The Washington, DC Metro System is Finally a Mendacious Hate Ads Free Zone

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May 31, 2015 by Alfred

Masquerading as a “Freedom of Speech” right,  Pam Geller and her AFDI will at long last no longer be able to conduct their dishonest, and hate mongering smear campaign by vilifying the Prophet of the second largest religion in the world by misusing our public transportation vehicles and stations.  There are 1.57 billion Muslims in the world which means 23 % of the world’s population.

Ms. Pamela Geller/AFDI  does not speak for decent Jews anywhere when such racist ads as the one suggesting  that Israel is “civilized” and Arabs/Palestinians are “savages” .  It is time for her and her organization to get a reality check and get a life.

Furthermore, in any civilized society no Prophet of any religion must be grotesquely vilified and equated with criminal terrorists in the way this obviously hate obsessed group of fanatic irrational extremist has gotten away with.

Not only is such use not a protected speech right on the basis of the 1974 U.S. Supreme Court case,  Lehman v. City of Shaker Heights, but it is as well not protected speech on the basis of the 1942 Supreme Court case, Chaplinsky v. State of New Hampshire.

It must also be duly noted that Pam Geller and her AFDI organization have been officially characterized as a “hate group” by the prestigious Southern Poverty Law Center.

Paul Duggan of The Washington Post is to be commended for his excellent report on this case, and so must be David Marburger, a Cleveland lawyer specializing in First Amendment issues.

The writer of this letter is a direct descendant of a mother who survived the Nazi genocide against the humanity of Jews and others.

Incidentally, the Washington Metropolitan Transit Authority as acted on this issue as reflected in the infra letter sent to this writer.

“Thank you for your recent email regarding Metro¿s advertising policies and practices.

On May 28, Metro’s Board of Directors acted to temporarily suspend all issue-oriented advertisements throughout the Metrorail and Metrobus system until the end of the calendar year. During that time, the Authority will consider the role such ads play in Metro’s mission to deliver safe, reliable, and equitable transportation service in the National Capital Region.

In addition to noting your message, over the coming months we will be conducting extensive public outreach to invite further comments so that our Board may consider the impact that issue-related advertisements have on the community and the region. Further information about opportunities for public comment will be offered in our rail stations and the bus network, on, and through the news media.

We look forward to hearing more from our customers and stakeholders about this important subject.  Thanks for taking the time to contact us.


Lynn M. Bowersox
Assistant General Manager
Customer Service, Communications and Marketing ”

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