The PM of Israel’s Zionist Colonialist Power Structure Just Added a New Dimension to the Expression “Adding Insult to Injury” – Literally


November 5, 2015 by Alfred

First a clarification.

When this writer uses the characterization “Zionist“, it is now used, and has in the past been used as such,  with the understanding that it is intended to be interpreted so as to be read  with the implied qualifier “colonialist“.  The same applies when this writer uses the characterization “Secular“, which is now used,  and has in the past been used as such, with the understanding that it  is intended to be interpreted so to be read with the qualifier “humanist“.

These qualifying differentiations are essential and the reasons therefor are fairly obvious.

Now, to the subject of this announcement, rather than this “article”.

Incredibly, bizarrely, corruptedly, irrationally, and counter-productively, the same Prime Minister of Israel which along with his power structure,  is not only misleading Israel into an abyss, but is also flagrantly now doing enormous damage to the Judaism worldwide,  has now the nerve to return to our nation’s capital, after his destructive and disrespectful intrusion by collusion with the 47 right-wing extremist Tea Party Republican neocons,  when his purpose was to interfere in and undermine our President’s commendable and successful diplomatic initiative in establishing an agreement with Iran to resolve the long-standing nuclear issue , an agreement which has now set the stage for further normalizations with that country whose popularly elected government of Mossadegh of the Tudeh (socialist) party was crushed by the Anglo/American intervention in Iran in 1953 so that the tyranny of the Shah could be installed.

This time, Mr. Netanyahu is coming to Washington, DC for two reasons – primarily.

One is that he his coming to request $ 45 billion dollars in weapons, which are in addition to about the $ 20 million dollars per day of our tax payer’s funds which the U.S. provides him.

This, obscenity sets the stage for an additional hegemonist expansion of Israeli settlements in Palestinian lands in brazen  violation of international law, as well as, for the continuation of the horrific hemorrhaging of blood by the continuation of the “ethnic classing of Palestine ” (the title of a book by internationally known and acclaimed Israeli scholarly author, Ilan Pappe).   Both, innocent Palestinians and innocent Israelis will continue to suffer and be injured and lose their lives needlessly, because of the toxic undue malign influence of corrupt Congressional extremist Republicans and some Democrats, the lobbying special  interest groups,  and their ally the U.S. industrial-military complex.

Of course, ignorance as a consequence of the dereliction of duty to inform objectively the American people by the corporatized mainstream media, contributes enormously to this dangerous situation, an ignorance which is anecdotally reflected by Republican Senator Cotton (R-AR) , who spearheaded the infamous invitation for Netanyau to Congress who declared – falsely and risibly – that “… Moreover we have to stand up to Iran’s attempts to drive for regional dominance. They already control Tehran…”

The lack of assertive initiatives by the United Nations, the International Criminal Court, and The European Parliament, also renders them complicit in these atrocious crimes against humanity.

The second reason for this repulsive return to Washington, DC by this hate and war monger  is that an insidious invitation to him was made by the American Enterprise Institute, an extreme-rightist organization, in order to surrealistically bestow an “award” to this depraved and dishonest demagogic misleader for “notable contributions to public policy and social welfare“.

The cruel perversity of this phenomenon renders it very difficult, for anyone of sound mind and heart, to actually believe it is real.

Now the good and important news.

This so-called award event will take place on Monday, November 9, 2015 at the National Building Museum, and the event will take place at 5:00 PM – 8:00 PM.  The nearest Metro station is Judiciary Square.  The “Galleries/Arena exit to F Street must be taken.

Consequently, there will be a “Rally Against Netanyahu Visit & Arms Giveaway to Israel” at the site of this event.

Jewish Voice for Peace is co-leading said rally, along with a coalition of 22 national and local organizations.

It goes without saying that it is an imperative that this rally be non-violent and respective of law enforcement which has been protective and professional during the last demonstration against the intrusion of Netanyahu when protesters gathered on the West Lawn of the Capitol.

Maximization of the dissemination of this announcement will be extremely relevant to all peace and justice supporting Americans.

Additional information about this event is also available via the Internet.

One thought on “The PM of Israel’s Zionist Colonialist Power Structure Just Added a New Dimension to the Expression “Adding Insult to Injury” – Literally

  1. “The cruel perversity of this phenomenon renders it very difficult, for anyone of sound mind and heart, to actually believe it is real.” This statement describes my mental and emotional state to a T with regard to this evil! Hope there’s a good turnout. Sharing. Peace & thanks!

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