Today – June 8th of 2015 – Continues to Live in Beyond Infamy Mode Until the Cover Up of the Israeli Attack on the USS Liberty Is Lifted


June 8, 2015 by Alfred

Today, June 8, 2015, is the 48th anniversary of the day when Israel,  attacked viciously for 2-hours the U.S. marked  Navy ship, USS Liberty, which was flying the U.S. flag during a sunny morning while it was in international waters off the Sinai coast.  The Israelis used torpedoes and airstrikes with rockets and napalm.  This was a heinously murderous event which resulted in the gruesome death of 34 Navy sailors and in the serious wounding of more than 170.

This gruesome scandalous attack occurred on June 8, 1967.

This horrific aggression occurred just before Israel’s 1967 war on Egypt and Syria which was characterized as the “6-day war” in which Israel invaded and occupied the Palestinian West Bank, Gaza, Golan Heights, and captured control of Jerusalem, all in violation of international law.  The settlement of invaded and occupied lands is a crime against the humanity of Palestinians and continues to this day, at the same time, bizarrely the United States protects Israel from condemnations in the United Nations and provides it with about $ 20 million dollars per day in financial and military aid at the American taxpayer’s expense.

After this unprovoked attack by Israel, a cover up of the event immediately started and to this day, the survivors and the families of those who were murdered are not being told the truth about this event.   Furthermore the surviving Navy men were ordered to not talk to their own families about details of the nightmare they endure in the service of their country.

The attack’s details are kept under wraps, and to make matters worse, the U.S. mainstream media’s dereliction of duty to carry out investigative journalism to honor the right of all Americans to be objectively informed about the plights of these men who honorably served their country in the Navy remains ignored.   So, incredibly, the government and the press are abysmally failing us all, in order to protect Israel from exposure and prosecution of this scandalously horrendous crime.

What is known is that Israel’s attack was not an “error” as it tried to get away with describing it when it was identified as the attacker.   It was instead a deliberate attempt by Israel to force the U.S. into a war on Egypt which could have escalated into a war on the USSR, by making it appear as if the USS Liberty had been attacked by Egyptian planes.

The attacking planes were unmarked French made Mirage jets of the Israeli Air Force.

As soon as the USS Liberty was attacked, its communication systems started to be jammed, and in order to jam said communications systems, their operating frequency needed to be known, and in order to determine said operating frequency the Israelis had to know that the USS Liberty was a United States ship.  Furthermore, the USS Liberty was flowing the American flag and the attack occurred on a bright and sunny morning.

The USS Liberty was a surveillance ship equipped with 41 antennas, and its crew included dozens of telecommunications specialists and translators.  The surveillance ship was on a totally legitimate mission in international waters off the coast of Sinai.

When this writer attended the first National Summit to Reassess the U.S. – Israel “Special” Relationship”, held at the National Press Club in Washington, DC March 7, 2014, he had the opportunity to meet and speak to  Ernie Gallo, President of the USS Liberty Veterans Association, former Communications Technician, Second Class in the Navy Reserve.  Following his active duty with the U.S. Navy, Gallo had a 28-and-a-half year career with the CIA supporting U.S. communications around the world.  Gallo is the author of the 2013 book, “Liberty Injustices: A Survivor’s Account of American Bigotry“.  This was a moving and enlighting conversation which led this writer to further research this yet to be fully exposed and accounted for attack for which Israel must be exposed and held responsible.

At the time when this incident was occurring , President Johnson, Defense Secretary McNamara, and CIA Director Richard Helms, appeared exasperated with the vicious Israeli attacks on the USS Liberty.

Nevertheless, from then on, there appeared to evolve almost immediately an official U.S. and Israeli orchestrated cover up of the event which went as far as directing the surviving members of the crew of the USS Liberty to not say one word about the circumstances of this murderous crime, and that gag order encompassed proscribing comments on their part to their own family members.

The mainstream media has since then applied what is characterized as a media black out on this issue.

