In the Words of the Legendary Democracy Now Producer, ” The Segregation Flag Went Down and the Cuba Flag Went Up “


July 24, 2015 by Alfred

The coverage the Democracy Now program,  hosted by its producer, Amy Goodman,    highlights insightfully and superbly the historic milestone reached on July 20, 2015, when, the Cuban embassy in Washington, DC and the United States embassy in Havana were officially reopened, 54 years after the United States under President Eisenhower decided to sever diplomatic relations with Cuba when its people cast themselves off the yoke of U.S. supported Fulgencio Baptista  dictatorship, deserves honorable mention, since no major TV network came even close to reporting with proper context and historical genesis, this irreversibly fabulous moment in history.

In deference to the magnificent and educational public service Democracy Now has rendered to not only the American public, but to the people of the world, this writer has decided to provide particularly to the readers abroad, now in approximately 90 countries, this Goodman televised coverage of this event.

It goes without saying that President Obama deserves tremendous credit for his initiative to once for all restore relations with Cuba.   Many others such as Pope Francis particularly, were instrumental in ending the unjust and irrational and cruel rupture of diplomatic relations with Cuba.

Honorable mention must also be made of our legendary former career ambassador Dr. Wayne Smith, who not only was the Head of the Cuban Interest Section from 1979 to 1982, but he also served in the Korean war and was our diplomat in the USSR, and Argentina, and later joined the Center of International Policy, a think tank of scholars dedicated to the pursuit of peaceful conflict resolution and to the exposure of social and economical waste and/or injustice.

Dr. Smith worked tirelessly and devotedly for the resumption of a rational and equitable constructive policy towards Cuba long ago.

This writer first met Dr. Smith when he came to address the “Hands Off Cuba Committee” which gathered at the Quaker Peace Center on Florida Avenue and Connecticut Avenue in Washington, DC.  Recently this writer also joined Dr. Smith in Miami where he gave a presentation at a celebration for the release from prison of the The Cuban Five, who were unjustly sentenced to long prison times being accused erroneously of having engaged in spionage when in reality their only transgression was to enter the United States illegally to monitor the criminal activities of Miami based Cubans who carried out assassinations of Cubans who worked at the UN Mission in NYC, as well assassinations elsewhere including those which resulted from  bombings in Cuba’s tourist centers.

It also goes without saying that a tremendous amount of work needs to be done for the normalization of relations with Cuba to take effect functionally , and that means first and foremost an end to the United States’ $ 30 million dollar program designed to bring about a destruction of the achievements of the socialist character of the Cuban revolution, particularly those in the fields of public health, education, and in its process of social-economical equalization which has rendered the embargo impoverished Cuba, the first one in the Americas to be literally misery-free, as Pan American Health Organization statistic document.   In fact it is noteworthy that the infant mortality rate of Cuba at about 6.0 per thousand, is on the level of that of Scandinavian countries and Japan, while that of our nation’s capital is about twice  as high.

Obviously additionally the United States must now shut down the Guantanamo concentration camp in Cuban  occupied territory where thousands and mostly innocents languished for years without a trial and many, to add insult to injury, were also tortured during the Cheney/Bush regime era.

Finally the infamous Helms/Burton law which President Clinton went along with by bizarrely allowing it to be enacted for unprincipled political reasons, must now be expeditiously repealed, so that the equally bizarre and cruel embargo and travel restrictions for Americans are lifted.

At least the totally baseless characterization of Cuba as a “terrorism sponsoring” country has now finally been rescinded by the U.S. Department of State.   When Amy Goodman asked the former Speaker of the Cuban Parliament, Ricardo Alarcon, how it has felt for Cuba to be characterized as a “terrorism sponsoring” country, his response was in the form of a question, namely how it must have felt for Nelson Mandela, unjustly imprisoned for more than 2 decades, for being calumniatingly accused of being a “terrorist”.   BTW, Dick Cheney, voted in a resolution in 1986 against freeing Nelson Mandela.  To this day neither Dick Cheney nor George W. Bush and their co-conspirators have been held accountable for their lies in their pursuit of the war on Iraq.   The brief for their indictment has been prepared by the former brilliant and dedicated prosecutor Vincent Bugliosi and this brief has also been the basis of a published  book titled “The Prosecution of an American President”.

