Gyrocopter Pilot Douglas Hughes is a Hero and Must Not Be Sentenced to Prison Time

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July 23, 2015 by Alfred

Douglas Hughes is a  highly principled democracy activist, who under normal circumstances one would assume to be superflous in the United States.

However, given the present reality, the United States congressional politicians, most particularly but not exclusively, the neocon Republicans, but as well some neoliberal Democrats, have become so hopelessly out of touch and corrupted and unresponsive to any semblance of what “we the people” demand and aspire and deserve, namely a genuine participative democracy which is free of the toxic and dishonest special interest lobbies, and free of the undue influence of the corporate sector and its corporatized mainstream media, and free of the pernicious interest of the big pharma-hospital complex coupled to the military-industrial complex interest under the aegis of the Wall Street bankers who generated a quasi collapse of our economy  as a result of their de-regulated manipulating and casino-like gambling schemes,   “we the people” must now resort to extraordinary means to cry out against such even judicial miscarriages as the Supreme Court decision of Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission.

So, here comes Mr. Hughes, the United States Postal Service delivery person, to delivery to every member of our corrupted and detached from reality congress, a supremely important message from us, the people of America, a message which calls of an immediate end to the degradation  of our hard-earned democracy.

Mr. Hughes arrived in a “gyrocopter” and landed on the lawn near the Capitol building at a time when FedEx and Amazon are planning to deploy asap hundreds if not thousands of drones to deliver packages all over Washington, DC and all over America.

The vehicle the intelligent, intrepid, principled, solid American citizen, Mr. Douglas Hughes used to make is “special delivery ” to our congresspersons, was , in contrast to the non-piloted swarm of drones about to invade our skies, an extremely light-weight pilot-operated tricycle motorized by a small lawn mower type engine which flew slowy at a low altitude an landed in a vast expanse of green grass, thereby hardly imperiling a grasshopper.

The “danger” this feat posed to the public was zilch, nada !

The  “danger” this hero posed to the oligarchic neocon and neoliberal establishment was constructively huge for the best of reasons.

Now this noble man, who has lost his job at the United States Postal Service, and who has a high school aged daughter in Tampa, Florida, is facing the draconian, perverse, prospect of being sentenced to years (!) in prison since he is facing a felony charge for his so-called “crime”.

This would be a most egregious  travesty of justice.

It is an imperative that “we the people” organize now, immediately to consecrate this noble man as a catalyst  for democracy restoration in America and that means we need to resort not only to a massive IT blitz to put out the word on this potential travesty, but that we must march by the thousands in all American cities in support of the patriotism and audacity of this inspiring  solid citizen to make a personal delivery of 400 lettres to our congresspersons demanding support to reforms of the kind the White House is finally undertaking notwithstanding the obstructionist feeble-minded mostly neocon Republican congressional saboteurs who are also  joined by some neoliberal Democratic saboteurs, most notoriously New Jersey Senator Bob Menendez, who like another foreign saboteur of the White House peaceful conflict resolution diplomacy, namely Israel’s Prime Minister Netanyahu, also happen to be target of criminal investigations.

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