Again Jeb Bush Drops the Ball by Ineptly, Contradictorily, and Dismissively Criticizing Pope Francis’s Encyclical

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June 19, 2015 by Alfred

As expected on the basis of recent statements and on the basis of his track record as a governor of Florida, Jeb Bush, while being packaged to come across as a more affable politician as his reckless brother who lied our country into trillion-dollar wars which to this day are having catastrophic consequences, once again displayed ignorance, political incompetence, and downright rudeness, by dismissing Pope Francis and his encyclical.

When asked about his opinion on said encyclical, he derisively stated that “...I don’t get economic policy from my bishops or my cardinals or my Pope...”

The Pope’s encyclical is a formal statement a pope makes about Catholic doctrine. It is not simplistically a prescription for “economic policy” as Jeb Bush insultingly refers to it.

Pope Francis in his encyclical distinguishes himself from previous popes in this 200-page encyclical in that in it he issues in progressive and contemporary very specific language an awakening call to humanity to remind it that it is of this world but does not own this world, and hence for the sustainability of the planet, he urges that the root causes threatening it now more than ever, such as man-made global warming resulting from consumerism and capitalism run amok, coupled to inequality, injustice, corporate greed, wars of conquest, and degradation of democracy be dealt with swiftly on a global scale.

The same Jeb Bush, while Florida governor, in stark and contradicting fashion, credited his Catholic faith for guiding his decision-making on several policy issues.

As it turns out though, on the basis of his record while he was the governor of Florida, his performance in a variety of important policy issues was not only mediocre, it was unethical, inappropriate, corrupt, and at times illegal.

While it is beyond the scope of this article to go into detail about each one of Jeb Bush’s deplorable failures to act honorably, what follows is a brief list of some of the instances when his judgment was either way off the mark or totally absent.

Prior to listing these instances, we must note that as he started to contemplate running for the nomination for the 2016 presidential elections, Jeb Bush made the following statements which also expose rationales which seem to render him unqualified to be even considered a viable presidential candidate.

Jeb Bush declared that as a consultant for Israel related issues he would turn to his brother, George W. Bush.   This by itself is astounding and speaks for itself.  Enough is known about what George W. Bush does not know, and more is known about the unholly alliance between corrupted Republican neocons and the revisionist Zionist right wing, international law violating, Israeli power structure.

Next, Jeb Bush stated that, when he opposed President Obama’s diplomacy with Iran (along with that of our European and Asian partners) that he would not negotiate with Iran at all, and instead would send Israel more armaments.  No further comments needed here either about the absurdity of this statement.

Furthermore, and most astoundingly, when asked what he would have invaded Iraq knowing what we know now, his response was an affirmative, “yes“.

To anyone of just average informational background about recent events, these three statements or replies to questions by Jeb Bush, are scaringly bizarre and enough to dismiss him from consideration as a viable candidate.

Now to just some of Jeb Bush’s most notable failures during his governorship in Florida.

* Jeb Bush has thus far refused to reveal his role and level of responsibility in Florida when the 2000 election was taken from Gore.  While claiming to have “recused” himself from involvement, during the Florida recount, he made 95 call to George W. Bush, called Karl Rove, and sent a letter to future Supreme Court Chief Judge John Roberts, to thank him for his input on (Jeb Bush’s) role during the vote dispute.    When asked anything about his role, Jeb Bush replied “I have no clue“.

* Jeb Bush inappropriately and for political reasons, inserted himself into a case of that had been adjudicated by a Florida court which ruled that a woman, Teri Shiavo,  who had been brain-dead  could be disconnected from a life-sustaining machine at the request of her husband.   This interference by Jeb Bush in a court decision amazingly resulted in said woman being reconnected to said life-sustaining machine before she finally was allowed to die peacefully.

* Jeb Bush inappropriately and for political reasons, inserted himself into the case of a boy, Elian Gonzalez, whose mother drowned while she paid smugglers to bring her and him from Cuba to the United States, by opposing that said boy  be returned to his legal father in Cuba after he was abducted for idea-political reasons by Cuban expatriates who forcibly prevented the reunification of the boy with his father until finally Attorney General Janet Reno, gave the order for National Guard troops to rescue said child so he could be reunified with his father.   Jeb Bush ignomonoulsly inserted himself in this case in support of the abductors of the child, as incredibly as this sounds.

* On October 18, 2002 The Washington Post exposed in an article titled “Gov. Bush Reveals Lobby Effort” by Thomas B.Edsall, how Jeb Bush used corruptly his governor’s office for a sustainable lobbying effort along with Rodriguez Marques, a major Republican donor,  to press the Patent and Trademark Office Commissioner to intervene on behalf Bacardi corporation, which was attempting to appropriate the “Havana Club” trademark which was legally owned by Havana Club Holdings, S.A., a joint enterprise between Havana Club Holdings and Pernod Ricard, a French firm.

Charles Sims, Havana Club Holdings’s lawyer, said “Bacardi attempts to bring political influence (of Jeb Bush) to bear on a matter that is supposed to be decided by administrative law judges on rules of law, is grossly improper.  The law bars ex-parte communications.

Two weeks later, on June 13, 2002, two weeks after Bacardi gave the Florida GOP $50,000, Jeb Bush wrote to the U.S. Patent and Trademark Commissioner, James E. Rogan a letter where he asked him to “…take quick, decisive action…” to resolve the trademark dispute in Bacardi’s favor.

These disclosures were prompted by a Freedom of Information request from the Florida Democratic Party.

Incidentally and unrelated to this occurrence, on the same page and adjacent to this Washington Post article revealing the really scandalous misuse of Jeb Bush by his office, The Washington Post reported an article titled “Gov. Jeb Bush’s Daughter Sent to Jail : Crack Cocaine Found at Treatment Center”.   What is most noteworthy about this sad incident for Noelle Bush, but relevant and revealing as regards to her father, is that said article adds the following paragraph :  ” Her father was not in the courtroom.  He said later he did not want to draw more media attention to the case by attending “.

Given the negative media attention Jeb Bush did draw as while the Florida governor, one is left to wonder who he was protecting from media attention in this instance.

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