New Documentation Exposes How Netanyahu’s Iran Claims Are Contradicted by Israel’s Own Intelligence Agency Chief


February 25, 2015 by Alfred



Here he is incredibly again.

In his political fiction show at the UN on September of 2012, Netanyahu claimed that Iran has reached the level of uranium refinement which allows it to produce a nuclear bomb by 2013, but no concrete evidence of this hyperbolic claim was produced.  His show at the UN was simply a cartoon of a bomb onto which he drew a red line.  Period.  No follow up proofs of any kind or at any later time.

The show was risible and in character with a misleader known to dissemble and to engage relentlessly and obsessively in inciting war on Iran.

The same Israeli misleading Prime Minister was caught on video  declaring to a family of illegal settlers in Palestinian land occupied by Israel in violation of international law and UN resolution calling for Israel to withdraw from said land, that he was proud to have scuttled the Oslo peace talks. .

Yesterday, on Monday 23, 2015, the prestigious London Guardian published an article which reveals that leaked cables show that Netanyahu’s bombastic claim at that UN show, was contradicted by, the Chief of Israel’s own intelligence service, Mossad.

In this article the leaked document underlying this fact is also published, and it clearly states that the quantity of material enriched by Iran to the 20% level is not increasing at this level.  This document is dated October 22, 2012.

So, given that enrichment up to about 3% is needed for electrical energy generation and up to about 20% is needed for medical applications and that Iran under the AEIA regulations and as a signatory of the Non Proliferation Treaty (NPT) is legally entitled to this uranium refinement process, Iran is, as it also claims,  pursuing its legal prerogative to use  refined uranium for peaceful applications.

It is actually Israel which is the only country to have clandestinely developed nuclear WMD as a result of a secret agreement between President impeached President Nixon and the Israeli Prime Minister Golda Meyer who had the temerity to declare that “there is no such thing as Palestine“.  It is furthermore Israel which not only refuses to sing on to said NPT treaty, and to boot, it has documentably proliferated its nuclear energy weaponization technology to, of all countries, South Africa, during the time it was under the odiously white supremacist regime Apartheid regime.   Evidence for this reality is found, inter alia, in the book by Sasha Polakow Suransky titled ” The Unspoken Alliance : Israel’s Secret Relationship with Apartheid South Africa.    The author is the son of Jewish parents who were had to flee from Austria.  Incidentally this writer is also the son of Jewish parents forced to leave by the Nazis.

While Israel’s nuclear weapons constitute a threat to its neighbors, and while it is Israel and not Iran which is in violation of international law, and has come into being by the involvement of  brutal and violent terrorist organization attacks such as Irgun led by Menachen Begin who would become Israel’s Prime Minister, as well as by the violent terrorist organization Lehi (AKA the Stern Gang) led by Yitzhak Shamir who would also become Israel’s Prime Minister, first Britain since 1948 and then U.S. since 1967, have continuously sided with and supported financially and military Israel in ways that undermine the best interests of our nation, i.e. in ways that ignore to this day that the methodic ethnic cleansing of Palestine by the dispossession of more than 75% of the land of the Palestinian who were submitted to horrific human rights violations, massive expulsions, and massacres,  cannot but lead to a wider regional conflict unless the UN and the International Court of Justice finally step in.

With this background we now are about to witness in Washington, DC the bizarre spectacle of the misleading Prime Minister Netanyahu violate protocol, offend and undermine President Obama’s successful talks with Iran aimed at insuring that Iran will continue to abide to AEIA regulations and that it will submit to IAEA inspectors to insure that Iran’s peaceful program for nuclear energy applications remains sustainably so, because Mr. Netanyahu literally is derangedly hell-bent on derailing such talks in pursuit of his sinister, myopic political agenda of provoking a war between the United States and Iran.

For this purpose, incredibly at the invitation of a reckless, opportunistic,  and unpatriotic Republican leadership in the House of Representatives,  Netanyahu intends come to the U.S. and give a speech in Congress in utter disregard and disrespect for the President and Vice-President of the United States, and for the Secretary of State, and countless other government officials who have made it clear that he is not welcome and that they will refuse to speak to him.