To sum up, the United States must now become engaged with Cuba via a mutually constructive and respectful relationship, just as the United States now must to the same with Iran.  Why? Because what Cuba and Iran have in common is that both countries have been the object of U.S. and U.S.-British aggression which in both cases resulted in the U.S. supporting the imposed autocratic dictatorships on their peoples, which eventually revolted,  cast themselves off the yoke of said dictatorships for which the U.S. and its mainstream media then characterized their liberators, namely their peoples’ leaders Kafkaeskally  as our “enemy”, as “untrustworthy”, and as “terrorism sponsors”.

In contrast, the Osama Bin Laden of the Americas, namely the literal master – terrorist Luis Posada Carilles, who had a role in the first terrorist attack in Washington, DC on Sheridan Circle in the 70’s which killed former Chilean ambassador Orlando Letelier and his American secretary Renee Moffitt, severely injuring her husband, and who also documentably masterminded and bragged proudly about is involvement in the  bombing of a Cubana airlines passenger plane which killed 76 passengers including the entire Cuban fencing team and other innocent civilians including a 5-year-old girl, after escaping a Venezuelan prison, came to Miami where he was never indicted and to this day walks freely.   So, in effect in this particularly instance it is the U.S. which has protected Miami terrorists, and this undeniable fact adds many black pages to the this great country of ours and is definitely something for which its leaders must own up to and apologize.

These broadcasts have been broken up in segments, all of which reflect a fascinating collection of historical nuggets which memorialize the vibrant and tormented times in the U.S. – Cuba relations as well as the legendary actors, both American and Cubans of this drama who selflessly dedicated themselves to ensure a peaceful resolution to the differences which to this day persist in the perspectives among Americans and Cubans about the pivotal and successful Cuban Revolution which had hemispheric positive ramifications.

The most important victory for all sincerely involved in this half centered Cuban – U.S. drama, was the most formidable victory of peace over war.

Utterly defeated and rendered irrelevant where the right-wing Cuban American National Foundation and its war and criminal violence agitators Jorge Mas Canosa, Ileana Ros Lehtinen, Lincoln Diaz Balart and many others of the past, but also some in the present who dogmatically and  dishonestly continue to pander to ignorance and hawkish vulgarity for their greedy right-wing political capital generation,  such as Senator Ted Cruz, and notably Senator Rubio, who was caught in the embarrassing lie which exposed his failed attempt to generate said political capital among his right-wing constituency by falsely claiming that his parents suffered during the Cuban Revolution when in reality his father had left Cuba in 1956, several years  prior to the Revolution.

So, with this brief foreword, the link to video of the broadcasts by Democracy Now’s Amy Goodman of the interviews and celebrations in front of the Cuban embassy on 16th Street of Washington, DC  is hereby presented.

These broadcasts include :  ” A Cuban Flag Flies Again in Washington ” (07/23/2015)

” A Victory for the People in Havana : Former Cuban Parliament Speaker Hails Restoration Talks” (07/21/2015)

” Secret Talks & Sperm Deals : Senator Patrick Leahy Back Story To Renewed U.S.- Cuban Ties ” (07/21/2-15)

One thought on “In the Words of the Legendary Democracy Now Producer, ” The Segregation Flag Went Down and the Cuba Flag Went Up “

  1. aliceny says:

    Amy Goodman and the DN blog are one of my ‘not to miss’ sites. Read it every day.
    We readers should appreciate the truth we read there. We might not always be able
    to do so if certain forces have their way….

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