Similar media black out has existed previously as relates to clandestine Israeli ops such as the the then secret meeting in 1969 between President Nixon and Israeli Prime Minister Golda Meier which led to the secret development by Israel of an arsenal of nuclear weapons of mass destruction.  Israel then and now continues to use a so-called strategy of “nuclear strategic ambiguity” to avoid answering any questions officially as regards its nuclear weapons, and, to boot, has refused to sign on the Non Proliferation Treaty (NPT) of its nuclear weapons, and it accordingly then proceeded for over a period of almost two decades during the 70’s and 80’s to proliferate its secret weaponization technology of nuclear energy to the infamous white supremacist racist Apartheid regime of South Africa.  This fact is described in detail in the book “The Unspoken Alliance : Israel’s Secret Relationship with Apartheid South Africa”, by Sasha Polakow-Suransky, a Jewish distinguished scholar, author, editor of Foreign Affairs, who holds a doctorate in modern history from Oxford University, where he was a Rhodes Scholar.

It must be noted though, that the USS Liberty attack by Israel has been described in detail by independent media, by history scholars, by former prize-winning journalists, and many others, and some of these sources are being included infra in this article.

What is important to note is that immediately after the brave men of the USS Liberty were attacked, while  actually sunbathing on the deck of this legitimate intelligence gathering U.S. Navy ship, Israel embarked on its so-called “6 Day War” against Egypt and Syria, a war which became a milestone in the Palestine revisionist Zionist colonization project and which revealed at that time to the expansionist hegemonic agenda of Israel as it then invaded the Palestinian West Bank, Gaza, and the Golan Heights, which it now occupies, builds illegal settlements in, all in violation of international law.

It also important to note that contrary to common beliefs, Israel was not attacked by Egypt during in 1967 war.  It was Israel which attacked the UAR (i.e. Egypt and Syria), in addition to then invading the Palestinian lands noted above.   This attack was also not a so-called “preemptive” attack.  It was an attack in pursuit of expansionistic hegemony by Israel.

So, while the details of the USS Liberty abound to such and extend that it is beyond the scope of this article, it is the focus of this article to inform readers of the Argentum Post, nationally and internationally, about this criminal event on today’s anniversary date thereof,  particularly since no one was charged with any crime as a result of this truly monstrous aggression which rendered the crew of the USS Liberty as guinea pigs in a sinister much wider agenda by the hawks in Israel, to initiate their mendacious hegemonic expansionist objectives of further forcing the autochthonous Palestinians out of their lands, a process which was violently started with the support of the British imperial interests in 1948, using exploitively therefor the Nazi crimes against the humanity of Jews and others for the start of the ethnic cleansing of innocent unarmed Palestinians from rightful lands in Palestine.

This day of June 8, 1967 lives on in a beyond infamy mode to this day, because the time is now long overdue for the release of all of the documentation which is kept under wraps so as to, bizarrely not embarrass the Israel criminal wrongdoers and some of their supporters in the U.S. who have been involved in the cover up of this atrocity.

Also, some of the same and/or analogous criminal actors who carried out the attack against the USS Liberty (and therefore, in effect, attacks on the United States) on June 8, 1967, to dishonestly make it appear that it was an Egyptian attack, continue to be alive and well and present a formidable threat to out national interests and security as they may again try an analogous fake attack,  this time to falsely frame the nation of Iran, because of their interest in destabilizing that nation in support of hegemonistic domination objectives.

Thanks to our President Obama, commendable and effective diplomatic talks in cooperation with our partners in Europe, Russia, and China are underway  with Iran to ensure that Iran will only use its uranium enrichment program for energy generation and medical applications, something which Iranian leaders, who incidentally did sign on to the NPT treaty, have time and again documentably stated they would abide by.

This process is however being threatened with sabotage by some of these same actors in Israel and in the U.S. which carried out the attack on the USS Liberty, namely the right wing extremist revisionist Zionist hawkish and dishonest misleaders of Israel, and their acolytes, the extremist right-wing neocon and neoliberal corrupted politicians in Congress who are funded by the likes of casino mogul Sheldon Adelson and by various extremist Israel super PAC’s lobbies of democracy corrupting and intoxicating power, now augmented by the infamous Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission Supreme Court wrongful decision.

