Congress and Elsewhere

  1. aliceny says:

    Kudos to you, Fred — and a big hat tip to Amy Goodman at Democracy Now, one of my favorite sites.

    Please know and believe, Fred, that you do your readers a true service by sharing your thoughts and perceptions with us. Your blog, and a few reporter/journalists in the media, are like a nurturing oasis in the desert!

  2. Marie Estelle Spike says:

    Keep on writing about and analyzing the real news and history, as well as promoting “Democracy Now” to help save America from the toxic, propagandizing, corporate-owned mainstream media.. As always, much appreciated!

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