Pamela Geller and Her “American Freedom Defense Initiative” Expected Violence Generating Message is NOT an Exercise in Freedom of Speech


May 9, 2015 by Alfred

Relentlessly Pam Geller and her American Freedom Defense Initiative (AFDI) have used as a ruse and abused our constitutionally protected freedom of speech rights, by stoking the flames of hatred and violence in their viciously inflammatory use of fighting words, while being fully aware that such hate expressions have a high probability of resulting in violent confrontations.

The AFDI being aware that they were provoking violence, have decided to hire 40 armed private guards to protect them in an event they organized in Garland, Texas.

The event was a contest which would award to the individual who would draw the most blasphemous and vulgar cartoon depiction of the highest prophet of the Islamic religion, the sum of about $ 10,000 dollars.

As expected, violence did materialize and two deaths occurred.  No one can excuse the perpetrators of the violence but everyone aware of Constitutional case law, must condemn this hate group which the AFDI is, and was characterized as such by the prestigious Southern Poverty Law Center.

As expected, violence did materialize and it resulted in two deaths.

The guards did not ward off the violence, law enforcement had to intervene at a  great risk to their own security.   All of this was avoidable.

In the recent past the AFDI created and posted racist ads in our public collective transportation  vehicles and stations which suggested that Israelis are “civilized” and Arabs are “savages”.

These messages do not constitute an exercise of “freedom of speech”.

Contrariwise the messages and drawings use of what legally is characterized as “fighting words” and constitutes therefore an exercise of freedom of speech misuse and abuse,  one which clearly and expressly is not covered by our First Amendment protected speech.

A criminal conviction for causing a breach of the peace through the use of “fighting words” does not violate the Free Speech guarantee of the First Amendment.

Pam Geller and the AFDI must be held accountable for their violation of Constitutional law.  The AFCI is brazenly committing criminal acts in their effort to propagandize a vicious and dishonest agenda in what they deem to be in support of Israel.  With friends such as these Israel does not need any enemies.

The writer of this letter is, documentably,  a direct descendant of Holocaust surviving parents, in case this happens to be of interest to some.

2 thoughts on “Pamela Geller and Her “American Freedom Defense Initiative” Expected Violence Generating Message is NOT an Exercise in Freedom of Speech

  1. Marie Estelle Spike says:

    Thanks again for writing such an insightful and timely article about yet another critical issue. I’m sharing it on Twitter and Facebook.

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