To End “Terrorism”, The Infamous Troika of Blasphemy “Artists”, Misleader and Agent Provocateur PM Netanyahu, and the Common Criminal Assassins Must be Deterred

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February 19, 2015 by Alfred

Yes, it is indeed a toxic “troika” which is fanning the flames of what is generically characterized as “terrorism” which is now spreading in the Middle East and to Europe in some   limited yet serious incidents as in Paris and Copenhagen.

This infamous and pernicious troika generates violence which goes viral and not only on social networking sites but in real life , since violence has an entropic tendency to generate more violence in an often uncontrollable spiral.   The fanning of the flames of such violence by often hidden forces who envision to profitably exploit them as a vicious as the violence perpetrates themselves.

There are three entities / actors in this destructive process, and all three can and must be deterred by all possible non-violent means which comprise, detection, exposure, isolation, marginalization, and of course, in tandem with that, the application of national and international judicial law and enforcement applications with consequent indictments, trials, and sentencing processes of all members of this lethally destructive troika.

The three major entities / actors are (a) agent provocateurs, (b) individual as well as state actors with dishonest, opportunistic, political agendas, and (c) common criminals either paid, or motivated by a history of extreme and psychopathic hatred who carry out horrific acts of life and property destruction which in turn then provide fodder for those entities  in categories “a“, and “b“, described supra.

So, to cut to the chase and be more specific;  category “a” comprises pseudo “artists” or so-called “blasphemy artists” who falsely claim to be righteous in their warped interpretations of “freedom of speech”, perversely revel in often profitable, hysterical campaigns of lurid,  pornographically iconoclastic, depiction of the highest Prophets of the Muslim, Christian, and Jewish religions, in ways that are profoundly shocking, offensive, hurtful, to billions of humans who happen to be believers, and who have human and legal rights to be respected, from the grotesque abuse of the “free speech” concept which, in the case of the  United States is indeed circumscribed as the Supreme Court in 1942 has clearly established it to be speech NOT covered by the Constitutional protection of “free speech”.   The specific ruling is that of “Chaplinsky vs. State of New Hampshire“.

In said ruling the U.S. Supreme Court defines “fighting words” as words that with certainty will lead to extremely violent public confrontations.

The smut such category “a” blasphemy (pseudo) artists are pandering is as offensive or more so, than that put out by producers of child pornography peddlers who likewise, and of course, correctly do not enjoy any kind of so-called “free speech” protective right to get away with their criminal perversity.

Certainly, but not exclusively, Charlie Hebdo of Paris and Lars Vilks of Copenhagen are elements in this category.   While they should not be objects of violent attacks, it goes without saying, that such category of peddlers of disgustingly inflammatory material  must be prosecuted in any civilized society.   Freedom of religion and freedom from religion is what has served us in the United States very well.  It makes us the mosaic that has inspired others to undertake legislation to separate religion from politics, but is not a model we have a right to impose on nations whose cultural dimensions are deeply intertwined with their religious ones.

Come now, category “b” elements, and these comprise those ideo-politically motivated self-serving individual actors as well as state entity actors, who endeavor themselves to demagogically, dishonestly, manipulatively, opportunistically, exploit the violence which is generated by category “a” elements who often become the targets of violent and lethal reprisal attacks by the category “c” elements.   They do so by using the example of a single so-called terrorist event to generically cast a huge and hyperbolically wide net of astonishingly idiotic aspersions over whole segments of humanity of a given religious and/or ethnic group which may, or may even not, have been of the religion professed by said so-called terrorist element.    Ironically, in said approach, state actors of this group criminally extrapolate their perniciously dishonest agendas by in effect rendering the states they purport to represent, as state agents of genuine  terrorism.

Category “b” elements, comprise most particularly such brutal and inhuman obsessive compulsive misleaders as many Prime Ministers of Israel, most notably, PM  Menachen Begin, former head of the terrorist group  Irgun, PM Yitzak Shamir, former leader the terrorist group Lehi, AKA the Stern Gang,  PM Ariel Sharon, who became infamous for his role in the   Sabra and Shatila massacres in Lebanon in the Israel invasion of Lebanon in the mid 1980’s, and current PM Benjamin Netanyahu who has been infamous for his continuous violations of international law, for crimes against the humanity of Palestinians, and for war crimes, and most recently for the Gaza massacres where 2,600 unarmed civilians including 500 children were brutally killed leaving 100,000 Palestinians homeless.

William Booth commendably reported on the first page of The Washington Post in an article dated February 14, 2015,  titled “There is No Sign of Life : Six Months After Gaza War, Trade, Reconstruction and Aid Remain at a Standstill“, and the leader of Israel’s Labor Party, Isaac Herzog, also commendably reported that ” Gaza is a powder keg that could explode at any minute”.

