Senator Cardin’s Betrayal of the Democratic Party and of the President Is Reprehensible and Characterless


September 5, 2015 by Alfred

The successful agreement of the P5+1 is now a done deal and major accomplishment not only of our President Obama, but as well as that of the leaders of Britain, France, Germany, Russia, China, and Iran.

This major victory of diplomacy over militarism will yield peace dividends which will have global positive ramifications.

Now, Senator Cardin of Maryland has decided to join Senator Shummer of New York State and indicted Senator Bob Menendez in their bizarre and/or corrupt decision to join the Republican neocon extremists in their now failed attempt to scuttle the historic agreement with Iran of the P5+1.

This agreement represents a hugely crushing defeat for the insidious ideologues of right-wing extremism such as, Israel’s misleader, Prime Minister Netanyahu.

It is amazing how Netanyahu deliriously and dishonestly now terms this crushing blow a “victory” as, according to him, now Israel will become the recipient of even more billions of dollars worth of armaments , beyond the $ 20 million dollars Israel receives daily from American taxpayers regardless of their opposition to this deflection of war funds from our social programs, education, health, and infrastructure dire needs.

The Argentum Post is not a “political blog”, it is a blog dedicated to human rights, peaceful conflict resolution, social and economical justice, and  accountability demands for the mainstream media in their dereliction of  duty to inform their readers comprehensively and with proper contextualization.

Hence, this reader, who has just written a letter of condemnation to Senator Cardin, urges all who support and commend those who succeeded in bringing about the nuclear agreement with Iran to likewise express their condemnation of Senator Cardin’s reprehensible decision.

3 thoughts on “Senator Cardin’s Betrayal of the Democratic Party and of the President Is Reprehensible and Characterless

  1. John Triplett says:

    Senator Cardin has dissapointed me so much with this short sighted decision. I know of four others who will not vote for him again.
    Our Constitution declares separation of church and state and as a public official he certainly should not alow his religious affiliation to influence his voting in Congress. He should vote his constituency opinion.

  2. aliceny says:

    Fred: It’s Sen. Chuck Schumer.

    He’s one my two NYS senators – and I usually disagree with him on everything.

    He is pro Israel’s corrupt government and on the receiving end of lots of gravy from AIPAC.

  3. Marie Estelle Spike says:

    Condemned and sharing. Thanks always for your tireless efforts in spreading the truth for peace and justice.

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