The Vitriolic Lynch Mob Mentality Attacks on Our Secretary of State and on the President of the U.S. Fueled by Hatred, Dishonesty, and Ignorance Reveal a State of Ethical, Political, and Intellectual Putrefaction


July 29, 2015 by Alfred

The neo right wing extremists of the neocon Republican party (along with a sprinkling neoliberal  right wing extremists such as first and foremost Senator Bob Menendez( who is presently facing a criminal investigation), coupled to their co-conspirators Netanyahu (who also is as of July 22, 2015 facing a criminal investigation by the order of the Attorney General of Israel), and to the Israel lobby in the U.S., have displayed a spectacle of dishonesty and/or ignorance in their vicious attacks on Secretary John Kerry and President Obama, not observed ever before in U.S. history.

By repeating ad nauseam and ad absurdum the mantra that Israel is facing an “existential threat” and that Iran is out to destroy Israel and sponsors terrorism, a mantra which is based on nothing but decontextualization coupled to outright falsehoods, this axis of disinformation peddlers and calumniators of those who have succeeded in bringing about through diplomacy a potential peace generating huge dividend as a result of their achievement,  are grotesquely and blamelessly accusing and insulting our Secretary of State, John Kerry, our President Obama, and the government and people of Iran.

On the one hand this circus of falsehoods and insults by the Republican members of Congress, as well as members of the Netanyahu party and of the Israel lobby AIPAC in the U.S,  are repulsive and disinformatively toxic to the best interests of all sincerely concerned with extinguishing the fires in the Middle East as compared to stoking the fires of hatred and hegemonic imposition by military power projections, but, on the other hand, the same circus gang is in direct proportion to the extend that it exposes its putrefaction in the ethical, political, and intellectual arenas, becoming largely irrelevant.

One major fact which has been falsely reported is that Iran is a “terrorism sponsoring” country.   Republican Senator Cotton of Arkansas,  who spearheaded the infamous intrusion by collusion letter by 47 Republican Senators to Netanyahu asking him to peddle his hate and fear mongering falsehoods in Congress, imbecilically declared that Iran out to invade its neighbors, and the proof of it is that it has invaded Teheran …This would be hilarious if it were not so shameful that a Senator could be so inflammatory and so literally ignorant and stupid as to utter such nonsense.

Prime Minister Netanyahu, by the way, as reported supra, has again become the object of a criminal investigation by the Attorney General of Israel, for misappropriation of government funds.

Iran has not invaded any country in the last 250 years and it reaches out to its Shia communities in areas which were viciously attacked and invaded by Israel, namely Southern Lebanon where 17,000 people were killed in the 80’s, and in Gaza and where, inter alia, just last summer where Israel has committed massacres which killed 2,500 mostly unarmed civilians, including 500 children.  Hamas and Hezbollah are also not “terrorist” organizations even if they use violence to defend Gaza and Southern Lebanon from Israeli aggression.

Iran has not in the past,(after the overthrow of the Shah tyranny by its people in 1979) neither is interested now, in the refinement of uranium to the 90% level needed for  the weaponization processes.  It is a signatory to the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT).

Israel in contrast, has developed clandestinely an arsenal of nuclear weapons by a secret accord between forme PM Golda Meyer and President Nixon in 1969, but has refused to sign on to the NPT treaty, has proliferated the weaponization technology to the white supremacist Apartheid regime of South Africa, and at this time Federal Judge Tanya Chutkan is laudably looking into the “NUMEC affair” since the Justice Department lawyer handling the case informed the Institute for Research : Middle Eastern Policy (IRmep)  that the CIA will divulge the previously unreleased files on the case which describe Israel’s theft of weapons grade uranium from the United States.

It must be borne in mind that the reality has overtaken the circus show of falsehoods and decontextualized narratives  and this is being documented amply by a plurality of sources and authors.

This writer has chosen the following two scholarly and devoted to peace authors of Jewish background to further elaborate on and buttress the statements made in this article and in other related articles in this Argentum Post.

Miko Peled, “Iran is Not the Threat.

Miko Peled is a former Israeli militar officer and the son of illustrious  former Major General of Israel, Matti Peled..

J.J. Goldberg, July 23, 2015, Jewish Daily Forward : “Israel Security Establishment Breaks with Bibi on Iran Deal “.

J.J. Goldberg is a highly respected and brilliant journalist.

To sum up, the time has arrived for the UN, perhaps with the P5+1 support, to render Israel a nuclear weapons of mass destruction free zone in the Middle East.

Since violence generates violence, perhaps peaceful conflict resolution, the elimination of sectarian strife, and the elimination of the only existing nuclear weapons in Israel, will also in turn have the potential to generate the same peaceful conflict resolution, sectarian strife, and will prevent any nation in the Middle East to even attempt to embark on the quest for developing nuclear weapons.

At least at some point some nucleation agent will result in  crystallization type effect which will finally usher in that idealistic Arab Spring which sadly went to hell by catching fire, a fire that can and will be extinguished, perhaps via an alliance between the only two major functional, and stable, societies in the Middle East, namely the moderate Sunni Turkey and the moderate Shiite Iran which could engage jointly with non-military non-interventionist support by a P5+1/ UN coalition used for logistical and humanitarian needs, a coalition which could effectively contain, and defuse the Daesh unspeakable violence, as well as force Israel to end its aggression in Palestine and Saudi Arabia to end its massacres in Yemen, with both being then forced to pay for reparations.

What the Middle East – and the world – needs now is “Peace Sweet Peace”…

One thought on “The Vitriolic Lynch Mob Mentality Attacks on Our Secretary of State and on the President of the U.S. Fueled by Hatred, Dishonesty, and Ignorance Reveal a State of Ethical, Political, and Intellectual Putrefaction

  1. Marie Estelle Spike says:

    So important to set the record straight at this critical time. Thank you!

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