The Absurdity, Dishonesty, and Corrupting Vilification of Iran by Netanyahu and GOP Neocons Is Documentably Exposed


May 19, 2015 by Alfred

The 47 GOP Senators led by ignorant Senator Cotton of Arkansas who in collusion with Netanyahu orchestrated his intrusion into our Congress building in an attempt to undermine the President’s peaceful and respectful diplomacy with Iran, exposes how sordidly corrupted and dishonest the Iran vilification campaign by these right wing extremists has become.

The ignorance of Senator Cotton was demonstrated on the air when he hysterically and ignorantly declared that Iran was out to conquer countries and the proof is that it has already conquered Tehran…A risible and pathetically false and erroneous statement for anyone, but most particularly a U.S. senator, to make.

The facts of history matter none to these greed for money and power hate and fear mongers, who are vandalizing a Presidential sensitive and constructive diplomatic effort, and who behave as unregistered agents of the foreign government of Israel.

The facts of history are now buttressed by additional realities as well as recently declassified documentation obtained through the Freedom of Information Act (FOA).

The documentation buttressing further proves what the historical record already had established and succinctly it is as follows.

Iran has NOT projected its military power abroad for the last 250 years.  Period.

Iran has been the victim of a vicious war on it by Iraq which was fully supported by the United States.    It was none other than Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld who as an envoy to President Reagan visited Baghdad and literally embraced Saddam Hussein and  helped him build up an arsenal of chemical and biological weapons to be used on Iran.

The U.S. supported war on Iran lasted from 1980 until 1988. It was devastating to the infrastructure of Iran, to its oil extraction and refining capacity, and to its people.

But, Iran, against all odds and with enormous disciplined work and sacrifices recovered.

After the September 11, 2001 attack on the Trade Towers, Rumsfeld and other neocons immediately started to agitate and plan a war on Iraq and Iran notwithstanding some 12 NIE’s (National Intelligence Estimates) reports clearly indicating that Iraq and Iran had nothing to do with 9/11, since Al Qaeda was their enemy as well, and furthermore  indicating that there is no proof that neither country  is an imminent danger to the United States nor has or is developing an arsenal of nuclear weapons such as Israel has had acquired since 1969, as a result of a secret agreement between disgraced President Nixon, and Israel’s PM Golda Meir, who had the temerity to state that “…there is no such thing as Palestine…”

Fast forward to the present time and , Iran vilification by Netanyahu and Republican neocon and some Democratic neoliberal co-conspirators, is hysterically and dishonestly continuing and on steroids, to boot.

A unholly alliance is also emerging between the revisionist Zionist regime of Israel, with the military murderous regime of General al-Sissi in Egypt, and now more pronouncedly with the ruling dictators of Saudi Arabia, who euphemistically want to characterize themselves as the “Crown Princes” of Saudi Arabia.  At this moment Saudi Arabia is carrying out a monstrous bombing campaign against neighboring Yemen which reminds us of last summer’s massacres carried out by Netanyahu in Gaza.  Both leaderships in an ideal world should be indicted immediately the International Criminal Court.

What this unholy alliance has in common is the specious and wicked agenda to scapegoating  Iran on claims bereft of any foundation in reality.   Their agenda is purely and simply to destabilize Iran by sanctions and war, given its emergence now of the only stable, semi-democratic, industrial, and potentially economical power, which is relatively independent on basis of its cultural values and its history of being abused by the Anglo/American alliance when in 1953 its Tudeh (socialist) party democracy of Mossadegh was crushed by the intervention and destabilization led by Churchill and Eisenhower and the Dulles brothers, who then implanted the tyranny of the Shah dynasty on the people of Iran..

It is risible that when pressed about what Iran’s “crime” is, since there is no presence of Iranian armed forces outside of its country, the feeble-minded reply is that Iran has “influence” in the region, as if the U.S. , Britain,  and others had none and were innocent passive bystanders.  Yes, indeed, Iran has had “influence” on the Lebanese resistance to the Israeli invasions of the 80’s which were carried out by the Hezbollah movement, and yes, Iran has had “influence” on the Palestinians in Gaza resistance to the Israeli aggressions and last Summer’s barbaric massacres in their totally isolated territory where they live like 2 million inmates in the world’s largest concentration camp.