As was the case recently during the Paris demonstrations against terrorism, when President Hollande personally asked Mr. Netanyahu not to come to peddle his political Zionist extremist agenda to ask all French of the Jewish faith to come “home” (?) to Israel, Mr. Netanyahu arrogantly and most inelegantly ignored the message, came to Paris, shoved aside the Vice President of Mali on the front row of he marchers and paraded looking at buildings and waving as if he was a Roman conqueror,  the same is now happening in Washington on March 3rd.

The  outrage against this lowly behavior of man who erroneously claims to represent all Israelis and Jews in the diaspora is now also being felt and expressed by all decent Jews everywhere including in Israel and the only positive effect of this historic melt down of this embarrassing  misleader is that he has now reached the critical mass in his revelation of his  intellectual, ethical, and political bankruptcy, not to mention the legal consequences of particularly the recent Gaza massacres for which he will now almost certainly be held accountable by the UN and by the International Court of Justice.

We the people must stand up and protest this one-of-kind moment in the history of our nation’s capital since the consequences of the insanity of a war on Iran would be far worse than the terrible consequences of the 2003 war on Iraq which was based on false claims as well, and which among the 100,000 deaths of Iraqis, and 4,500 deaths of Americans, not to mention the countless severe injured Iraqis and Americans, brought us the “Islamic State” movement which by now has morphed and is crystallizing into an entity which also can not be militarily “defeated”, but only by a synergy of sophisticated politics and diplomacy, and humanitarian aid can be deterred and altered thereby to be induced to end its unacceptable assassination tactics.

The borders of the Middle East will be redrawn unavoidably and this time the borders will be drawn by the inhabitants of the Middle East and not by the Western colonial powers and this can and should be good for all sincerely interested and dedicated to an era of harmonious healing and reconstruction.

This era will certainly have the potential to result in peace dividends for the United States, the republic, rather than the imperial or, as euphemistically characterized the “country building”,  objectives.

This era will mark a historic deflection of trillions of dollars of private and state funds away from the industrial military complex and towards our homeland public health, public education, infrastructure maintenance, sustainable energy and land cultivation.

7 thoughts on “New Documentation Exposes How Netanyahu’s Iran Claims Are Contradicted by Israel’s Own Intelligence Agency Chief

  1. aliceny says:

    Problem with liars is that they cannot remember what they have said. This guy is a past and present master liar. He actually makes me want to vomit every time I see his smug picture plastered all over our press. I doubt if Herzl and his two cohorts envisioned the present Zionist Jewish state as the Jewish homeland that they had hoped to build.

    Anyway, Fred, it looks as if Netanyahu is about to be squeezed out. Hope so.

    This is a good article.

    • Fred says:

      Aliceny, the mere physiognomical expression of Netanyahu induces disdain and anger in me, accompanied by a rise of blood pressure…
      Theodor Herzl was a cool, laid back Austrian Zionist who, unlike the Revisionist Zionists who today constitute Israel’s power structure, had in mind a much more humane and moderate form of a Jewish migration to Palestine whereby a kind of a federative republic would emerge within Palestine which would be run democratically so that Jews and Moslems and Christians would harmoniously coexist. This is the model which Miko Peled, son of Israeli Major General Matti Peled, proposes and describes in his book “The General’s Son : Journey of an Israeli in Palestine. Major General Matti Peled became a professor of Arabi language and literature, and was a peace activist decades ahead of his time.

  2. Eby Movahed says:

    Hi Alfred,      Now there is the same MEK exiled group claiming that they know of a new nuclear site in Iran.  This I think came out yesterday by the same Iranian group that joined Saddam Housing and attacked their own country during Iran Iraq war. Alireza Jafarzadeh has been on the Mossad  payroll for years is the one that is responsible for discovery of the new site.  Netanyahu said last week he would use everything in his power to derail the talks between Iran and the west.

  3. Marie Estelle Spike says:

    Bizarre indeed! What’s even more incomprehensible to me is the complacency of the public!!

    “Zionism is a movement, that is a nationalistic movement, an ethno-supremecist movement that is using and abusing Judaism for its needs.” Ronnie Barkan, Co-founder of Boycott from Within

    • Fred says:

      Yes, it is bizarre that this new revelation which buttresses the previous ones and further proves Netanyahu’s dishonesty as he seems ready to undertake what I call his intrusion into the American Congress in order to peddle false claims against Iran, has not been covered by The Washington Post.

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