Sequel to “The Critical Imperative To Marginalize War Mongers in Congress and Elsewhere” AP Article


February 12, 2015 by Alfred

In this sequel to Argentum Post article titled  “The Critical Imperative To Marginalize War Mongers In Congress“, which was published on February 11, 2015, attention is called to the New York Times online version breaking news posted  at 4:35 AM of February 12, 2015 titled “Leaders in Ukraine Talks Announce Cease Fire Agreement“.

If this cease-fire agreement proves to be sustainable and an era of healing and reconstruction ensues, it further buttress the imperative that now exists for war mongering demagogues such as most particularly, Senator John McCain and  Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu,  be totally marginalized in their hate and fear mongering rantings and incitements on the highly inflammatory and provocative notion that the U.S. send weapons to Kiev, in the Ukraine civil strife, (pushed by McCain et al.),   and that the U.S. impose further destructive sanctions and threaten war on Iran, in the U.S – Iran impasse on Iran’s legal uranium refinement issue (pushed by Netanyahu et al.).

Furthermore, if the cease-fire in the Ukraine proves to be sustainable, the German leader Angela Merkel would deserve to become the next recipient of the Nobel Peace Prize.

It was Merkel who categorical rejected war threats and weapons shipments to Kiev.   The French President must be credited for endorsing her protest, and President Obama must as well be credited for listening, accepting, and not interfering with Merkel’s mission, which has now been endorsed by the European Union.  It is very unfortunate that our Secretary of State, John Kerry, missed the opportunity to remain silent and continued to expose the view that somehow threatening to add fuel to a fire made in the Ukraine, would bring about a solution to this catastrophic civil war.

In the case of the shamelessly destructive interference in the U.S. foreign policy formulation criterion as regards to President Obama’s diplomacy with Iran, which is supported by our EU partners, as a result of the highly improper if not downright illegal,  and outrageous attempt by  Republican Speaker of the House, John Boehner’s  “invitation” to Israel’s PM Netanyahu to come to the U.S. and address Congress to undermine our President’s diplomacy in Iran, the imperative to block and dismiss Netanyahu is an absolute essential element for said diplomacy to succeed.   Ideally the U.S. Department of State, after categorically informing him that he must cease and desist from accepting this insidious invitation from an obstructionist, reckless, and irresponsible, unhinged  Republican senator, must make it clear that his entry into the United States could be blocked if he violates this request the way he violated the categorical request by France’s President Hollande to not come to the recent Paris demonstrations to bizarrely and insensitively exploit the event of his insidiously misleading political agendas.

Just as Netanyahu did it during President Clinton’s talks during the Oslo Peace talks which he proudly admitted to have scuttled the Oslo peace talks  (as Netanyahu was caught on a live microphone and camera bragging about at the residence of illegal settlers who live in occupied Palestine in defiance of international law ), it is even more critical that such dishonest war monger be dismissed as a potential peace partner, and be thereby irreversibly marginalized.

Only thusly can diplomacy and negotiations work, ideally in coordination with the involvement of the UN and the International Court of Justice .

This approach will have the potential to usher in a peaceful resolution to the conflict which resulted from Israel’s violent implantation into Palestine, as it will be a peaceful process enhanced if necessary  by the boycott, sanction, divestment (BDS) process already in progress to force Israel to abide by international law which mandates its withdrawal from illegally occupied Palestine to its pre-1967 borders.

One thought on “Sequel to “The Critical Imperative To Marginalize War Mongers in Congress and Elsewhere” AP Article

  1. Marie Estelle Spike says:

    War is the most heinous crime against humanity! It should be illegal in every court in the World! Let’s all work to prevent it and make it illegal, as well as develop humane, non-violent defense mechanisms. Peace, Marie

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