It is Highly Deplorable that NBC Chose to Not Broadcast In Full on TV the Interview of Iran’s Foreign Minister Zarif


March 24, 2015 by Alfred

On March 17, 2015 Ann Curry conducted an extraordinarily relevant and revealing interview of Iran’s Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif who is conducting the nuclear talks with our Secretary of State in conjunction with representatives of Britain, France, Germany, Russia, and China (i.e. the P5+1 group).

While both, Ann Curry and NBC must be highly commended for this incisive in-depth one hour interview, it is unconscionable that only a 90 second clip of said interview was seen on television of what was called an “NBC News Exclusive”, while the full 55 – minute interview was relegated to be viewed online.

Given the crucial importance of these nuclear negotiations for the United States and for the world, and most importantly given the undue influence and exposure ad nauseam that the American people had to endure by the undue influence of Israel’s PM Netanyahu through a repulsive intrusion by collusion into the Congress building , who with the bizarre support of 47 Republican senators is literally hell-bent with the shameless senators on sabotaging these P5+1 nuclear negotiations by relentlessly and hysterically engaging in war and hate mongering against Iran on the basis of nothing but outrageous accusations which constitute documented falsehoods,  it is very deplorable that NBC did not broadcast the whole 55 minute interview on television during a specially dedicated “NBC News Exclusive”.

In fact all three major U.S. networks as well as PBS, most particularly, should have been called upon to make it a high priority to bring this interview to the attention of the American people.

It is intolerable that the same cast of right-wing extremists in Israel and in Congress get to again, get away with manipulating and  lying to the American people along an identical  set of falsehoods used during and by the Bush/Cheney administration as it unleashed the war horrific war of Iraq in 2003 which to this day is bringing us calamitous consequences.

The exposure of those perfidious lies was documented, inter alia, by legendary prosecutor Vincent Bugliosi in his book and documentary titled “The Prosecution of an American President”.

Once again, arrogance coupled to ignorance and the greed and undue influence of the industrial military complex is threatening to subvert our right to know the truth and thereby effectively and democratically  prevent war.   The same cast of toxicity emanating actors is at work again, but this time we must be thankful that we at least have a President and Commander-in-Chief in the White House who is not about to buy into this madness.

Mr. Zarif was hugely persuasive and transparent in this intensive, assertive, and at times downright aggressive interview by Ann Curry.

In his perfect English, this man exhibits a character profile which comes across in a brilliant, cool, laid back, sincere, respectful,  and affable manner, and most importantly he addressed comprehensively and directly every single issue he was asked by Ann Curry.

Myth after myth generated for 23 years by the same right wing extremist cabal of neocons and revisionist Zionist misleaders of Israel were totally debunked in this highly informative and educational interview which should be viewed by all Americans, particularly young ones in their high schools.

Since 1992 (i.e. for 23 years) Mr. Netanyahu has had the temerity to hypocritically assert that Iran is only 2 to 4 years away from producing a nuclear bomb, while it is Israel which has clandestinely acquired an arsenal of nuclear weapons of mass destruction and, to boot, while it also refuses to sign on the nuclear non-proliferation treaty (NPT) and in addition has proliferated documentably the weaponization technology of fissile uranium refined to the needed 90% level needed for weaponization to the white supremacist Apartheid regime of South Africa in the 80’s (see, inter alia, the book  “The Unspoken Alliance : Israel’s Secret Relationship with Apartheid South African “, by Sasha Polakow-Suransky who holds a doctorate in modern history from Oxford University and who, by-the-way, happens to be of Jewish background).

It must be noted that Mr. Netanyahu has a long track record of not only being dishonest, but as well of being recklessly and lethally brutal in his grotesque collective punishment repression of the people of Palestine to the extend that there is a strong probability that now, at long last,  he will be facing an international justice tribunal for his crimes against the humanity of the Palestinians, for international law violations as regards the occupation of Palestinian lands invaded in 1967,  as well as for war crimes,  most particularly for the ones committed during the recent Gaza massacres which killed some 2,600 mostly unarmed civilians, a figure which includes about 500 children.

Mr. Netanyahu never was sincerely involved in U.S. brokered peace talks in fact, as this writer pointed out in previous Argentum Post articles,  he was caught on video stating to a family living in an illegally occupied settlement that he was  proud to have scuttled the Oslo peace talks.

So, it now becomes an imperative that the above noted complete 55 minute NBC exclusive interview of Iran’s Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif be broadcast and be otherwise disseminated to the people of the United States in particular, but of course to all people globally, as a war on Iran is an insane and utterly irrational threat which must not be empowered.

Mr. Zarif, as all rational humanist beings, whether secular or religious, abhors the notion that nuclear weapons be considered “deterrents” to war.

The United States is the most heavily nuclear armed nation in the world, the only one to ever use it, and yet this did not deter the 9/11 calamity, and neither can Israel deter the march of history and the United Nation and the International Criminal Court as they now move to impose draconian economic sanctions on Israel unless it once for all returns to pre-1967 borders to allow Palestinians to thereby establish their state in what will be in effect only 25% of its original lands which were taken in 1948 by Israel.

Our President must be applauded and supported in his decision to finally not intervene in the upcoming condemnation of Israel in the Security Council, a condemnation which now will be unanimous.


One thought on “It is Highly Deplorable that NBC Chose to Not Broadcast In Full on TV the Interview of Iran’s Foreign Minister Zarif

  1. Marie Estelle Spike says:

    All so sadly true! Keep on rescuing the truth from the TV/Radio propaganda factory!

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