No More U.S. Military and Other Aid to Pariah States Such as Egypt and Israel


May 18, 2015 by Alfred

“We the people”, including all decent liberals, conservatives, Christians, Jews, and Secular Humanists, have the fundamental right to demand an immediate cessation of the funding, with our hard-earned taxpayer’s money, of literally  outcast, outlaw, states which commit literally murder and worse,  occupations and massacres,  in direct and brazen violation of international law.

To refine the definition of “liberals” and “conservatives” it suffices to exclude those who fall under the rubric of so-called ideo-political neoconservative (predominantly Republican corrupted Congressional politicians and their undue influence bribers now enhanced by in their bribery by Citizens United v. FEC) as well as neoliberals (a much more reduced number of Democrats who are equally corrupted Congressional politicians who are responsive to the same undue influence of their bribers now enhanced by Citizens United v. FEC).

To refine the definition of “decent” Christians, Jews, and Secular Humanist, it suffices to categorize them as the progressives and humanists ones who support peaceful conflict resolutions and are opposed to the endless wars and military power projections, particularly in the burning Middle East, where, by being beholden to Wall Street,  and “military industrial complex” pernicious neoimperial agendas, who are literally stoking the fires of violence in ways that are in direct opposition to our best national interests and in ways which result in intolerable levels of treasury and blood hemorrhages.  It goes without saying the the extremist, fundamentalist, violent, religionists of all three major religions also are excluded from the category of “decent” and peaceful well meaning practitioners of these three religions.

Now, one statement of fact re: U.S. silent and continuous support of Egypt and Israel which is stunning.

These two undemocratic states, receive more military and financial aid funded by our taxpayer’s money, than the combined military and financial aid of the U.S. to the rest of the world.

Israel receives, in a bizarrely “unconditional” mode, approximately $ 20 million dollars per day.

The aid to Egypt is fairly close to that of Israel and amounts to about $ 2-3 billions of dollars per year.

Succinctly the following recent facts need now be noted as regards to the murderous military regime of Egypt.   These facts are preceded by a long history of the most repulsive and violent repression of the people of Egypt under ruthless and corrupted dictatorships, particularly the most recent U.S. supported dictatorship of Mubarak.

After the first democratically elected (by 62%) President Morzi came to power, a military coup d’etat led by his minister of defense Abdel Fattah al-Sisi, crashed that democracy.   The military then proceeded to repress democracy activists protesting the coup and at some point shot and killed some 1,500 peaceful unarmed protestors at Tahrir Square.  It simultaneously incarcerated without trial thousands of members of the peaceful Egyptian Moslem Brotherhood, who had been active for decades running a network of clinics throughout the country, and it also incarcerated tenths of Egyptian and foreign journalists, and bloggers who were not given the semblance of a judicial proceeding, nor given an explanation as to what crime they are being charged with, other than that of being democracy activists.

Beyond these heinous crimes, the Egyptian government’s deferential politically intoxicated so-called court system,  sentenced to death hundreds of others guilty of no crimes other than being dissidents, and two days ago, the former democratically elected President Morzi who was incarcerated after his violent overthrow by the military, was sentenced to death.

Egypt also has collaborated with Israel in the repression of the almost two million Gazans by shutting the Rafa gate, their only gateway to urgently needed medical attention.

All along, inexplicably, besides some mild critiques by Secretary of State John Kerry, the U.S. continued to send military aid to Egypt throughout and after the military coup.

Succinctly as well, the following recent facts need now be noted as regards to the now becoming Apartheid state of Israel.  These facts are preceded by a long history of the most brutal and international law violating repression of the autochthonous Palestinians since 1948 and most particularly since 1967 when the U.S. started more actively to support Israel in that bizarrely “unconditional” mode.

Last year the misleadership of Netanyahu and his cohorts have carried horrific massacres in Gaza killing some 2,500 predominantly unarmed innocent civilians and that number includes some 500 children, many of who were hiding in United Nations schools hit by artillery and air bombardments.

The new Netanyahu coalition of the most extremist fundamentalist 24/7 prevaricating ideologues, has just named  Aryeh Deri for the post of Minister of Economy.   Mr. Deri served two years in jail on corruption charges in the late 1990’s.

In a racist move to now get rid of African workers many of who were brought into the country to displace Palestinian workers, the way Indians from Peru were brought in for that purpose until the Israeli Supreme Court to its credit ruled the practice unethical and illegal, the present coalition of this Netanyahu regime has now sent letters to 45,000 of these Africans giving them notice that they have 30 days to leave the country or else they will be incarcerated in  concentration camps.

This reminds this writer of a letter send to his German parents by the Nazi government wherein they were declared stateless and ordered to leave or be incarcerated, for the “crime” of being believers of the wrong religion.

