The Surreal Denial of the Undeniable by Israeli PM Netanyahu et al.

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June 16, 2015 by Alfred

Yesterday, on 06/14/15, this writer reported in the Argentum Post that Israel’s Prime Minister Netanyahu, bizarrely stated that the Boycott Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) movement is “anti-Semitic”.

Of course facts will not get in the way of such a mendacious, inflammatory, and calumniating declaration which is generically directed to entire communities of Jews and non-Jews which now comprise millions of decent, humanist, rational, peace supporting, and therefore BDS supporting non-violent conflict resolution of the Israel-in-Palestine crisis.

Today we hear a sequel to the desperate rants by Netanyahu et al, as  the wheels of international justice inexorably move on to finally issue their report documenting what has been obvious all along, namely that not only during the 2014 Summer criminal massacres committed by Israel in Gaza, but throughout all of the mass killings of Palestinians in their autochthonous lands since 1948, and most particularly during the illegal invasions and occupations started by a hegemonic Israel in 1967, as said Israel power structure has the temerity to announce that its “investigation” of itself shows it is not guilty and that therefore it is a “waste of time” for people to read the UNHRC (United Nation Human Rights Commission) final report on this debacle, since the UN is “anti-Semitic”, period.

One of the sources of this latest feeble-minded outburst of hysterical denials and false accusations by Israel  is documented  via the relevant segment of today’s (06/15/2015) interview of legendary Amy Goodman’s Democracy Now news program.

Furthermore, the practice of impersonating victimhood by perpetrators of criminal activity as has been the standard response by those who have invaded, occupied, violated the human rights, and annexed lands Palestinian lands that revisionist Zionists are absolutely not entitled to since there exists no historical or legal legitimacy for such activities, can only but further exacerbate the violent reprisals by the genuinely aggrieved parties.

Such scandalous and reckless behavior is as well seriously damaging the best interests of all concerned and that includes obviously those Jews , such as, for example, the highly principled, courageous, dedicated, scholar and journalist Gideon Levy of Haaretz, whom by-the-way,  this writer met and had an opportunity to chat with during the recent (04/10/2015) event at the National Press Club in Washington, DC.

Said event was an all day one event which brought together 18 illustrious scholars, journalists, diplomats, intelligence and foreign service communities spokes people, from the national and international arena which were moderated by a panel of 5 equally distinguished members of a variety of national and international communities.

The title of the event was “The Israel Lobby : Is It Good for the U.S. ? Is It Good for Israel ? (see

This was a unprecedentent, frank and overdue look at the undue power of the Israel Lobby in the United States.

As an addendum it is important to note that the Israel lobby “AIPAC” which is extremely well-funded by the likes of multibillionaire casino mogul Sheldon Adelson, who has been in trouble with the law and has been investigated by the FBI and is now pooling his “resources”  with the Koch Brothers, has now issued a “5 Point Requirement for a Good Deal with Iran”  on the nuclear issue, as if it were up to this AIPAC undue influence on corrupted Congressional politicians lobby’s agenda,  and not up to the best interests of the United States and its European and Asian partners (the P5+1group), criteria to make the final decision for the signing of this potentially successful and historic agreement with Iran.

Incidentally, AIPAC, while flush with funds is by no stretch of the imagination a representative agent of the vast majority of progressive, humanist, rational Jews.   Quite on the contrary, its respectability, credibility, appeal, moral standing, and therefore effective influence among the supra described sector of members of the Jewish faith has long ago evaporated.



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