In The Washington Post Article on South African Nuclear Plans the Secret Israel – Apartheid South Africa Collaboration is Conspicously Omitted


March 20, 2015 by Alfred

On its first page, The Washington Post published an excellent article on March 15, 2015 titled ” South African Nuclear Plans Unnerves U.S. “.

The article is constructively informative but it also is noteworthy in view of its conspicuous omission of the  fundamental historical fact that it was Israel which clandestinely for almost two decades was the enabling actor in the proliferation of the nuclear weaponization technology to Apartheid South Africa.

This reality of course, exposes the industrial strength hypocrisy and dishonesty of Netanyahu’s incendiary and destructive intrusion by collusion with 47 Republican senators in their outrageous attempt to sabotage President Obama’s nuclear talks with Iran which underlies a sinister and repulsive push for war on Iran on the same false claims which resulted in the calamitous war on Iraq on false grounds.

The reality of Israel’s long and close support in the development of nuclear energy weaponization support of the 1980’s era Apartheid regime of South Africa is amply documented in a plurality of sources, and most particularly so, in a book by Sasha Polakow-Suransky, a scholar who holds a doctorate in modern history from Oxford University.   Said book’s title is  “The Unspoken Alliance : Israel’s Secret Relationship with Apartheid South Africa.

During a conference at the National Press Club on April 16, 2014, this writer had the opportunity to posit/comment on the issue of Israel’s secretive collaboration with the Apartheid regime of South Africa .

In response, one of the distinguished speakers at said conference, namely Paul Pillar, a 28-year career officer in the US Intelligence Community,  confirmed that the CIA was aware of the detonation of a nuclear device underwater off the coast of South Africa at the time Israel’s arms industry had a secretive military partnership with the racist Apartheid regime of South Africa.  This writer’s question/comment and Paul Pillar’s reply were covered by a CSpan on video, as was the whole one day conference.

Said conference at the National Press Club was titled the “National Summit to Reassess the U.S.-Israel “Special” Relationship “.

While the Washington Post newspaper deserves praise for publishing this excellent report by  Douglas Birch and R. Jeffrey Smith of the prestigious Center for Public Integrity, it must be taken to task as regards to the glaring omission of Israel’s role in clandestinely acquiring an arsenal of nuclear WMD and to boot, then proliferating nuclear weaponization technology to the white supremacist South African Apartheid regime at a time when South Africa was invasively attacking Angola, a peaceful country which had struggled and succeeded to become independent from its ruthless colonial oppressor, Portugal, after the Movement for the Liberation of Angola, led by Agostinho Neto, who like Nelson Mandela, had been imprisoned by the Portuguese Salazar dictatorship.    Angola finally triumphed in its quest for independence only to then have to face the criminal aggression of Apartheid South Africa which was supported militarily by what is now the last Apartheid state in the world, namely Israel.

It is now an imperative that the fact of the omission of Israel’s role in this proliferation of nuclear weaponization technology no longer be continued to be tolerated.

The U.S. Constitution only mentions one institution which is vital to our democracy and that institution is the press.   Only a truly independent press can abide by its duty to respect the fundamental right of the American people to be fully informed so as to form a voting criterion which is not smeared by pernicious and  manipulative disinformation and/or omission of facts by the undue influence special interest groups which act and function like organized crime, since their toxic and manipulative cultural programmation aims to warp current reality and historical  reality by their political agendas driven objectives which in effect mock and thereby violate our Constitutional rights.

For the sake of integrity, honesty, and peaceful conflict resolution,  at a time when lran is being obsessively and  relentlessly  accused and vilified on the basis of documented falsehoods by war mongers comprising  the  present Israeli power structure in coordination with its mostly Republican neocon U.S. Congressmen  who are attempting to sabotage successful  diplomacy under way between the leaders of the U.S., France, Britain, Germany, Russia, and China, the American public has a right to be fully informed by its mainstream press about this reality which indeed adds insult to the injury of double-standarts  by the deliberate omission of relevant facts.


The unvarnished truth, and nothing but​ the truth, about Israel’s historical genesis, about its involvement in support of the subversion of democratically elected governments in, particularly Latin America and most particularly in the Central America support of dictatorships and in Pinochet’s Chile whereto Israel had engaged in lucrative arms transfers,  and its present collusion with right-wing extremists obstructionist members of our Congress who are literally hell-bent perversely on pursuing continuous military interventions in the Middle East for the sake of their delusional dominance strategy, must now be brought to an abrupt end, as these actors of destabilizing violence which elicit reprisal actors of destabilizing violence have now totally exposed themselves for being part of a major problem rather than being part of an honorable and peaceful solution.

The best non-violent means to bring this dysfunctional state of affairs to an end is the “Boycott, Disinvestment, and Sanctions” (BDS) approach which dismantled the Apartheid regime of South African and which can and will end the Apartheid regime of Israel, so that a long era of healing reconstruction in Palestine and elsewhere can be ushered in, an era during which, in the words of inspiring, legendary, progressive, humanist, and devoted Rabbi Lerner, editor of the Tikkun Daily,  the eradication of the “Strategy of Dominance” will be substituted for an era characterized as one of the “Strategy of Generosity“.

Just as violence generates violence, generosity like harmony, tolerance, and peace are contagious and generate more generosity, harmony, tolerance and peace.

War is not the solution of even the ISIS phenomenon, quite the contrary, it stokes the flames of violence.   Generosity and non-interventionism but readiness for humanitarian, educational, technical, scientific, and financial support will deter and modify ISIS by, inter alia, evaporating its political support and eliminating its raison d’être.


2 thoughts on “In The Washington Post Article on South African Nuclear Plans the Secret Israel – Apartheid South Africa Collaboration is Conspicously Omitted

  1. aliceny says:

    I wonder how many people are aware that Israel’s defense forces have surrounded their country with many nuclear sites, armed and ready. The largest and closest site, Dimona, is just a short distance southwest of Jerusalem. And yet–their current government still wants Americans to do their killing for them (boots on the ground, advisors, intelligence personnel and, not least, billions of dollars in American tax dollars each year) against Iran and any other perceived enemy they feel is a threat.

    Why do we refuse to see or to admit these truths??????????????????. Because our media is controlled by Israeli-paid interests (most significant and effective of which is AIPAC).

    • Fred says:

      Excellent comment, Aliceny. I wrote the narrative for a public access TV video on Mordechai Vanunu. He blew the whistle on Dimona and eventually was abducted in Italy, whisked to Israel where he was put into solitary confinement for 11 years. He still cannot leave Israel to join his brother in Australia.

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