Not Only is There an Imperative for the US to End Military Aid to Israel Immediately but Such Aid to Egypt and Saudi Arabia Must End Now TO SAVE HUMAN LIVES


November 10, 2015 by Alfred

Israel and Egypt and Saudi Arabia are both  the worst violators of human rights in the world, and ironically, sadly, exasperatingly, and repulsively the recipients of U.S. military support.

It is now amply documented that Israel under its Zionist colonialist power structure has become an Apartheid so-called “state” , i.e. a state created from the nationalization of a religious creed, which was then violently implanted into Palestine, something which has ever since been augmented by its international law violating occupation of Palestine and by its Geneva Convention violation in its pursuit of an ethnic cleansing policy as exemplified by the Summer of 2014 atrocious massacre of close to 3,000 unarmed innocent civilian Palestinians, a figure which includes some 500 children, some of who were killed by the Israeli bombing of United Nations schools in Palestine, stunningly continues to receive about 3.5 billion dollars a year from the US.

The US government  support, with the non-authorized funding of our taxpayers money,  of the Israeli pariah pseudo-state implanted into Palestine in 1948,  not due to the Nazi genocide of Jews and others, but as a result of opportunism and demagoguery which engineered such pretext to invade, steal, and kill resistance of the legitimate Palestinian owners of their territories an atrocity which was rendered operable by (a) British colonialist facilitation and by (b) Zionist cultural programming via  narratives based on falsehoods and ancient biblical mythologies,  coupled to the current support of the murderous regime of General Al-Sissi who overthrew the first democratically elected government of Morzi,  damages almost beyond repair the image “we the people” meant to project and cultivate of a  lawful and ethical nations worth of inspiration and emulation, so that not just us, but all of us who yearn for justice, peace can inspire (but not “lead”) others by the power of example and NOT by the example of power.

Enough has been said about our horrifically corrupted and damaging policy towards Israel.

Fast forward to a micro focus on Egypt now.

Both Israel since 1967 when it attacked Egypt, and Egypt now, and even before during the decrepit Mubarak dictatorship, receive more military and monetary aid from the U.S. than the rest of the world combined.  Sheer insanity !

After General Al Sissi violently overthrew the first and only democratically elected government of Morzi, right of off the bat, some 1,500 protesting democracy activists were “mowed down”  (to borrow the expression of Netanyahu who obscenely characterized his summer of 2014 “Operation Lawn Mowing”) close to 2,000 Egyptian citizens.   From then on the nightmare of repression only became worse.  Some 8 thousand Egyptians have been locked up without a due process, many them members of the “Moslem Brotherhood” who for the past 20 years were active in social work, ran schools and clinics, established and maintained electrical power networks and so on.  No these noble and solid Egyptian citizen were not “terrorists” as General Al Sissi tagged them and as he now tags Egyptian bloggers (such as the one who is writing this article),  and Egyptian and foreign investigate journalists.

The U.S. military support of Egypt is obscene beyond the pale.

According to  National Security Council spokeswoman Bernadette Meehan this restored funding of military aid to Egypt, would ensure that Egypt will remain the second-largest recipient of US foreign military financing, behind Israel.

Once thusly tagged by the Sissi power structure, his goons arrest them, and without any respectable due process they are incarcerated, beaten, some sentenced to as much as life in prison and others, incredibly to death.

How the hell can “we the people” justify our hard-earned and precious taxpayers funds meant to be channeled for our public education, public health care, infrastructure construction and maintenance, and therefore to our homeland genuine security needs be siphoned odd surreptitiously by the synergy of (a) the industrial-military complex, (b) the toxic undue influence of such destructive, dishonest,  and obstructionist special interest groups as AIPAC, NRA and many, many others, who then fill the pockets of (c) our sordidly corrupted congressional neocon and neoliberal political prostitutes.

Fast forward now to a micro-focus on Saudi Arabia.

As regards to Saudi Arabia’s collective murderous dictatorship of 71 euphemistically called “Crown Princes”, the corporatized mainstream media unethically and undemocratically is muted when it comes to this regime’s execution, a la Daesh,  i.e. decapitation and/or other kinds of mutilations of mostly those who commit victimless crimes,  as well as  its prohibition of driving rights to women, not to mention its prohibition for women to take taxis by themselves, i.e, if not accompanied by male husband, or brother, or father.

Of course in the international arena, Saudi Arabia is noteworthy for its invasion of Bahrain, where the U.S.  5th  a naval fleet has a base, an invasion which was motivated by the “crime” of peaceful democracy activists marching to end the dictatorship of the politically and intellectually incestuous elite of 71.   The Bahraini dictatorship, without U.S. criticism then proceeded to arrest and jail medics and nurses who tended for the needs of the badly injured democracy activists who did not survive.

Additionally, of course, Saudi Arabia, with U.S. support has now for several months  engaged in horrific massacre in Yemen, something  which defies description and can only be compared with the Israeli massacre in Gaza in 2014.

This writer ends this article by presenting just one example of what has been exposed by  our support of the  decadent regimes afore-mentioned.

This example comes to the surface NOT because our corporatized mainstream media is honorably,  professionally, and ethically carrying out its duty to respect the American peoples right to be informed and learn by being told the unvarnished and non self-censored reality of what is happening and of its hysterical genesis.

So, this means that it takes legendary, independent, publicly supported, dedicated, competent, high integrity individuals and organizations such as that of Amy Goodman, producer and host of the news program Democracy Now, which bring to the American public the news as it happens and unedited for content from the source.

Point in case, therefore is today’s (11/10/2015) report from Cairo, Egypt by Democracy Now’s Sharif Abdel Kouddous of a brief interview of Egyptian intrepid, courageous, dedicated human rights activist, Hossam Bahgat,  who paid a  severe price for doing is job by being arrested by Al Sissi goons, being held in detention, and still is not being out of the woods.

It must be noted that Egypt is now one of the most dangerous places in the world for journalists and human rights activists to work.

It also must be noted that Israel and Egypt and Saudi Arabia now have a collaborative relationship, something which should be not surprise when it comes to Israel, since in the mid 1980’s it had an excellent relationship with the odious Apartheid regime of South Africa to the extend that it proliferated to said Apartheid regime the technology for the weaponization of nuclear energy.

Among the best sources of documentation for this historical fact which the mainstream media suppresses but which CIA analyst Carlos Pillar confirmed to this writer at an event at The National Press Club,  which was covered by CSpan, is the book by Sasha Polakow-Suranksy titled ” The Unspoken Alliance : Israel’s Secret Relationship with Apartheid South Africa.

So, here is the link to the afore-mentioned Abdel Kouddous interview of Hossam Bahgat.

2 thoughts on “Not Only is There an Imperative for the US to End Military Aid to Israel Immediately but Such Aid to Egypt and Saudi Arabia Must End Now TO SAVE HUMAN LIVES

  1. Marie Spike says:

    When Americans learn that we send billions of taxpayer dollars to foreign countries and spend obscene amounts on unnecessary wars at the expense of investment in Americans and America, they pay attention. When we boycott, sanction and divest, governments pay attention. Money matters where reason fails!

    • aliceny says:

      Great point, Marie Spike. Money always makes those in power (and especially the 1%) sit
      up and take notice.
      I read all of your excellent comments.

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