At Long Last Jewish and Other Humanistic and Rational Voices of Peaceful Conflict Resolution Are Widely Heard and Demand an End to Israel’s Apartheid Regime


April 25, 2015 by Alfred

The supra very applicable cartoon by Mike Luckovitch of the Atlanta Journal Constitution was recently commendably published by The Washington Post.

Critical mass has at long last been finally reached, nationally and globally, to end tolerance of Israel’s shameful  outlaw behavior which in effect now characterizes it as the world’s only  Apartheid state which stands additionally in violation of international law by virtue of its illegal occupation of what is left of Palestine after its loss 75% of territory to the morphing of the Judaic religion into a state on the basis of ancient Hebrew bible’s Deuteronomy 6:10-12 where God tells Moses he can lead his people to a land where there are trees and houses which were neither planted nor build by Moses’s people.

The proverbial straw was reached by the horrific massacres the Prime Minister of Israel, Benjamin Netanyahu, has recklessly unleashed brutally on the Palestinians in Gaza and in addition to the bizarre  spectacle of the collusion of this mythomane and hegemon misleader of Israel  with the corrupted mostly Republican neocon right-wing extremists in our Congress who had the company of some some neoliberal Democratic unprincipled opportunists, most notably Senator Menendez who has been now indicted on multiple counts of corruption for which he could serve years in prison.

These Congressmen totally disgraced themselves in their disgusting attempt to sabotage President Obama’s successful display of statesmanship and diplomacy, in his now successful quest to, along with, the leaders of Britain, France, Germany, Russia, and China,  arrive at a framework agreement on Iran’s right to use nuclear energy for peaceful application.

The President’s achievement is a major historical step in the direction of normalization with Iran which has been relentlessly and dishonestly vilified as some kind of “terrorism sponsoring” state, a myth which has been totally debunked by scholars and investigative independent journalist, such as, e.g., Chris Hedges.

Iran has not invaded any country in the last 250 years, and Iran’s relationship with Hezbollah is legit imitate inasmuch Hezbollah is a movement and a political party which was formed in response to Israel’s invasion in the mid 1980’s in its pursuit of Palestinians in refugee camps whereto they were forced to escape as a result of the 1948 imposition of Israel on them.  That invasion alone caused the death of some 17 thousand Palestinians and Lebanese.    The same applies to Iran’s friendly relationship to the leaders of Gaza who were elected to office in an election monitored by the Carter Center.  Also, there is no direct intervention in Yemen by Iran on behalf of the Houthis who are not “terrorists” and had proposed a political settlement to their quest to have the Saudi Arabia imposed leadership of Hadi resign.

It is also a brazen lie that Iran intends to destroy Israel.    Some officials in Iran have critiqued the regime of Israel which demands it be recognized as a “Jewish State”.  This criticism is share by countless rational, humanist, Jews in and out of Israel, including as well by orthodox Jews who correctly maintain that Judaism is a religion and not a state entity. This is a valid intellectual argument.   To distort it for the objective of vilifying Iran by suggesting in an inflammatory comparison of Iran to Nazi Germany is literally insane and insultingly dishonest, as thousands of Jews are alive and well living in Iran and have not intention of emigrating therefrom.

This writer attended recently two, one day long, conferences at the National Press Club, which are sponsored by a coalition of prestigious organizations such as the Center for National Interest Foundation,  If Americans Knew, The Washington Report on Middle East Affairs, and others.

These conferences have had among the panels of speakers, officials of our foreign service, of our intelligence communities, as well as a host of internationally known scholars and/or investigative journalists.

Both conferences had as objectives to analyze and expose the grotesque and complex web of undue influences of Israel’s extremist revisionist Zionist special interests on our foreign policies for decades, influences which particularly now as a result of the Citizen’s United vs. Federal Election Commission decision have given the green light for corrupted right-wing politicians to threaten the pursuit of our national best interests abroad to the extend that they have become national security threats as they have spawned a vicious cycle of seemingly endless wasteful and disastrous projections of our military resources which have in turn resulted in a colossal hemorrhage of blood and treasury which have now reached an unsustainable and intolerable level.

The first event took place on March 7, 2014 and was titled the “National Summit to Reassess the U.S.-Israel “Special” Relationship.   This event was reported on by this writer and the CSpan video of it was included in said report.

The second event took place on April 10, 2015 and was titled “The Israel Lobby : Is It Good for the U.S. ? Is It Good for Israel?”.  The answer indisputably is NO on both counts.

This event was to be covered by CSpan, however, ironically and outrageously, due to the undue influence of the ADL, it pulled out at the last-minute.   The event was still covered in its totality though, and may be viewed by the readers of this article.   Ralph Nader commented on the Press Black Out .

What is positively noteworthy is that these event’s panels include such high integrity and international known Jews as Gideon Levy, a columnist for the Israeli daily Haaretz,  M.J. Rosenberg, a writer primarily on matters relating to Israel and regular contributor to The Nation, Dr. Alice Rothchild, a Boston-based physician, author, and filmmaker who has focused on human rights and social justice in the Israel/Palestine conflict, and an active member of Jewish Voices for Peace, an organization which this writer also supports.

