For Honestly and Accurately Characterizing the Israel Massacre in Gaza a Professor Has His Job Offer Rescinded


August 27, 2015 by Alfred

At the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, more than 40 department heads, chairs and directors have signed an open letter demanding the reinstatement of a job offer to professor Steven Salaita, whose job offer was withdrawn last year after he posted tweets harshly critical of the 2014 Israeli assault on Gaza. The university’s former chancellor, Phyllis Wise, resigned two weeks ago after she was implicated in a scandal that involved attempting to hide emails detailing Salaita’s ouster.

Professor Steven Salaita of the University at Urbana-Champaign, honestly and accurately characterized the horrific mass killing of more than 2,300 mostly unarmed civilians, including 500 children, in  Gaza last summer, as a massacre.

This major violation of human rights, this violation of the Geneva Convention, coupled to the international law violating occupations of the land of the autochthonous Palestinians is a phenomenon which goes back to the original so-called “war of independence” terrorizing invasion and expulsions in 1948 which initially forced some 750,000 Palestinian from their lands where they had lived for centuries.   The rest is expansionistic history initiated in 1967 by Israel’s unnecessary aggression on Egypt.

Bizarrely, as a result of this academic’s objective expression, that university’s chancellor, Phyllis Wise, saw it fit to rescind a job offer to said Professor Salaida, and to add insult to injury Illinois Senator Corbin supported Phyllis Wise in this outrageous abuse of academic ethics coupled to a violation of the professor’s freedom of speech.

The good news is that later, said chancellor was forced to resign when she was implicated in a scandal which involved the covering up of e-mails detailing the ouster of the unjustly ousted Professor Salaida.

Breaking news in the Chicago Tribune of yesterday, August 26, 2015, indicate that the lawyers for Professor Salaida maintain that Chancellor Wise mentioned in an e-mail that she was deleting said e-mails.

Professor Salaida is now suing to be reinstated and it goes without saying that he deserves more than reinstatement, he deserves at least an apology from the unprofessional chancellor and from Senator Durbin for his corrupting interference in academia.

What could additionally amount to good news is that this exposure of this egregious politicization of academia which has in the past resulted in similar dismissals of illustrious scholarly academics as a result of the corrupting undue influences of special interest groups of the extreme right fringe who dishonestly and perversely conflate objective exposure of and valid criticism and valid verbal indictments of Israeli misleaders’ wrongdoing with some sort of fictitious trumpet up  charges of “anti-Semitism” which do not apply,  and these feeble-minded slur attempts may be coming to an end, as is the falsehoods of the Zionist revisionist ideology and narrative has been now increasingly and documentably been exposed as bereft of historical and legal legitimacy.

To the readers who are not familiar with this writer, it may be worthwhile to add that he is a direct descendant of parents who survived miraculously the Nazi genocide against people of the Jewish faith and against several other innocent categories of decent human beings and that this writer is signatory to the New Your Times’ August 23, 2014 published declaration by Jewish survivors and their direct descendants condemning categorically Benjamin Netanyahu and his government for the massacre of Palestinians in Gaza.

4 thoughts on “For Honestly and Accurately Characterizing the Israel Massacre in Gaza a Professor Has His Job Offer Rescinded

  1. Ivy Peck says:

    Appreciate you blogginng this

  2. Marie Spike says:

    Thanks for your tireless efforts to champion the truth and human rights, especially for those oppressed and harmed by Israel’s Zionist Regime.

  3. John Triplett says:

    Would that many more media organizations should expose the hipocracy of Israel.

  4. Michael Corey says:

    History is written by the victors most times…but in this case, I am glad You are pointing out the facts and implications of repressing speech…Protected by the 1st Amendment, I believe.

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