When one takes this into account in conjunction with the call for the “reining in”  of the “liberal” Israel Supreme Court by Naftali Bennet, the so-called minister of “education”,  who opposes any form of an  independed Palestinian state and furthermore has now called for the annexation of 60% of the West Bank, and this being supported by Ayelet Shaked, the so-called minister of “justice”, what one concludes quite logically is that the present Israeli regime is better characterizable as being composed of members of an organized crime cabal, it becomes clearly incomprehensible and intolerable that our tax payer’s funds should continue one more day of shelling out $ 20 million to a government which is driving Israel into an abyss.

How the U.S. can now continue to remain silent and continue to support Egypt and Israel  is not possible to envisage, neither rationally and certainly not emotionally, as by implication in our name, we are becoming totally isolated as enablers of a status quo which stokes the flames of rage and fiery destruction in the Middle East which was started by the Cheney/Bush and co-conspirators regime.

And, by the way, while the Rubios and the Bushes and all other Republican candidates, tea partyiers of not, who idiotically or deliberately maliciously express that the invasion of Iraq (and Afghanistan) was justified and then trip all over each other and themselves desperately to reply to the erroneous question “had we known then, what we know now, would they have done the same”, it is an established fact that the Cheney/Bush regime  DID KNOW THEN but deliberately ignored the National Intelligence Estimates (NIE’s) of several U.S. intelligence agencies, as well as UN weapons inspectors,  which clearly warned them that there was no evidence of WMD’s or of an imminent attack, or of the intention of such an attack on the U.S. , and on that basis legendary prosecutor Vincent Blugliosi has prepared the legal case for the indictment of Cheney, Bush and co-conspirators, has written a book on this subject, has given a presentation at UCLA School of Law on this subject, both under the title “The Prosecution of an American President”.

What we now need, is peace sweet peace, and this will be achievable only if we pull out, militarily from the complete Middle East, and become members of a global effort to find negotiated solutions to all problems with a willingness to provide without an agenda, humanitarian and non-military technological aid.

We also need immediately to mobilize to demand the eradication of the major danger to out decaying democracy which the Citizens United v. FEC ruling generated.

This ruling buttresses the phenomenon of reflected in the recent treasonous attempt by 47  Rebuplican Senators to sabotage the diplomacy President Obama is conducting with Iran on the nuclear issue, as well as their shameless collusion with Netanyahu to have him address Congress in defiance of the White House.   These corrupted and/or ignorant 47 Senators led by a hysterical and ignorant Senator Cotton, who stated that Iran is out to conquer countries in the Middle East and it has already conquered Teheran… (sic) act as if they were unregistered agents of a foreign country who are paid by such decadent billionaires as casino mogul Sheldon Adelson.

There is hope however.

To wit, the phenomenon of the Pope Francis reaching out to the State of Palestine, characterizing Abbas as an “angel of peace” and expressing gratitude for the fair and equitable treatment Christians receive in Palestine by a Palestinian Authority government which includes as Foreign Minister the legendary dedicated Christian lady, Hanan Ashrawi, a phenomenon which must become an inspiring icon of what is possible if there is a will which most certainly can find a way for the end of the one of the worst nightmares of modern times for the people of the entire Middle East and that includes the Jews who have been mislead grotesquely by their revisionist Zionism which hardly bears a resemblance to the ideals of that original Austrian advocate of a humanist type of Zionism which did not entail the morphing of the Judaic religion into a state entity by  the emergence of violent religion nationalization process to, with the support of the British empire and later of the U.S., implant a colonization process in the midst of the lands of the Palestinians using the Hebrew bible as a lien to that real estate theft as well as the Nazi genocidal crimes against the humanity of Jews and others as a pre textual yet inadmissible and now, clearly inoperable, rationalization.

War never was then, nor certainly is not now or ever, a solution.

The solution is the dissolution of falsehoods synthesized by agents of historical revisionism so as to shape the public’s perspectives and thereby undertake a sophisticated and criminal cultural programing process with the collusion of the corporatized media and a run amok capitalism lead by sociopaths which are focused on instilling toxic consumerism all the while fostering social stratification and inequality as a means to satisfy the endless greed for money and power of an elite of the 0.1% in cooperation with the 1.0%.

The solution therefore is a massive move in the political scenario towards rational, transparent, progressive, education and medial care providing, socio economical governance system which must once for all reject the neocon/neoliberal march in the exact opposite direction.

This movement needs to be started now for the 2016 election.

Another Bush/Clinton rerun is a non-starter which will not only set us back from a beginning to becoming all we can be in a drastically reformed and upgraded democracy, where we as a people count and elect genuine and competent representatives to level the playing field.

2 thoughts on “No More U.S. Military and Other Aid to Pariah States Such as Egypt and Israel

  1. Marie Estelle Spike says:

    If only our Congress was filled with people like you! Thanks for another great article!!

    • Fred says:

      No, Marie ! If our Congress was filled with people like me, I would not have Congress to kick around anymore and my Argentum Post would go out of business, or at least would loose a major “raison d’être”…(:>)

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