Iran and Palestine Can Not and Must Not be Mendaciously Vilified by Its Fear and Hate Agenda Driven Detractors


April 10, 2015 by Alfred

At long last, thanks to the P5+1 framework agreement on the Iran nuclear issue, a major historical breakthrough occurred which happened just one day after another major historical breakthrough took place, namely Palestine’s joining  of the International Criminal Court (ICC).

In view of these events and much more, the relentless, ranting, mendacious war agenda driven hate and fear mongers lead by the now totally exposed and disgraced Prime Minister of Israel, Benjamin Netanyahu, and his revisionist Zionist right-wing extremist which comprise the mostly U.S. Republican neocon partners, must be now relegated to total  irrelevance, but the authors of these repulsively destructive attempts to vandalize peace negotiations must be held accountable.

Their psychological and intellectual manipulation of masses of uninformed people by their adulteration of historical reality, has literally run aground by their colossal loss of any credibility they had left after decades of obsessively repetitive hyperbolic utterances of falsehoods in their vain attempts to vilify the victims of imperial aggression which the people and governments of Palestine and Iran have had to endure going back to (a) 1948 when Israel came violently into existence as a controversial violent nationalization of embodiment of a the Judaic religion, and going back (b) to 1953 when the Anglo/American alliance crushed the Iranian democracy led by Mossadegh of the Tudeh (socialist) party, an event which was followed up by the same Anglo/American supported installation of the tyranny of the Shah in Iran, and by the bizarre implantation of the Judaic religion’s state embodiment on 75% of the land of the Palestinians.

Fast forward to 2001, when a band of criminal most predominantly Saudi Arabians attacked and destroyed the World Trade Center on September 11.

This horrific event was immediately opportunistically exploited by the Cheney-Bush-Rumsfeld neocon regime to invent the notion that an “axis of evil” made up of Iraq, Cuba, and Iran was to be held bizarrely accountable when no documented evidence existed then nor exists now today to support this perverse distortion of facts.   Again, these demagogues must be held accountable for the trillion dollar wars of massive Iraqi and American bloodshed which is still occurring and may reoccur if we do not follow through with the end of decades and decades of militaristic power projection for hegemon dominance.

In the case of Israel’s violent implantation in Palestine, the perpetrators engaged in the mendacious game of portraying themselves as “victims” while in reality were perpetrators of a colonial oppression, particularly after attacking Egypt in 1967 purporting falsely that some military maneuvers by tanks in Egypt’s Sinai desert constituted some existential threat to Israel.   To this day they continue to be the perpetrators of barbaric military attacks on Palestinians in Palestine as well as in refugee camps in Lebanon, and now in Yarmouk, Syria, Palestinin refugees continue to be attacked, this time by the Daish (the proper characterization of the improperly characterized “Islamic State” which is neither.

So, while engaging  endless provocations such as thousands of house demolitions, massacres, land invasions, and international law violating illegal settlements establishments, all of which have continue presently, and have recently culminated in the Gaza massacres which killed more than 2,000 unarmed civilians, including 500 children, many of who were taking refuge in United Nation schools, Netanyahu had the perverse temerity to state that “ISIS and Palestine and Iran are the same“.

In the case of 9/11, we the people of the United States were the real victims, but our misleaders used this tragedy as an excuse to initiate a vicious cycle of blood and treasury hemorrhaging  wars in lands which had nothing to do with 9/11 which continue to this day, fourteen years later.

These wars benefited exclusively the industrial-military complex and its 0.1% billionaire investors who rendered our democracy non-participative and ineffective in curbing the military corporate take over the internal levers of control of government in a massive project of redirection of our taxpayers funds from health, education, social security, infra-structure maintenance, to a so-called “defense” program which is offensive and which costs more than that combined costs of defense spending by all nations  of the globe combined, with the international law violating Israel so-called “state” and the bloody dictatorship of General Sissi being the recipients of more military aid than that of the rest of countries of the world.

Two sources which delve into the vicissitudes of the reality of what this writer cites in the supra paragraph can be found in a plethora of scholarly writings by nationally and internationally well-known authors.  To wit, the brilliant and highly scholarly works of the following two authors, professors of academia, investigative journalists can be mentioned and they are Christopher Hedges, most particularly his speech titled “Earth at Risk”, a clip of which can be seen in this video and the in-toto event can be accessed via LinkTV, and Richard D. Wolff in his speech titled “Alternate Solutions to Capitalism” which is also offered by LinkTV and has been broadcast by Free Speech TV

Just after the recent barbaric massacres in the blockaded territory of Gaza, our so-called “ally” Saudi Arabia, is now, with U.S. intelligence guidance,  carrying out similarly barbaric massive air bombardment killings at night of unarmed civilians in Yemen.

