The Washington Post Reports Incompletely the Crimes by the Guatemalan Oligarchic Leadership

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September 7, 2015 by Alfred


On Sunday, September 6, 2015, the Washington Post’s Joshua Partlow’s article on the prosecution of Guatemala’s President and VP was good but woefully  incomplete by the virtue of glaring omissions.

The peaceful popular insurrection in Guatemala has succeeded in holding its President and VP accountable for bribery and tax-collection scam.

Joshua Partlow’s Washington Post article covered one aspect of this historically event quite well, particularly the involvement of the VP in a scandal with an Israeli company in which the government was defrauded by $ 18 million dollars.

When it comes to the massive homicidal crimes against humanity with the active involvement of Ronald Reagan and Israel, the mainstream media goes mute.

A vital aspect of the criminal background of President Otto Pérez Molina was not touched, yet the readers of The Washington Post deserve to be informed about it.

President Molina was the commander of a genocidal war on the Ixil autochthonous inhabitants of Guatemala,  and President Reagan supported that war in  a deal which involved a deal with Israel’s for its shipment of weaponry and helicopters to Guatemala for these crimes against humanity.

Israel’s cooperation with Latin American military dictatorships going back to 1971 has been amply documented, by – inter alia – the Middle East Research and Information Project.

About at least 7,000 Ixil Maya Indians were killed in those operations.

Dictator Rios Montt who was the dictator when Otto Perez Molina was the field commander of these horrific operations, was recently sentenced to life in prison, but President Molina simply annulled the sentence, since to this day Guatemala and its armed forces are run by an oligarchy which has thus far never been held acceptable to its people.

Award winning (and Spanish – speaking)  legendary American journalist Alan Nairn reported extensively on this genocide and these crimes will now have to become the sequel to the present prosecution.

The Washington Post, as the rest of the U.S. corporatized mainstream media finds it easier to report on that part of the crimes of Latin American oligarchs which involve theft of funds from their national treasuries than on massive homicidal crimes against humanity whose accomplices and providers of military and financial support were Kissinger/Nixon/Reagan/Bush as these are considered reports which would be “politically unpalatable” to the undemocratic powers that be which thereby violate the American people’s right to be honestly and comprehensively informed with proper contextualization.

There is a total analogy particularly as regards to the crimes of General Pinochet in Chile who also carried out torture and massive killings of innocent civilians but additionally was a thief who deposited most of his loot at the Riggs Bank in Washington, DC.  The corporatized mainstream media censor itself when it comes to describing in detail the massive role of President Nixon and Secretary of State as well as National Security advisor Henry Kissinger had in actively supporting this murderous dictator, yet there is an abundance of redundancy of tomes of scholarly documentation about the roles of accomplices Nixon and Kissinger played which still beg for the indictment and trial of Kissinger and of Nixon in absentia.

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