As we approach the beginning of the 2016 presidential campaign, the Republican Jewish Coalition (RJC), a right-wing advocacy group which fits right into the AIPAC’s undue influence in our failing democracy, is now awash in millions of dollars, as they have cleverly exploited the rift that occurred between Israel’s misleader Netanyahu who admitted to have been proud to scuttle the Oslo Peace talks and never sincerely had an interest in peace talks with the autochthonous Palestinians whose 75% of their rightful lands were violently taken over in 1948 and then, to add insult to injury literally, had their remaining 25% territory occupied in 1967 on the false pretext that Egypt was about to attack Israel, something which PM Begin and PM Ariel Sharon used to mete out Kafkaesquelly perverse punishment on all Palestinians, in their quest for “The Ethnic Cleansing of Palestine” – the title of a book by legendary scholarly Israeli historian Illan Pappe.

All of the more than 20 panelists, were individuals whose backgrounds are unassailable and whose genuine dedication to peace and justice are extraordinarily inspiring.

Human voices clamoring for peace and justice are increasingly directing their message to the demand that Israel be held now accountable to the United Nations and most importantly that Benjamin Netanyahu, not his subordinate militarily officers, be indicted by the International Criminal Court.

There is now a unholly axis of destructiveness coalescing between the Israeli power structure, the Saudi Arabian dictators (euphemistically and quaintly characterized as “Princes”), who are now carrying out massacres in Yemen as Israel did it Gaza recently, and the murderous regime of General al-Sissi of Egypt whose regime is sentencing innocent people, including journalists, to prison time, some as long as 30 years, and also to death, by judgmental decree aligned with the criminal powers that be, all the while, incredibly, still being the recipient of  $ 1.7 billion dollars of our taxpayers funds.

This state of affairs reflects in reality that our capitalistic run-amok system of the “Best Democracy Money Can Buy” – title of a book by  Greg Palast – now reached a sociopathic character, as it is run by an invisible elite of the 0.1% billionaires, who along with industrial-military complex which former President Eisenhower warned the American people about, is misleading us to endless wars which deflect trillions of dollars badly needed and deserved by Americans in their “pursuit of happiness”  by the reasonable expectation of a decent single-payer health care system, of a decent sustainable social security retirement income, of badly needed infrastructural repair and maintenance, and a whole host of systemic reforms which will allow us to reclaim a modicum of a genuine democracy, one which will redistribute equitably rights and obligations so that the poor gain hope of moving out of poverty again, the middle class stops sliding into poverty, and the rich will begin to cease to continue to be obscenely rich and use their wealth to corrode our democracy and usurp power in a continuously insidiously process which resembles an evolutionary coup d’etat.

None of these objectives will be reached if we have to go through yet another Bush vs Clinton rerun circus show charade with either winner rending our people the losers.

6 thoughts on “At Long Last Jewish and Other Humanistic and Rational Voices of Peaceful Conflict Resolution Are Widely Heard and Demand an End to Israel’s Apartheid Regime

  1. Marie Estelle Spike says:

    I feel like we’re a very small fleet of icebreakers chipping away at a mammoth iceberg, but we’re doing it. Thanks for another passionate and powerful outcry!

  2. Pericles Stussi says:

    The spurious tapestry of lies and misrepresentation woven by the Israeli leadership that dazzle the world with false glitter is beginning to unravel Strand by strand it is coming apart thanks to your efforts along with many others. It takes relentless effort to unravel it all. After all, the best tapestry always came from Persia!

  3. Andresglue says:

    Good stuff…funny cartoon

    via mobile


  4. aliceny says:

    This is excellent, Fred. Your presentation here is among your best and most convincing writing that I have read on this crucial subject. It is factual, well documented, crisp and decisive. You got all your ducks in a row and whittled them down factually and appropriately.

    The odds against peace in the Middle East, particularly between the Palestinians and the current Israeli Zionist leadership, Netanyahu’s criminal theft of indiginous Palestinian lands and his blatant human rights violations that border on mass genocide seem almost astronomical, insurmountable.

    There are hopeful signs, however, that the Europeans in particular are beginning to be heard from. The U.N. is an embarrassing joke so I do not look for that entity to find its backbone to refute or to punish Israel’s illegal activities. They have coddled Israel and have, in effect, sanctioned their inhumane, illegal actions.

    Our nation continues to act the whore and evil incarnate through all of this most recent (1945-present) history in that region. The emergent lineup for our 2016 election campaign does not look hopeful: same old faces (dynasties), hate-filled right wing blocs, all with no indications that the status quo will change for the better toward a just settlement and peace, more and more illegal dirty money seeping into campaign coffers from the select few ‘puppet masters.’

    For me, as a citizen in what used to be known as a free democracy, the failure of our elected Congress to act justly, to cease abetting Israel’s crimes by funding its government with our taxpayer money, and to consistently refuse to recognize and protect the human rights of all peoples who are living under the cruel boot of totalitarian governments – insisting that they are within their ‘rights’ as they cite erroneous ancient historical (and debatable) ‘facts’ is the worst offense in this whole dangerous situation.

    Thank you, Fred, for rising – once again – to the defense of the defenseless.
    Take a deep breath, and continue to man the ramparts of righteousness!

    • Fred says:

      Thank you for your superb and comprehensive comment which further elaborates so creatively and incisively this subject.
      Also, of course, I am flattered and honored in the way you appreciate what I do and how I do it.
      Sadly, I must agree with you about woeful shortcomings of the United Nations. My first article was about the dire need to reform and democratize the Security Council so that the club of four and then five nuclear armed states do not enjoy supremacy and veto power.

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