Now, to further expose the incredible absurdity of the falsely based accusations against Iran, it becomes obvious that the U.S. government as well as the Iraqi government now need and have  requested the support of the Shiite militias in  Iraq – who are under Iranian “influence”, as vital in assisting the effort to  neutralize the destructive path  of Daesh.

Daesh is aka, the “Islamic State”,  which in effect is neither,  but which these extremist want to be characterized as, and for bizarre reasons our politicians and mainstream media abide deferentially to that preference as it casts damaging and false images on members of the Islamic faith everywhere which are wholly undeserved .   BTW, “Daesh” is an Arabic verb دعس, meaning : to thread underfoot, trample down, crush (see The Hans Wehr Dictionary of Modern Written Arabic, p. 325 and 326)

So, to sum up,  the one hand, the misleaders of Israel in collusion with corrupted neocon/neoliberal and in coordination with financial support from the undue influence of the present  power structure lobby of Israel are demonizing Iran on the basis of propagandistic rubbish, and on the other hand both, the U.S. and the U.S. invaded and ruined Iraq are requesting assistance from those who are under the “influence” of Iran.   The dialectical contradiction and hypocrisy could not be more impactful and speaks for itself.

The only solution ultimately is to immediately begin a total military disengagement by the U.S. from the Middle East while simultaneously becoming involved in diplomacy and humanitarian rescue and reconstruction within a globalized context.

Great Britain which is rapidly evolving into a more compact England, even under the present conservative leadership of PM Cameron who has a clear and realistic vision of its relationship between objectives and resources and is therefore pulling out of the era of the horrifically destructive paths of neoimperialism and pseudo “nation building” after the calamity of the enormous waste of blood and treasury as the direct consequence of the Bush/Cheney invasions of  Iraq and Afghanistan which have now spiraled into a major catastrophe, one dozen years later.

3 thoughts on “The Absurdity, Dishonesty, and Corrupting Vilification of Iran by Netanyahu and GOP Neocons Is Documentably Exposed

  1. aliceny says:

    Put simply: What a seemingly insolvable morass is the Middle East (ME) today. It has been decades in advancing to the point now where we face the possibility of nuclear war.

    The United States’ continuing (successive presidential and congressional) policy and misplaced (and undeserved) sense of protection and loyalty toward Israel are bringing us to the brink of disaster. Our hands are bloodied. Our once-respected reputation in world affairs has been sullied. Our taxpayer dollars are spent in aiding and abetting Israel in her crimes instead of caring for our own citizens, deserving ill and poor; unemployed workers and the homeless; our veterans sent as cannon fodder to the ME, as a means to legitimize Israel’s actions and trumped up charges, who return to us broken, mentally and physically and unable to find employment; replacing our national infrastructure, left unattended and uncared for to the point of critical and imminent disasters.

    As a government, we are directly responsible for criminal collusion in what Israel has done and continues to do in the genocide and land theft of the indigenous Palestinian peoples.

    You have done a masterful job of pulling together a brief but germane account of this area’s history, Fred. Thank you.

    Unfortunately, it appears that most Americans are deluding themselves that this whole ME debacle – especially in Israel – does not pertain to them or to their interests. They have ears but refuse to hear. They have eyes but will not see. They have hardened their hearts to the suffering and hopelessness of the Palestinian people. Eventually, we will have to face reality and it could very well be a nightmare.

    • Fred says:

      Wow, dear Aliceny. You express it better than I do and thereby enrich the Argentum Post’s mission which speaks for itself. I respect and admire you profoundly !

  2. Marie Estelle Spike says:

    I still have a hard time understanding how American people can be so deeply asleep! The U.S. government and media are adept at projecting their evil unto the countries whose oil they crave. Thanks for always rescuing the facts and truth.

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