Pope Francis Pact With the State of Palestine is Highly Commendable


May 14, 2015 by Alfred

First the 18 months of secret negotiations between Obama, Castro, and Pope Francis which led to the beginning of the normalization of relations between the United States and Cuba, and now, following this historical momentum, comes  Pope Francis signing of a treaty reaffirming Palestinian statehood, which benefits all genuinely concerned with a peaceful solution to the Israel in Palestine generated conflict.

Pope Francis deserves more than kudos for his dedication to reconciliation, peace, and justice.  He deserves consideration for the Noble Peace Prize.

This Pope is being inspirational to people of all faiths as well as to people who, as this writer, guide themselves by the principles and values os “secular humanism”.

This historical agreement benefits Christians in Palestine,  Jews in Palestine/Israel, and the Palestinians who have  been the victims of monstrous oppression, theft, expulsion, house demolitions, and mass murder as the world witnessed during last Summer’s Netanyahu’s ordered massacres in Gaza.

Among Christians in Palestine, one of the most legendary, bright,  official is Hanan Ashwari. She has been a continuous, patient, respectful, diplomatic negotiator striving to reconcile Moslems, Jews, Christians, and Seculars so as to achieve strength by unity in support of an end to the conflict which has now lasted 67 years, since the 1948 Al Naqba, when close to one million Palestinians were forced off their rightful homes and land.

Contrary to the dishonest propagandist slanderous adulterations of history, this conflict was never based on hatred between Christians, Jews, and Moslems.  It has everything to do with imperialistic British colonialism prior to 1948, and after 1967 with U.S. neocon and neoliberal interventionism fostered by the revisionist Zionist ideologues, as opposed to Jews per se, and by the pursuit of control for fossil fuel, which has fueled total deference and tolerance by the US of such tyrannical and corrupt dictatorships such as the Egyptian, Saudi Arabian, Bharaini, United Arab Emirates.

The main objective of this short article is to denounce the words of the president of the Zionist Organization of America (ZOA), Mort Klein, who in response to Pope Francis’ noble support for and agreement with the Palestinian leadership, had the audacity to declare the following.

I’m shocked by the pope’s appeasement and collapsing in the face of radical Muslims.   I believe this is appeasing radical Muslims in an attempt to mitigate the continuing murdering of Christians in Africa and the Middle East“.   Klein then added that the move represents a resurgence of “the historical Catholic enmity towards Jews“.

To characterize this hate and fear mongering declaration as imbecilic would be too kind as it would simply presuppose ignorance.

This declaration reflects the quintessential embodiment of an ideology which insidiously is dedicated to mold perspectives by attempting to culturally program the uninformed in order to divide and conquer and greedily generate monetary and political capital, all along acting out the role of victim to camouflage the real role of perpetrator.

Mr. Mort Klein is harmful not only to the human rights of Palestinians, but to the best interests of the world’s, as well and Israel’s,  best Jews, who he offends as much or more as he offends all genuine Christians and not just Catholics.

It is no longer possible to tarnish critics of the revisionist Zionist pernicious ideology as being “anti-Semitic” or “self-hating Jews”.   These cheap accusations bereft of historical and legal legitimacy have expired.

It is high time that a conflict solution for the Israeli-Palestine generated conflict be reached and the seed of the solution lies in the practical as well as ideal conversion of Israel into an integral component of a vibrant Palestinian democracy where to it is Palestinians who will have  right to return wherefrom they were evicted since 1948.

Only the UN in cooperation with the EU, US, and a multiplicity of additional governmental and NGO’s, coupled to ruling by the International Criminal Court, will realistically and sustainably usher in a new era of cooperative coexistence for all living equally under the law  in an invigorated and united Palestine whose internal walls will be celebratively demolished so that co-healing, co-reconstruction, and co-creation can take the place of the present unsustainable Apartheid state with its Gaza 2 million people massive concentration camp inferno.

For those not acquainted with this writer’s background, let it suffice to state that he is the son of parents who survived the Nazi genocides against Jews and others, and that his grandfather left the USSR to live happily in Haifa, Palestine wherefrom he departed for Brazil  after the 1948 take over of 75% of Palestine’s territory in events which generated the conflict which we currently witness.


3 thoughts on “Pope Francis Pact With the State of Palestine is Highly Commendable

  1. Elam Daniel says:

    O Papa “Chiquinho” é um Papa da melhor qualidade, a ainda por cima é nosso vizinho.

    Um abraço


    Date: Thu, 14 May 2015 19:40:34 +0000 To: elamdaniel@gmail.com

  2. Marie Estelle Spike says:

    Finally, a Pope who is a true humanitarian!

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