Finally, category “c” elements are common criminals, which it goes without saying must be prosecuted, tried, and sentenced for life without parole, if they have survived their often suicidal attacks, and if they are in reality the individuals who have committed the reprisal assassination of said “blasphemy” pseudo-artists.

One example of such a category “c” member is the alleged gunman linked to the Danish gang who targeted category “a” blasphemy artist Lars Vilks and wound up  killing others, including a Danish citizen of the Jewish faith.   The gunman was a Danish citizen and a member of a Danish gang.

As an addendum to this article it is noted that category “b” element, Netanyahu, was finally rebuked publicly today, February 19, 2015, by the President of the United States for his dishonesty, evident by his “distortion of reality” as he continues hell-bent on attempting to sabotage delicate negotiations of the United States, France, Britain, China, Russia, and Germany with the reformist, democratically elected leader of Iran, to insure that Iran will abide by its own stated objective of refining uranium, which it is legally entitled, to generate electrical power and to use for medical applications.

Netanyahu bragged to illegal settlers that he was proud to have scuttled the Oslo peace talks.   It is also not well-known that Netanyahu was raised in Philadelphia and that he then joined a Boston investment consulting firm where he met his colleague and friend, Mitt Romney.   In 1967 Netanyahu moved to Israel.

On March 3, 2015, in a historical breach of protocol, this Israeli misleader is planing to come to address Congress at the invitation of the Republican House leadership.  He comes here to continue his demented Iran vilification campaign hoping to derail or damage the Iran talks being conducted by President Obama and our European partners.

Netanyahu was warned by French President to not come to Paris to exploit the massive march against terrorizing violence and he is now irrationally claiming that Europe has become anti-Semitic and hence he now proclaims that not only French citizens and Danish citizens but all European citizens who happen to be of the Jewish faith, and even Jews worldwide , must come to what he bizarrely calls “home”, namely that land of the Palestine which was violently stolen from its autochthonous Palestinian owners who were given the message, “abide, leave, or die”.   Such an assertion could not be more delusional and revealing in its intend to use fear and hate mongering to generate human and political capital to continue to bring illegal settlers to populate the Palestine colonization project, a process which was described in-depth  by illustrious, brilliant, courageous Jewish scholar Ilan Pappe, in his book titled “The Ethnic Cleansing of Palestine“.

Also in this addendum it is worth to note that contrary to Iran, Israel which falsely claims that Iran is an existential threat to it,  it is Israel with its clandestinely acquired nuclear weapons arsenals, which is a threat to Iran and by extension to the whole Middle East as well, in this case and thereby, to our own national security.  It is noteworthy that Israel’s nuclear WMD’s technology, which is hidden in plain sight, is a technology which it was exposed documentably to have proliferated to the white supremacist, racist, regime of Apartheid South Africa.  One source of documentation is found int the book “The Unspoken Alliance :  Israel’s Secret Relationship With Apartheid South Africa” by Sasha Polakow-Suransky.

So, this is the first time, after President Eisenhower did it, that a U.S. President showed courage and independence and took the principled stand to expose and critique assertively the mislearship of Israel.

President Eisenhower strongly rebuked Israel for not only knowingly attacking our USS Liberty ship on June 8, 1967, killing 34 U.S. sailors, severely injuring 174, and destroying a ship worth US $ 40 million, as it was outfitted with state of the art electronic surveillance equipment.  Israel subsequently and dishonestly attempted and failed to blame the incident no the Egyptian government.

So, to sum up, if “we the people” as a nation, and our executive leadership, and our sadly corrupted and /or ignorant Congresspersons, want to sincerely end the vicious circle of terrorizing violence, particularly in the  Middle East, then (a) we end our bizarre and irrational policies towards Israel, join the global BDS movement which is increasingly boycotting, disinvesting, and sanctioning Israel as it is now about to face the scrutiny of the International Court of Justice, and (b) we must look at our own Constitution and respect its own 1942 ruling which clearly exempts the hate speech/cartoons which clearly constitute “fighting words” and therefore are NOT protected speech, and hence prosecute those who ignore this reality.

The result of embracing these two steps alone, has the potential to evolve in the beginning not a breaking out of peace, which from the gitgo brings with it incalculable “peace dividends”.

The pursuance of business as usual, in deference of the toxic effects on the corruptible member of our Congressional decadent and/or ignorant politicians, in synergy with the bizarrely “untouchable” military-industrial complex which President Eisenhower warned us about, has the potential to evolve in the beginning of the breaking out of  WWIII.

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