So now that our Department of Justice under the leadership of Loretta Lynch has embarked on the highly commendable exposure of criminal activity coupled to indictments by the money laundering and currency manipulating banking sector,  as well as by the notoriously corrupted leadership of  FIFA, this momentum must comprehensively comprise investigations leading to accountability on part of the perpetrators of such crimes as that committed by Israel on the USS Liberty.

These  perpetrators who for too long have mastered the repulsive art of masquerading as “victims”, by invoking false notions of so-called “exceptionalism” have been given a free ticket to hypocritically project their preposterously absurd notions that they are entitled to a special so-called “exceptionalist” (?) track of double standards built on  lies, propaganda, and undue influence in order to achieve the objectives of their sinister agenda of expansionism and hegemony beyond Israel’s pre-1967 borders.

So to sum up, a list of the sources used in this article follows infra.

First of all the reader may educate him or her self by viewing the excellent one hour BBC documentary titled  “USS Liberty Dead in the Water“.

Furthermore, one of the best sources of information on the dishonest and criminal attack by Israel on the USS Liberty (and thereby on the United States) is found in the book  “Body of Secrets : Anatomy of the Ultra – Secret National Security Agency “, Chapter 7 – “Blood” by James Bamford.

Another source worth noting is found in “American Legion Officials Betray American Veterans“, by Alison Weir, in The Washington Report on Middle East Affairs, August 2014.

In said article by Alison Weir she also lists the website as another useful reference to this criminal attack by Israel.

5 thoughts on “Today – June 8th of 2015 – Continues to Live in Beyond Infamy Mode Until the Cover Up of the Israeli Attack on the USS Liberty Is Lifted

  1. Marie Estelle Spike says:

    Eye opening expose’ of buried incriminating evidence! Thanks always for uncovering the Zionists’ sneaking, criminal acts that are on such a grand scale. I hope your blog finds its way to the UN, US Congress & Dept. of Justice.

  2. aliceny says:

    Thank you for airing this tragedy and cover up once again, Fred. It needs to be aired each year on the anniversary.

    I have built up an info file on this subject and have commented several times about this to other people and on other blogs and was shocked that so many people were surprised to hear about it — first time that they knew about the attack. (Where the hell were they when it happened? It was mentioned in a few newspapers – near a back page, I suspect.)

    The fact that is the most despicable and shameful about this whole matter is the blot on our nation’s history: the cover up and complicity by the U.S. Navy and President Johnson.
    Did you happen to read about any survivors who are still living? Last time I checked there were a few who were still active in trying to bring this whole sordid mess out in the open — and, of course, prove our government’s cover up in the attack on one of our ships and the murder of U.S. Navy personnel..

    • Fred says:

      Thanks for this great comment, Aliceny. To reply to your question, I have not read about the survivors but I did meet personally with one and chatted with him, as I mention in the article. It was quite touching to hear him and I was so glad that he came to that full day event titled the National Summit to Reassess the U.S.-Israel “Special” Relationship sponsored by the Center for National Interest at the Washington Press Club. The gentleman’s name is Ernie Gallo.

      • aliceny says:

        Fred, I should have continued on with my comment re your post today. I was distracted, so just now went back to read it slowly and thoroughly. You did not leave out a fact. It is all there.
        Hope the seeds you have planted today will contribute to the fruition of truth and recognition of the dead and surviving seamen of that ironically-named ship, U.S. Liberty. Our divided, wounded nation deserves that much, even at this late date.

        You have written an excellent piece – well documented, truthful with up-to-date information re this blot on our history by the criminal Zionist government of Israel back in 1967 (and still extant BTW). Thirty-eight years has elapsed and our government still hasn’t the guts nor the decency to admit its part in this illegal cowardly act and subsequent cover up. But that is true of many other facts that we would be shocked and saddened to learn, right? Naïve of me to consider it in that respect, I know. Guess hope reigns eternal in my heart.

        We must get this rogue Israeli government and its participating criminals off our backs and their greedy blood-stained fingers out of our taxpayer till. Enough is enough. They have dragged us and our citizens too far into their abyss of horror with their lies and mounting human rights abuses.

      • Fred says:

        Thanks a lot for this highly appreciated comment, Aliceny !

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