The Vincent Bugliosi Obit Byline in The Nation’s Capital Only Newspaper Omits a Major Legacy


June 12, 2015 by Alfred

There was a glaring omission in the June 10, 2015 Washington Post byline  about highly competent, legendary, principled, bright, and compassionate prosecutor Vincent Bugliosi.

Blugliosi, left us the literal and amply documented brief for the indictment of President Bush and his co-conspirators for lying us into trillion-dollar wars which have now lasted more than 10 years and left the entire Middle East and Afghanistan in worse shape than it had been prior to the invasion of 2003.

These wars were not only engaged in on fraudulent grounds and were the result of that greedy undue influence lobbies and political corruption by our Congressional, mostly Republican “Neocons” and shamefully some Democratic “Neoliberals”, such as Hillary Clinton, at a time when a majority of the people of the United States and of the United Kingdom opposed such wars, but they were carried out in defiance of the United Nation and of its dedicated arms inspectors such as Hans Blix and our own Scott Ritter.

President Eisenhower, a moderate, respected, and respectful conservative,  in his farewell speech, warned us to “beware of foreign entanglements” and of the “industrial-military complex“.    Incidentally he also categorically decried the only time in history when a nation, namely ours,  used, twice, nuclear bombing attacks against entire cities killing hundreds of thousands of unarmed Japanese civilians at a time when Japan had already been defeated and was ready to sign the surrender documents.

The 2003 attack on Iraq, ostensibly to take out Saddam Hussein, who the U.S. embraced in during the 8-year war of Iraq on Iran in 1980-1988, and provided military assistance to, which included chemical weapons, ushered in since then an era of what Gore Vidal called “ perpetual wars for perpetual oil” and which he attributed to us living in “the United States of Amnesia“, an era when our mainstream media became derelict of its duty to objectively inform and this coupled to the mediocre quality of the teaching of world history in our public schools, has rendered us detached from reality and easily manipulated.

These wars have evolved into a horrific and monstrous hemorrhage of treasury and blood.

They also engendered the penetration of Al Qaeda in Iraq, destroyed Iraqi infrastructure, destroyed the Bath party apparatus in Iraq,  and dissolved its armed forces.

The result now is that now, the same military officers and soldiers of Iraq’s mostly Sunni establishments, have fused with elements of Al Qaeda in Iraq, and Syria, a phenomenon which according to scholars such as Patrick Cockburn of the U.K.’s The Independent is now called by the West the “Islamic State” and by most moderate Arab Moslems by its pejorative term “Daesh” , since it is against Islamic teachings to murder and decapitate innocent civilians, notwithstanding that, our closest ally in the Middle East, besides the Apartheid character and international law violating Israel, namely Saudi Arabia, does engage officially and at times in public in decapitation of citizens who are not given any rigorous due judicial process, and is now involved in a massive bombing massacre of civilians in Yemen, of the kind criminally perpetrated by Israel’s Netanyahu in Gaza last summer.

Lest this writer further engages in a form of digression for the constructive objective of contextualization, returning to the object of this article, namely Vincent Bugliosi’s, it must be noted that his book ” The Prosecution of an American President ” is a major legacy he left for scholars, Constitutional law professors, and all of us who oppose more wars on false pretexts which lead to hemorrhages of treasury and blood and literally add insult to injury to innocent parties caught up in this nightmare.   As T.S. Elliott stated, “the past is prologue” and we can and must not only “look forward” when looking back is looking at horrific crimes committed without punishment – yet, but the wheels of justice turn slowly and the prosecution must take place, the sooner the better, and preferably with the creation of a “Truth Commission” establishment by our new Attorney General, Loretta Lynch, who hit the ground running very commendably in her investigations and indictment against the banking sector fraud on Wall Street, and against the criminal corruption of FIFA.

There is also an hour and a half video of Blugliosi’s presentation at his alma mater the School of Law of UCLA on this vital subject under the same title.  It is not easy to locate the full length documentary on the IT, however trailers are available which give one a sense to what fabulous a prosecutor and human being Bugliosi was, and therefore one may acquire said documentary via Amazon.  It may also be available via Free Speech TV (FSTV) which is only carried by DIRECTV, satellite dish carrier.

No byline about Vincent Bugliosi does him justice if for political correctness sake it is censored so as to leave out one of his most relevant briefs which must be followed throughout by indictments, of the ideologue directors and actors of probably the greatest deception in U.S. history.

This is so much more of relevance now that commendably our President in conjunction with our European and Asian partners are approaching the June 30, 2015 deadline for the completion of the thus far successful negotiations on Iran’s use of uranium refinement for exclusively peaceful objectives,

This process which has been undermined with sabotage attempts since its inception by the present revisionist Zionist right-wing extremist misleadership of Israel under Netanyahu in collusion with those corrupted extremist Neocon * and Neoliberal supporters in our Congress who behave more like unregistered agents of a foreign government than as honorable and patriotic Americans, since their support in derailing said negotiations and in inciting war on Iran, is diametrically opposite to the best interests of the United States, and therefore it is a threat to our national security.

(*) It is quite noteworthy that Republican Senator Cotton of Arkansas, who spearheaded that infamous 47 Senators letter inviting PM misleader Netanyahu to collude in their scheme of undermining President Obama’s Iran diplomacy in conjunction with our European and Asian partners, had the temerity to declare that “Iran is out to conquer lands in the Middle East, and it has already “conquered Teheran”…

This imbecillic statement is also totally devoid of honesty as Iran has not “conquered” any land for at least the last 250 years.

One thought on “The Vincent Bugliosi Obit Byline in The Nation’s Capital Only Newspaper Omits a Major Legacy

  1. aliceny says:

    Thanks, Fred. Bugliosi was, and still is, my hero. Not too many of his kind around these days — except for you, Fred, and others who have the courage to lay it all out for those of us who have been lied to for so long…or who never learned certain truths because they were hidden away or just plain covered up…..

    (Am being facetious here, but did Mr. Bugliosi die a ‘natural’ death?)

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