Finally a Synergy of “Breaking the Silence” Report by Israeli Soldiers and Officers, Coupled to U.N. and International Criminal Court Action Will Hold Israel Accountable


May 7, 2015 by Alfred

At long last the day of reckoning is most rapidly approaching for Israel’s revisionist Zionist misleadership regime which is now officially into its Apartheid phase character.

After some six decades  of barbaric crimes against the humanity of the autochthonous Palestinians by the confluence of Western oil interests in the Middle East coupled to revisionist Zionist public perspective shaping and propaganda, and the relentless veritable conspiracies of silence,  in coordination with, particularly after 1967, the U.S. corrupted politicians who have become addicted to the undue influence of the Israel lobby, an invigorated approach of zero tolerance for the status quo ante is developing, due in part to last summer’s massive and indiscriminate massacres in Gaza.

This approach is most particularly strengthened now, as decent, humanist, progressive Jews, including Orthodox Jews,     join the millions of other people who nationally and globally condemn these aggressions and therefore support the Boycott, Divestment, Sanctions (BDS) program to end the Israeli aggression and its Apartheid state character.

The confluence of the stunning revelations by 60 members of a group of Israeli soldiers and military officers in the carefully documented form of a 240 page report which includes testimonies and video exposing the horrendous massacres in Gaza in coordination with the arrival of the Head of the Palestinian Mission, Nabil Abuznaid, to the International Criminal Court (ICC) in the Hague, and with the pronouncements by the former U.N. Rapporteur on Human Rights, John Dugard, will unquestionably end the tolerance for the Netanyahu regime tactic of stalling and sabotaging of so-called “peace talks” while all along giving the now 700,000 invaders of illegally settled Palestinian lands to continue to consolidate themselves in their unsustainable status.

John Dugard declared that the crimes against the humanity and the violations of international law by Israel’s Apartheid regime are infinitely more serious than that of the Apartheid regime of South Africa.

The spokesman for the Breaking the Silence group, Avner Gvaryahu, declared that when the tank commanders asked their superiors how they would distinguish the militants in Gaza from the innocent civilians, the standard reply would be “there are no innocent civilians” there.   Gaza is, a giant concentration camp of some 2.1 million people.     To this day, after last year’s 18,000 home destructions by the Israelis, not a single home was rebuilt because Israel blocks the shipment of concrete and steel reinforcement rods to Gaza.

At a time when Britain, under their people’s effective democratic pressure, is withdrawing from wasteful, counter-productive, military power projections in the Middle East and elsewhere, both neocon and neoliberal Congressional politicians render our nation more isolated than ever, both politically and militarily, as we continue to be enablers not only of the crimes against humanity and of international law by Israel, but as well as those being committed now by General al-Sissi in Egypt against its own people, and now, of the massive bombing of Yemen by our “ally” Saudi Arabia.

This state of affairs, which deflects trillions of our taxpayer’s funds away from infrastructure projects, public health, education for the benefit of the industrial military complex as a result of special interest undue influence groups on our corrupted politicians of the nation’s 0.1%, is a major catastrophic disgrace which is ruining our nation and all but has eroded the influence  of our democratic vote.

The “Israel can-do-no-wrong” or “Israel has a right to defend itself” invocation/stance is irrational and dishonest.

The Kafkaesque punishments meted out by Israel and the U.S. on Palestine as it joined UNESCO and now, as it has joined the International Criminal Court are bizarre, and our refusal to join said International Criminal Court is incomprehensible.

Peaceful conflict resolutions can only be arrived at by negotiations, boycotts, divestments, and sanctions.     Senator McCain’s et al. “bomb, bomb, bomb…” proposal constitutes sheer and repulsive insanity.

To buttress the contentions presented by this writer in the this article, readers are urged to view the May 5, 2015 segment of interviews by Amy Goodman via her prestigious Democracy Now program which elaborates on the supra referred to developments which, as usual, are either suppressed by the mainstream media or are underreported by being relegated to some 4 square inch digest.

One thought on “Finally a Synergy of “Breaking the Silence” Report by Israeli Soldiers and Officers, Coupled to U.N. and International Criminal Court Action Will Hold Israel Accountable

  1. aliceny says:

    Kudos and blessings to you Fred. The second paragraph, especially, says it all – in honest historical fact, no euphemisms or ambiguity used to deflect or hide the truth. You have said things here that very few courageous people with integrity whom I have read in the past few years would dare to say. Thank you.
    Welcome to my heroes club!

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