Saudi Arabia also, in March of 2011, invaded Bahrain and without any U.S. criticism attacked and killed democracy activists there while the Bahraini authoritarian ruthless elite arrested physicians and nurses for the “crime” of tending to the dire needs of the unarmed civilians there.

This is just a brief synopsis of a state of affairs which has evolved into a debacle of nightmarish proportions as a direct result of hegemonic militarist power projection for dominance by the U.S. and Israel in the Middle East.

It goes without saying that credit must be given to President Obama, along with our European partners, as well as to reformist President Rouahni of Iran, and to also reformist Pope Francis, for the recent positive effects of statesmanlike diplomacy which has resulted in the major historical breakthroughs as regards to the cessation of our half century of aggression and embargo on Cuba, and as regards to Iran with the cessation of unwarranted hostility against that country, and it must be also be noted that the 133 countries of the world which recognize Palestine as a state and which voted to support  Palestine’s joining the UN and UNESCO in their role in support of peaceful conflict resolution equally deserve the recognition that naturally is expected for countries which have so unjustly been punished for daring to resist imperial aggression and to chart their own development methodology.

With this prologue, this writer proceeds to provide documentation of a small number of exemplary facts which the mainstream corporate media either deliberately decides to not report on, or which it underreports, or which it tendentiously misreports, thereby further warping our understanding of the reality of particularly the present complexity of the ruinous bloodshed and destruction of property and cultural heritage in the Middle East.

This dereliction of duty to inform comprehensively and objectively with proper contextualization and genesis of the series of conflicts engulfing the Middle East by our mainstream media is dangerous in that it prevents educational material from reaching the average American as a result of the conspicuous absence in our society of a department of culture which should  enforce our Constitutional right to have our democracy served and protected by an information institution which is independent of the corporate guidelines which control our commercial media in detriment to our right to better educated and informed to improve our criterion to chose the leaders that can best serve us in our quest to regain a semblance of participative democracy.

At the onset of the succinct provision of facts not reported by the mainstream media, it should be noted that when Israeli PM Netanyahu carried out his incursion on our Congress building as a result of his collusion with the Republican House leadership, while ignoring and thereby offending our President since his speech was designed to damage the delicate Iran diplomacy being conducted by our President and by the leaders of Germany, France, Britain, Russia, and China, Senator Tom Cotton who spearheaded the President’s diplomacy sabotaging letter signed by 47 Republican Senators, declared arrogantly and totally ignorantly that “…Iran must be stopped because they already control Tehran…”, obviously assuming that Tehran is some nation in the Middle East.

In fact however, Iran has not been involved in any invasion in the last 250 years, but historical facts such as these will not get in the way of the intellectually and ethically bankrupt Iran vilifying propagandists.  This statement occurred during an interview by Bob Schieffer of CBS’s Face the Nation.  Bob Schieffer did not call this idiocy to the attention of Senator Tom Cotton, as he should have.

So what follows is just a short list of some of the inaccuracies which the mainstream media either perpetuates or some of the historical facts it decides to ignore.

Hamas is not a “terrorist organization”.  It is a political party, which has gained control of Gaza by legitimate democratic means, during an election which was witnessed by former President Carter.  In fact the Carter Center monitored the election of Hamas in Gaza and reported on Israel’s attempt to sabotage it.  Also, the prestigious Jewish organization called  Jewish Voices for Peace (JVP) has reported on background of Hamas’ legitimate election.

The Houthi rebels in Yemen are not Shiites, they are tribal Zadis and Iran is NOT supporting the Houthi rebels, yet the mainstream media continues to use the term “Iran supported” Houthi rebels.   Investigative journalist and author Chris Hedges, inter alia, debunked this myth.

Hezbollah, contrary to mainstream media mantra, is not a “terrorist organization”. It is part and parcel of Lebanese society composed of physicians, nurses, engineers, students, clerics, and others who have organized themselves to provide social services, just as the Moslem Brotherhood did in Egypt peaceful for decades notwithstanding repression by the Mubarak dictatorship, and now by the General Sissi murderous authoritarian rule.

In the case of Hezbollah it has created and armed wing to provide the Lebanese with protection against the invasions of southern Lebanon in the 80’s when in pursuit of Palestinians in Lebanon, Israel carried a massacre of innocent civilians, which numbered in the tenths of thousands.  Any cursory search engine will reveal the atrocities Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon committed when Israel had occupied parts of Southern Lebanon and he gave the green light for the massacre of entire families in the camps of Sabra and Shatila.

Israel has been cited as being supportive of al Nousra, an Al Qaeda linked terrorist group operating near the border of the Golan Heights, a Syrian territory which Israel invaded and occupied in 1967.

While it is a brazen lie for Israel PM to declare that he represents all Jews, the reality is that  he does not even speak for a majority of Jews and furthermore this writer has become friends with Orthodox Jews as tenths of their representatives  were present during all recent anti-Netanyahu protests in front of the White House, in front of the Israeli embassy, and in on the West Lawn of the Capitol building, and not once was there the due mainstream media coverage of this reality.

More noteworthy was the March 3, 2015 anti-Netanyahu demonstration by thousands of Orthodox jews in New York City during an ice and snow storm.  The mainstream media black out of such events is profoundly concerning and seems to reflect a veritable conspiracy of silence as regards to the rejection by members of the Jewish communities of all strata of the members of the Jewish communities in the U.S. and abroad.

On March 7, 2014 the Council for the National Interest sponsored an all day conference at the prestigious National Press Club which this writer attended, and which was titled the “National Summit to Reassess the U.S.- Israel “Special” Relationship.   While CSpan did record this historic event, this writer is not aware of any mainstream media coverage thereof, even though, a year later our very President is most probably and hopefully seriously entertaining the need for such a reassessment in view of the total exposure of the charade that the so-called “peace talks” have been all along as we have now documented evidence which the Argentum Post published in the form of a video featuring PM Netanyahu declaring to a group of illegal settlers that he was proud to have scuttled the Oslo peace talks. 

Tomorrow, on April 10, 2015, at the same National Press Club, there will be another conference on a subject which will probably also not be given the due coverage in by the mainstream media and this one deals with the reality of the undue influence on our corruptible politicians and hence on our foreign policy and diplomacy prestige and credibility as a result of the undue influence of the American Israeli Public Affairs Committee AIPAC unfettered capacity to warp what should be our national interest priorities in ways that are detrimental to our national security in view of Israel’s refusal to abide by international law and by the Geneva Convention laws.

Finally last but not least, the mainstream media has not reported on the clandestine acquisition by Israel of nuclear weapons of mass destruction in 1969 as result of a secret agreement between our disgraced former President Nixon and Israel’s PM Golda Meyer whose had the temerity to declare that “…there is no such thing as the state of Palestine…”.

Israel furthermore has decided to not report the well documented fact that not only does Israel refuse to sign on to the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT), but it has documentably  secretly proliferated the weaponization of nuclear energy technology to the Apartheid white supremacist regime of South Africa and has worked closely with said racist regime on military cooperation matters which included the detonation of a nuclear device under water off the coast of South African, an event which according to a response to a question  this writer posed to a 28 year career intelligence analyst at the CIA, which confirmed that the agency was aware of.

The occasion when this writer posed said question and the analyst’s reply were covered by CSpan during the afore-mentioned all day conference at the National Press Club on the subject of the National Summit to Reassess the U.S.- Israel “Special” Relationship.

One source for the documentation of what is stated in the supra paragraph is found in the book by Jewish author Sasha Polakow-Suransky titled “The Unspoken Alliance : Israel’s Secret Relationship with Apartheid South Africa”.

The decade and a half in the 80’s Israel was  not only cooperating militarily with the odious racist regime of South Africa but was as well selling weapons to the facist dictatorships of Chile and Guatemala.

The American people deserve better.   We deserve to be at least as seriously and throughly informed without corporate and political filters imposed on us by the invisible powers that be who manage news on the basis of idea-political hidden agendas and to boot dilute the evening television news with infotainment and soap operatic content.






3 thoughts on “Iran and Palestine Can Not and Must Not be Mendaciously Vilified by Its Fear and Hate Agenda Driven Detractors

  1. Michael Corey says:

    Powerful argument…I am tired of the “Chicken Little” attitude of Congress!

  2. Marie Spike says:

    Hi Alfred,

    Another excellent article; however, the axis of evil was Iraq, Iran and N. Korea (not Cuba). Also, with respect to 9/11, if they didn’t plan it themselves, they most definitely knew it was going to happen and did nothing to prevent it. NORAD was ordered to stand down that day, which most definitely allowed the Pentagon to be hit. Nothing can get near the Pentagon unless we allow it. The Towers came down because of a controlled demolition.

    Hugs, Marie

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